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piyush_pandeysays Piyush Pandey, Executive Chairman & NCD, India and South Asia, O & M.

This is in reply to music composer Vishal Dadlani’s blog rant where he linked zoozoo with voting pattern in Mumbai. He also criticised the Zoozoos saying they are irritaing gay mice. If you havent read it yet, here it is.

Piyush Pandey’s reply is published in today’s Sunday Mid-day. Here it is…

I am ashamed that he lives in Mumbai and yet he  is ashamed of Mumbai.

I hope he doesnt have children otherwise they would be very hurt because he wants to break the necks of all Barbie dolls…rathr insensitive, dont you think ?

If he believes I am writing this letter because I am involved with zoozoo, he’s sadly mistaken. Because yes, Zoozoo are loved by everyone else but him. And if he is so insensitive to the world around, then he should change his name from Vishal Dadlani to Vishal Dudlani.

Well, Vishal asked for it. Because liking or disliking the Zoozoo is fine but he linked up two completely different issues. Is Dadlani or Dudlani going to reply to Piyush now ?