Trishala Dutt VS Sanjay Dutt & Maanyata

Posted: April 30, 2009 by moifightclub in bollywood, gossipmongers, News, shit
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We love to wake up with two things by the bedside. Smell of coffee and hot gossip. This was one such day.

trishalaBombay Times ( BT), which otherwise a potty paper published an exclusive interview with Trishala. And what an interview!

Trishala spoke out against Sanjay and Maanyata, how she is no more close to them and how she doesnt care about them anymore. She is also not happy with her dad Sanjay Dutt joining Samajwadi Party and not congress.

Here are some pricessless quotes from the interview –

I am not in touch with him as much as I am with my buas Priya and Namrata. I talk to them daily.  I don’t care what he does. I have my own life and I am happy in that. I wish he had continued my grandfather Sunil Dutt’s legacy in the Congress. Even my nana is in the Congress. And so is Priya bua.

And some more…on her relationship with her dad…

I would say we were very close till two years ago,now it’s too late to find out what went wrong. I have moved on as far as he is concerned. I am not emotional about our relationship. I am like him in my temperament and attitude, so we cannot sort out our problems.

On the family holiday in the Bahamas….

He ( Sanjay) was hardly available. I would only meet him at night. That’s how Maanyata and I got to know each other. She’s nice to me but I still don’t know her well enough. 

On Sanjay & Maanyata’s family plans…

I honestly don’t care about their plans. It doesn’t matter. I am happy in my own little world.

Well, we love Trishala! No, dont get us wrong. We are all for K Jo’s big fat family, values and traditions, but with Sanjay Dutt & Maanyata, and knowing their history, we would prefer pure gossip! Here is the online link of the interview.

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