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Yashraj Films never believed in any kind of film promotional events. They always believed that they have the stars. Events or no events, they will be able to sell the tickets. They dont need anything else.

UTV did the opposite. Did all possible promotional stuff. They went ahead with the big idea of the films, stars or no stars. And in the last two years UTV has gone much ahead of Yashraj Films in every sense of cinema and its business. With a bunch of disasters and stupid movies in their kitty, the Yashraj brand no longer has the charm or the power. Gone are the good old days.  Earlier   they used to bully around with multiplexes, distributors and sometimes, even with the press. Not any more.

It seems Yashraj Films have realised their fault. So, they invited the media to announce their new film Pyaar Impossible. Jugal Hansraj will direct the film and Uday Chopra will star in it alongwith Priyanka Chopra. If gossipmongers are to be believed, the film is inspired by Julia Roberts starrer Notting Hill.

And even the pics of the muhurat have been given out to media. Well, desperate times, desperate measures. May be, for some more buzz. Hope Aditya Chopra learns few more lessons from UTV soon. has published the muhurat pics of Pyaar Impossible.

sallu girlfreind - claudiaHe is not only known for his phirang accent. But Salman Khan loves everything  that got a bit of firangi touch. Look at Katrina Kaif, she   still cant manage a single line in hindi, but is one of the top rated heroines today. Well, it helps to have a friend like Salman Khan.

And according to Mid-day, Salman Khan has a new friend, whom he is helping in her acting career. The friend is Claudia Ciesla, a german supermodel.

And who is this Claudia ?

Well, she began modelling at 15. At 17, she moved to Germany from Poland and became an Internet glamour model. The German newspaper Bild arranged an examination of Ciesla by a plastic surgeon and reported, that her breasts (size: 38DD) were entirely natural. She is currently pursuing an acting career in Bollywood.

 With Sallu’s help, we are sure she can beat Katrina anyday. It all depends on Sallu bhai’s mood and lil bit of luck. Thats it!

deepti naval filmThis is the first still from Deepti Naval’s directorial debut – Do Paise ki Dhoop, Chaar Aane ki baarish. Wow, what a name! Sounds straight from Gulzaarsaab’s diary. And Deepti making her debut with this…we are waiting. 

The film has Rajit Kapoor and Deepti’s best friend Manisha Koirala in lead roles. The film deals with the bonding between two unlikely and unusual person. And the dope is that Rajit kapoor plays a gay character in the film. Deepti is going to promote her film at the Cannes film festival. Manisha will also be there to lend her support. 

sanjay_leela_bhali2…….for his new film Guzaarish starring Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai. He tried his talent in Saawariya too. If we remember correctly, he did compose one song in Saawariya.

Also, those who know him well, claim that the music of Hum Dil de Chuke Sanam belongs completely to him. Ismail Darbar just executed it. And thats why, without Bhansali, he is nowhere.

Guzaarish will have eight songs and Bhansali has already composed four. Woohoo..we are waiting to hear music director Sanjay Leela Bhansali now!