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A friend from Kolkata mailed us some pics to beat the Monday blues. And we are ROFL since we opened our mailbox. Take a look at the pics.

We hope you guys know who Claudia Ciesla is.  CC  ? Yeh the 38 DD babe! She made headlines because she knows Salman & his family, because Abhishek was ogling at her at the Cannes Film Festival and because she had some D-grade film release recently.

soumitra c

soumitra c2

soumitra c3

Apu is back and how! We love and respect Soumitra Chatterjee for everything he does. But this one came as a big shocker! These are stills from a new bengali film Dus-ta dus ( as in 10:10).

And Claudie Ciesla in Tollywood! We had no clue. BTW, take a closer look at Soumitra Chatterjee’s Godfather T-shirt covering his pot belly. Whoever thought this, is surely drinking & smoking something ET !  

sallu girlfreind - claudiaHe is not only known for his phirang accent. But Salman Khan loves everything  that got a bit of firangi touch. Look at Katrina Kaif, she   still cant manage a single line in hindi, but is one of the top rated heroines today. Well, it helps to have a friend like Salman Khan.

And according to Mid-day, Salman Khan has a new friend, whom he is helping in her acting career. The friend is Claudia Ciesla, a german supermodel.

And who is this Claudia ?

Well, she began modelling at 15. At 17, she moved to Germany from Poland and became an Internet glamour model. The German newspaper Bild arranged an examination of Ciesla by a plastic surgeon and reported, that her breasts (size: 38DD) were entirely natural. She is currently pursuing an acting career in Bollywood.

 With Sallu’s help, we are sure she can beat Katrina anyday. It all depends on Sallu bhai’s mood and lil bit of luck. Thats it!