Aamir Khan’s Bharat Darshan. Destination – Varanasi

Posted: December 14, 2009 by moifightclub in bollywood, cinema, Contests, News, songs & videos
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Aamir Khan went missing and landed up in Varanasi. This is part of the reality game to promote his new film 3 Idiots. Click here to know all about the game. And click on the play button to check out the visuals, Aamir Khan in a new avtaar roaming on the streets of Varanasi, looking for his ammi ka aangan.

And here is the second clue for the next destination –


  1. someonehastosaythis says:


  2. d'jango says:

    there’s a khooni darwaza at the mouth of darya ganj. this was the site where bahadur shah zafar’s sons were assassinated to mark the end of the revolt of 1857 (a tie-in with the managal pandey film).

    my guess is aamir is headed there and he’s going to leave a handprint (chaap) on the gate. now where’s my inaam?

  3. d'jango says:

    oh and this time he will be in a muslim avatar and will be hanging out at jama masjid as well.

  4. moifightclub says:

    D’jango – u are all wrong! common…Aamir Khan is not that predictable. Now, no inaam!

  5. d'jango says:

    Fu$%ing aamir ka kaan moolna padega! smart ass!!

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