WTF is Soumitra Chatterjee doing with Claudia Ciesla ?

Posted: June 22, 2009 by moifightclub in cast & crew, cinema, etc, gossipmongers, News, pics, Regional, WTF
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A friend from Kolkata mailed us some pics to beat the Monday blues. And we are ROFL since we opened our mailbox. Take a look at the pics.

We hope you guys know who Claudia Ciesla is.  CC  ? Yeh the 38 DD babe! She made headlines because she knows Salman & his family, because Abhishek was ogling at her at the Cannes Film Festival and because she had some D-grade film release recently.

soumitra c

soumitra c2

soumitra c3

Apu is back and how! We love and respect Soumitra Chatterjee for everything he does. But this one came as a big shocker! These are stills from a new bengali film Dus-ta dus ( as in 10:10).

And Claudie Ciesla in Tollywood! We had no clue. BTW, take a closer look at Soumitra Chatterjee’s Godfather T-shirt covering his pot belly. Whoever thought this, is surely drinking & smoking something ET !  

  1. Vijay Joshi says:

    those 38DD must be getting her many roles in such sleazy films alone… wtf crap blond

  2. pratim says:

    why you writing about this film this LATE? it released last year and thereafter Soumitra’s won a National Award… he needs the money, dude… he is not Bachchan…

  3. moifightclub says:

    aami toh khargosh! i wrote about it when i got d pics…it takes time to travel from kol to mumbai! n how does it matter, its just a blog!

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