WTF : Bombay Times is Himesh Times today!

Posted: December 9, 2009 by moifightclub in bollywood, cast & crew, first look, News, pics, shit, Thoughts, WTF
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Beat this! This is called guts! Even when his recent release Radio has proved to be a big dud at the box office and has been killed by every possible sane reviewer, Himesh Reshammiya is again threatening us with a new film. Bhaag Bhola, Run Lola, Himesh Bhai is back!

The film is Kajraare, directed by Pooja Bhatt! T-Series is producing the film and its written by Mahesh Bhatt. A man trying to run away from his past….A woman trying to escape her future! Sounds like they are going to meet on the sets of new tv show “Raaz Picchle Janam Ka“.

Out of 12 pages of today’s Bombay Times, three full pages have Himesh on it. The first page, second page and one more. The morning chai rarely taste so better! Mr Pinky-dinky-lips! Take a look and enjoy!

And here is the third page. The list of critics you should never trust! Our favourite is Juginder Chuteja, oops, Tuteja!


  1. Vikas Rai says:

    Great Ad! Girl looks super Hot. Even Hr does not look too bad. Should be better than Radio for sure. And BLUE.

  2. Akash Ghosh says:

    When is this releasing ?
    Im gonna cancel all meetings on that day. maybe even ask mamata di for a bangla bandh so that all of bengal watch it….

  3. this is “Kaliyug”!!!

  4. manish shah says:

    OMG!!! this is sensational. and leave himmesss aside, he is doing his duty. what takes the cake, the biscuit and the whole bakery is the list of critics we should never trust. i just fell off ma chair reading that one, esp mr.j.chuteja!

  5. Rachit says:

    its finally releasing on 3oth July, 2009!! 🙂

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