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piyush_pandeysays Piyush Pandey, Executive Chairman & NCD, India and South Asia, O & M.

This is in reply to music composer Vishal Dadlani’s blog rant where he linked zoozoo with voting pattern in Mumbai. He also criticised the Zoozoos saying they are irritaing gay mice. If you havent read it yet, here it is.

Piyush Pandey’s reply is published in today’s Sunday Mid-day. Here it is…

I am ashamed that he lives in Mumbai and yet he  is ashamed of Mumbai.

I hope he doesnt have children otherwise they would be very hurt because he wants to break the necks of all Barbie dolls…rathr insensitive, dont you think ?

If he believes I am writing this letter because I am involved with zoozoo, he’s sadly mistaken. Because yes, Zoozoo are loved by everyone else but him. And if he is so insensitive to the world around, then he should change his name from Vishal Dadlani to Vishal Dudlani.

Well, Vishal asked for it. Because liking or disliking the Zoozoo is fine but he linked up two completely different issues. Is Dadlani or Dudlani going to reply to Piyush now ?

The man with the sharpest claws…

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khalid… back. And what a bitch he is. But we absouletly love him. Because when he uses those sharp claws, he is damn interesting. No,  we are not talking about Wolverine. He is apna desi wolverine in scribe’s get up. Its Khalid Mohamed, critic turned filmmaker turned bitch turned blogger. He has started blogging on and the first victim of those sharp claws are Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor. Here is the link to the post.

Btw, if you are wondering why Vikram Bhatt is also on the same page, then let us explain. Vikarm and Khalid are the new best friends. When Khalid was the editor of HT Cafe, he gave space to Vikram to write his weekly column. Now Vikram is returning the favour. is ASA productions’ venture and Vikram is part of ASA, which produced his last few films. Also, if gossipmongers are to be believed, Vikram is soon going to produce Khalid’s next film.

And here is the most interesting bit….

Now ‘I’ is getting these lucrative offers to write this tell-all book that would shrink Amitabh Bachchan to Appu Raja size, make roast potatoes of Aamir Khan and bare the chest and some more of Salman Khan..and an infinite number of tinsel personalties.

wooohoo….We hope that Khalid takes up the offer soon because we love Appu Raja and roast potatoes! Waiting!

Filmmaker Onir has revealed the first poster of his next film Abhimanyu. He is making five short films and will put them all together to make a feature. Abhimanyu is the story of a child abuse survivor. Anyone can contribute and become a producer for this film. For more details, click here.

And here is the poster.


Mr India 2 – details

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Bollywoodhungama’s Devansh Patel has done a long interview with screenwriter Kamlesh Pandey. Though he hasnt revealed much details about the sequel but Kamlesh has spoken about the plans for Mr India 2 (Mr India’s sequel), how they are going about it and about his interactions with Shekhar Kapoor ( director of Mr India).

Here is the link to the interview. Do read.

“Mallika Sherawat is a pure soul”

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…says Shreemad Jagadguru Shankaracharya Shree Shree Raghaveshwara Bharathi Swamiji, the 36th and present pontiff of Shree Ramachandrapura math!

We bastards only think about her body. Guys, look beyond that. Next time, you look at Mallika Sherawat, try to look at that pure soul.

Mallika Sherawat was invited to visit the new ashram in Karnataka and number of pujas were organised for her.  Mallika also initiated a new Hanuman temple on the site, where the largest Hanuman monument, over 15 storeys, will be built. Isnt Hanumanji a brahmachari ? Its ghor anyay to call Mallika Sherawat for our brahmachari devta. What if he gets all weird dreams ? Why isnt anyone protesting ? Where are the hindu fanatics ? We are waiting.


After Socha Na Tha and Jab We Met, we are eagerly looking forward to Imtiaz Ali’s new film Love Aaj Kal. It stars Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone. Its co-produced by Illuminati Films, Saif’s home production banner. Here’s the first look of the film….though it doesnt say much, but to us, it looks very cold. Almost dead. No chemistry. But may be we are reading too much into one pic. Its just a pic after all! what say ?

pic courtesy –


Vishal Dadlani hates Zoozoo!

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vishal-dadlaniZoozoos!! We love them. And the world around us also loves the Zoozoos. On Facebook, they have more than 1,30,000 fans. But seems music director Vishal Dadlani belongs to some other tribe. And has much better taste than us. Because Vishal HATES Zoozoo. According to a report in Mid-day, here’s what Vishal thinks about Zoozoo…

…What is this ZooZoo shit! They’re just gay mice! We don’t have the time to vote, we have the inclination to be fascinated by gay mice! Gotaa love the assholes who make up my city!

…..ZooZoo symbolises the nothingness of our minds. It’s like dumb shit has become a way of life for people in this country. Personally, I think they are irritating.

…..Don’t you see a Barbie doll and want to break her neck?” 

No problem, if you dont like them. But dude, you are mixing two completely different issues. Vishal, Whats the connection between not voting and liking Zoozoos ? We didnt get it. If you, let us know. Also, would like to know where has Vishal posted this blog ? Anyone, any clue ? Do let us know. Mid-day hasnt published the blog details.