Aftab Shivdasani turns producer & kills one of our favourite songs!

Posted: October 22, 2009 by moifightclub in bollywood, cast & crew, first look, News, songs & videos, Thoughts
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Aao Wish KarienWhat do you do when you have no films in hand ? Turn Producer. And thats the mantra of lot of out-of-work actors. Ask Dino Morea, Sushmita Sen, Sohail Khan among others. And the  new kid to join the club is  Aftab Shivdasani.

Aftab has started his own production house called Rising Sun Entertainment (Hmm..ambitious!) and their first film Aao Wish Karein is ready for release. Obviously it stars Aftab Shivdasani and his girlfreind Aamna Shariff and is directed by Glen Barreto (Jaane Hoga Kya ? Dont get us wrong. Thats the film he co-directed earlier, rite ? ). The story is about a kid who wants to grow up and suddenly one day his wish comes true.

The first promo of the film is out. All is well except the way they have decided to kill one of our favourite songs…sabse picche hum khade! Check out the video. It doesnt get any more boring than this! The song was earlier used in the film Lets Enjoy.

  1. Anom says:

    Even the song picturisation is heavily similar to Paap Ki Duniya song “chori chori yoon jab ho aankhe chaar”.. even the steps (apart from the concept) are quite similar..

  2. d'jango says:

    awful. i used to like this song! and the concept sounds suspiciously like tom hanks’ BIG.

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