First Look : Shahid Kapoor’s Chance Pe Dance (trailer)

Posted: October 26, 2009 by moifightclub in bollywood, cast & crew, first look, News, songs & videos, Story / Plot / Synopsis
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Chance Pe DanceThe first trailer of Ken Ghosh’s new film Chance Pe Dance is out. Its produced by UTV and stars Shahid Kapoor and Genelia D’Souza. The film was earlier titled Yahoo. As always, most of the time the first trailer of our films dont say much about the film but puts out a montage of some of the best looking shots and so is this one. Check out.

And for story/plot/synopsis of Chance Pe Dance, click here.

  1. crazy fan says:

    u rock SHAHID.I LUV U.

  2. Baabu says:

    @ moifightclub – I just came across the conversation on your fb profile. Dude – Tanul threw you guys out of the window. Unfortunately, some day I’ll need your help in some way so I have to be sly and not reveal my identity.

    We loved the conversation. Love you somu!

    Abuse me too na… pls.


    PS – thanx for not deleting the conversation yet.

  3. moifightclub says:

    @Baabu – rofl! what to do..Tunal owns the house. so we r on this side of the window and surprisingly lot of us! but abuse u ? why, u enjoy s&m!

  4. Filter says:

    aaah c’mon dude! you’ve got to abuse me!

    he doesn’t own the house. it looks more like he was walking on the street, you called out to him from your balcony and spat at him because you didn’t like his shirt.

    “surprisingly lot of us” – bhai you have no idea how many ppl are going to read that conversation and die laughing so numbers isn’t something you should be relying on.

    Moi thinks and i quote – “I didn’t like his formula. I’m not going to initiate a dialog with him. Instead, i’ll post it on my fb profile and call him to a duel. Then when he starts giving it back to me i will just keep repeating that there are more people on my side than his. My friends will join me and we will all tell him how to take cinema seriously. We are the champions.”

    “i believe sm of the best filmmakers cud not make u c the gud direction, so who am i. ” – exactly.

    why not put some of your short films right here so that i can see how good a sense of direction do you have. everybody else can see too. don’t make excuses for not putting it up. hai dum? what?! you don’t need to prove yourself to anybody so you won’t post the films? C’mon! Just for fun sakes. hai dum?

    PS – Now you’ll definitely delete the posts na? Sweet interacting with you. Kisses.

  5. moifightclub says:

    @Filter – aah, now u r talking n how! it wasnt his sirt. it was someone else’s shirt whom he was abusing.
    people r reading, laughing, dying, becoming zombie and coming here to comment, loving it!
    shit….u figured out my agenda! m exposed already. am scared.
    hai dum ? nahi yaar! my good sense of direction tells me that it doesnt make me a gud director, and when hav i claimed that, and so m not even trying to direct. but ur freind is trying to become critic with that formula of plus n minus.
    fun sakes – how much more. i thought u already had enough.
    and why would i delete the posts? woke up at 9:30am after ages aur phir itnha mehnta kiya.
    btw, r u official spokesman of tunak tunak ?

  6. Scooter. sachi. says:

    love you. adios amigos.

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