Sanju still can’t dance saala!

Posted: June 23, 2009 by moifightclub in bollywood, etc, gossipmongers, News, songs & videos
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Sanjay Dutt LuckBut filmmakers ko mangta hai toh mangta hai! Sanju Baba or Sanjay Dutt. The old haggard actor, the beefy body which has turned into a booby body now is still here. The style n tantrum quotient is still high. Or he likes to believe so. But we dont see that turning into ticket sales. Not sure why the producers and directors still queue up for him. So what was his last hit film ? Hmmm…ahhh…nooooo….leave it!

Coming back to the topic. Check out the three promotional videos featuring Sanjay Dutt. From Soham Shah’s Luck (aazma song), EMI and C KKompany. Tells us whats common in all three videos.

Got it ? Its Sanjay Dutt’s dance steps. The great footwork of Sanjay Dutt is the same in all three videos. 

He doesn’t move. Its the chair or the king size sofa! Imagine this. The choregrapher has to choreograph a song with Sanjay Dutt. The poor soul must be trying to figure out how to move the chair/sofa, in which direction to move it, to make Dutt look cool. Since Baba can’t dance, he sits on the chair/sofa, stares into the camera & just poses. The chair/sofa is put on a moving stage and is moved with the overweight Baba on it. And he charges a bomb for this. Plus the tantrums. Sitting and posing on a chair was never so expensive.

To make sure that it doesnt look boring, throw in some foreign extras in skimpy clothes and its done. Enjoy the videos.


  1. Vijay Joshi says:

    hahaha…. u guys r so damn open encyclopedia of this industry…unbelievable comparisons..and true! fightclub baba ki jai ho…

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