Xclusive : Kurbaan’s first look and synopsis!

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The first look of Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor and Vivek Oberoi starrer Kurbaan is out. The film is produced by Karan Johar and directed by Rensil D’Silva. Check it out….The tagline is Some Love Stories Have Blood On Them!And to know why, how and what blood this love story has, scroll down. 


And if the second poster is any indication of things to come, expect full on smooches and love making scenes between Saif and Kareena!

Here is the exclusive dope! The plot/story/synopsis of Kurbaan.

SPOILER ALERT! Dont read further if enjoy every small surprise!

This one also starts in USA, like other recents films of Karan Johar! Kareena is based in US and comes back to her hometown Delhi when her father suffers a heart attack. She meets Saif Ali Khan, a Delhi University Professor and falls for him. Phir kya…yaar, ishq, mohabbat, naach gaana and the couple gets married. They go back to USA with dreams of a new family life. But its not what it looks like.

Kareena discovers that her husband (Saif Ali Khan) is not professor but a mastermind terrorist who used her to protect his identity! Dhen Tedan!! Saif figures out that Kareena has found his true identity and puts her under house arrest.

Enters Vivek Oberoi. The high profile tv journalist who works with a big news network in USA. Kareena gets to know that Saif Ali Khan and his men are planning to hijack and bomb an airplane. The same plane which Vivek is going to board soon for some assignment. The rest of the film is about how Kareena with the help of Vivek tries to save the lives of passengers onboard.

What happens to the “blood”y love story ? Your guess is as good as mine. So, place your bets! 

  1. what happen to karrena’s choice of movie? when will next chameli or jub we met will come?

  2. […] For the poster and synopsis of the film click here. […]

  3. AD says:

    What is this new found fascination with terrorism in the US for Indian movies? Karan seems to have hit new lows with this plot of terrorism and the Brangelina pair of bollywood in topless shots.

    Didnt we just see Fanaa last year? How many do we need more? Well I guess Saif and Kareena know how to sell and Karan knows how to market. Love affair is free publicity as well.

  4. EM. says:

    Oh. That sounds so much like Fanaa. Based on the poster, I’d say Kareena ends up killing Saif. I’d be extremely surprised if she didn’t.

    Ha. There goes my intention of shelling out a few bucks on this KJO movie and filling his, Kareena, Saif and Viviek’s coffers with my money. Thank you for posting this.

  5. EMMA says:

    Hii. I think it would be a very nice story. Would love to watch it.

  6. Ankit says:

    I think the movie should be more talked about for the bold scenes and not for the story as ii bears strong resemblence with movies like New York, Dhoka and many others .But the SAFINA chemistry is really going to be good….

  7. Amjad says:

    Its quite a mirror effect of New York. But I think its gud to watch becasue of KJo as he is always famous with the family and friendship flicks. Lets c where he stands in direction of the serious game of Love turning red.

  8. ammuliya says:

    haaaaaaa i heard that this movie is not for children can i know whyyyyyyyyyyy???/????????????
    im interested in seeing

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