Aamir Khan’s The Falling – plot details!

Posted: November 7, 2009 by moifightclub in bollywood, cast & crew, cinema, News, Story / Plot / Synopsis
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Aamir-KhanWe know that the header and the pic on the left corner is gross injustice to the director of the film Anusha Rizvi, but we also know that when the film will release it will be marketed as a film from Aamir Khan Productions. Because thats the name which sells the tickets! The film has been produced by Aamir Khan. Anusha used to work with english news channel NDTV 24X7 before turning filmmaker and is now ready with her debut film titled The Falling.

The film stars Raghuvir Yadav, Onkar Das , Nowazuddin , Naseeruddin Shah and Aamir Bashir.  Weekly film newspaper Screen has published the story/plot/synopsis of the film. To quote…

The Falling, is not just a take on farmer suicide but also on media’s obsession with ‘breaking news’ and publicity-hungry politicians. While Raghuvir Yadav plays the role of a farmer who announces his suicide days in advance, Nawaz (last seen in New York and Dev D ) essays the role of an aspiring hotshot reporter who decides to go town with Yadav’s announcement. His news catches the attention of news channels and politicians, which in turn results in Yadav’s character failing to commit suicide. The story’s irony lies in the fact that Nawaz’s character, which unknowingly acts as a catalyst in saving the farmer’s life, kills himself after he finds himself disagreeing with the ethical standards being practised by certain sections of the media. Interestingly, while shooting across homes, fields and roads at Badwai village near Bhopal, the unit managed to keep reporters, shutterbugs as well as locals at bay.

You can read the news item here also. The film’s shooting is complete but the release date has not been announced.

  1. mogambo says:

    So if a film is produced by Aamir Khan, won’t it obviously be marketed as aamir khan productions? I don’t think Aamir will take any more credit for it seeing Jaane Tu made its director Tyrewala quite famous. Who the hell knew who he was before that film came out? Anusha will follow suit. And that plot sounds amazing.

  2. moifightclub says:

    @mogambo – Aamir hogged all the possible limelight for jaane tu. yes, teh film worked and it gave a boost to abbas’ career. But “Who the hell knew who he was before that film came out? – well, many of us. he was already one of the highest paid writers in the industry then. hav written maqbool, main hoo na, munnabhai mbbs, salaam namaste n others. so he wast nobody! we hope it works out for anusha too if the film is good.

  3. Amjad says:

    …………..now I know Mr. Tyrewala. He is a wonderful writer.

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