Anurag Kashyap’s Paanch is finally out!

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Ek-do-teen-chaar-cheh! The missing number from Anurag Kashyap’s Dev D has finally been found! Not officially! But you know where. And if you are smart enough to follow us on twitter, am sure you have already seen it by now. Its out since last two days. And those who dont follow us, its your loss! Ok, enough of cheesy self-promotion!

In the last few years, have met many die-hard fans of Anurag Kashyap who were willing to do anything to watch Paanch. The debut film of one of the most interesting filmmakers of our times. So, run! Google! Kill! Get it soon and bless the soul who did the good deed!

Few of us had the privilege of watching it on the big screem. The on-off talks of its big screen release is still going on. We doubt if it will ever get a theatrical release but even if you catch it through the Pirates of the Caribbean, make sure you pay the price when it releases.

For the kiddos who thought Rock On was all rock with a cool quotient, check out the grungy look and rawness of Paanch. Add to that Abbas Tyrewala of pre-Aditi days with his ankhiyaan chipki chipke ankhiyaan and the mindblowing main khuda…khuda hoon main! Enjoy!

BTW, here is what Sudhish Kamat, film critic of The Hindu, tweeted after watching the film…

Paanch: Raw genius!! Loved it. Near flawless except the end! KK’s fantastic! Music Rocks! What a debut, Anurag Kashyap! 

PS – if you are still clueless, look for our old tweets! We believe piracy is pro-socialism when you cant afford the film but still want to catch it. Or when there is no other option. No burgers@Rs99 and no #chetanblocks!

  1. Deb says:

    Finally saw the movie after downloading from torrents. The movie was way ahead of its times .

    But time has changed. Ghajini has more graphic violence than Paanch. But still it got an U certificate ( WTF!!! ) and I saw 10 year old kids applauding the murder scene of Asin.( No doubt movie was good just like its tamil counterpart but it deserved an A rating.)

    Paanch , as I said was way ahead of its time .Add to that the raw real life presentation and camrea work ( No foreign locations , real life slums and chawls , actors that look like real persons …no make up , no gloss , slangs and abusesthat we hurl in real life ….over all the look was rustic . raw and bloody real without any masala)

    And music was really out of that time. It was hindi rock at best. “Huun Khuda” is like an anthem and the bar song “Kya din kya raat yahan par” is too good.

    All in all a well made movie made much ahead of its time . But because of new and innovative directors like anurag bolywood can evolve to world stage and at the same time preserving its bollywodish movies .We need a healthy mix of both the genre.

  2. rahul singh says:

    watch paanch last night , Kay Kay’s best ever performance , and he is baap of each and every son of bitch in bollywood , to anurag kashyap seriously hats off , wat d realistic drama, wat d script , screenplay , music , so many twist dat makes you stick to the screen till end. Paanch rocks. its the benchmark in the history of bollywood cinema.

  3. […] hattrick. Dev D. Gulaal. Paanch. Commercial success. Critical acclaim. And even his unreleased film Paanch found its way […]

  4. […] hattrick. Dev D. Gulaal. Paanch. Commercial success. Critical acclaim. And even his unreleased film Paanch found its way […]

  5. anupama bose says:

    bhala ho uska jisney ye mahaan kaam kiya!
    saw it years ago at Osians and then a few years back in a special screening – a little before Rock On.
    Wont get into comparisons – Not required. Suffice it to say that Paanch cuts across effortlessly even today…. across India and across geographies.
    baaki tutu sharma will go down in the history of hindi cinema as the miser who wouldnt flush his own shit!
    And the Indian censor board as a bunch of wimps who would live off a whorehouse and yet swear by their virginity!
    Also remembering Ashutosh Gowariker (the only one) who said that he saw why the censor board was refusing it a certificate. It is really disturbing, he said. (:-))

    saans lo dum bharo
    chillaker sabse kaho
    Sir jhuka, khuda hoon main
    aasmaanon per khada hoon main
    main khuda….

  6. anupama bose says:

    On a different note : lets take a look at what the censor board cleared that year so that the songs could play out on National Television and India could watch :

    Boom (remember Kat in her debut role?)
    Oops! (remember the zipper down poster?)
    Tu Baal Brahmachaari main kanya kumari (!!)
    Out of Control
    Talaash : the hunt begins
    RAja Bhaiyya
    Nayee Padosan
    Miss India:the mystery

    and also Main Prem ki Diwani Hoon, Andaz, Darna Mana Hai, BAghbaan, …


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