The weather was cloudy. But still no signs of rain. We went to Juhu beach to have some chana zor garam. Ripley’s Believe It or Not ! As we unwrapped the pack, we discovered that its the first page from Luck’s script. Imran Khan’s new film directed by Soham Shah. It also stars Sanjay Dutt, Mithun Chakraborty, Danny Denzongpa and Ravi Kishan.

We ran back to the chana-wala and asked him for some more chana. And as chewed more chana, the complete script came out, page by page.

We first wrote about it here and now we got the proof.

The script seems to be one of the earlier drafts. But in terms of story/plot/synopsis, there is lot of similarity (read plagiarism) between Luck and the two films 13 Tzameti and Intacto. Yes, Soham can take credit for killing 13 Tzameti.  The screenplay is credited to Rensil D’ Silva and felt like reading five episodes of reality tv show Khatroon Ke Khiladi back to back. And a boring one.

If  the hero and heroine are participants in a game where you can survive only by winning, you don’t need brains to figure out who will win the game in the end. Its hindi phillum.

Last time when we wrote about the script of Guzaarish and put up this post ( read here & here) , it made headlines and lot of readers questioned us. So this time, here is a scene of Luck from the script. Need we say more! We don’t lie.

The scene summarises the film. We are guessing Ram is Imran Khan and Khan is Sanjay Dutt.


You know about…


I told you. Khan knows everything. (He takes some notes and shoves them into Ram’s hand.)Luck is a crazy thing Ram. Not many people have it. It’s more valuable than all that money you’re holding in your hands. Because, luck is what makes money for people. For you. For me.


Who are you?


You could say I’m an invester.


Invester… like in the stock market?




Property…real estate?


Not really. You see I invest in something far better (leaning close to Ram now). I invest in luck. People’s luck.

Dear Imran,

After all those big talks, you signed this film ( read this shit)!  Aapka to bad Luck hi kharab hai unless it turns out to be one more surprise hit like Race or Ghajini. You can never figure out the audiences IQ. So hope for the best that the dumbs turn out in hordes.

As we read the script while chewing chana garam which seemed more interesting than the script, we could hear only one dialogue. Remember Kidnap. Imran & Sanjay Dutt.

Sanjay Dutt – Go to hell.

Imran Khan – Hell is right here Raina!

(This one is no different. And yey like Minisha Lamba in bikini, this one got Shruti Hassan in swimming pool.)

We surely arent buying the tickets. Give us 13 Tzameti anyday anywhere!


  1. Manu says:

    You guys are really whacked out 🙂 Rock on. Enjoyed reading this post

  2. Vijay Joshi says:

    I just love u guys….u r so damn dedicated to get the most unimaginable stuff for ur readers…m just relishing all ur bashing…all ur praises…u guys r rocking

  3. Kumar Gautam says:

    please spread the word and let the original film makers know…these buggers don’t let our original script sell.

    • anonymous says:

      haha look whos talking here…Kumar Gautam the one who writes copied songs in the great indian television…oh wait the saas bahu ones…oh wait the Mata ki Chowki one….oh m i right? yes…so u r sayin tht u r ORIGINAL? u r not even regionally close to be an original…on board of the Chor Writers Association….fuck u chutiya gautam…we know who u r..what u do….and when u do…so just stop tryin to push ur envelope tryin to sell scripts…its perfect in a dust bin or a ekta kapoors office…get lost now… i dont wanna see ur chut face on FC again…

      • Kumar Gautam says:

        My dear anonymous friend…you should have written your name. You sound a real critic. I don’t mind your words. At least, you can write them. Grace me with a meeting. How about a cup of coffee with me? That you know me so well…reach me

  4. moifightclub says:

    @mister – FC is open to everyone. who r u to decide, who u want to c and who not. Liek u, Kumar Gautam can comment watever he wants to. BTW, we dont know each others face. so stop commenting on that. and if u r abusing someone, make sure u got a reason. tell us more.

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  11. zeekhan says:

    I bet You people will see the change soon, actualyy the thing is that we actually need a broad mind.

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