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‘Om Dar Ba Dar’ fame Kamal Swaroop is ready with his next documentary and if these teasers are any proof, then it looks quite fascinating.

Banaras, Narendra Modi, Arvind Kejriwal, and the biggest democratic exercise on this planet – seen through the auteur vision of Kamal Swaroop should be a heady mix.

Over to the two teasers of “Dance for Democracy”:

P.S. – The BGM is kick-ass!

Call it a strange cocktail of reel and real life. When Shah Rukh Khan and Karan Johar were busy revealing the first look of My Name Is Khan, the screenwriter of the film Shibani Bathija was busy with Aamir Khan’s Bharat Darshan yatra. In the film My Name Is Khan, Shah Rukh Khan’s character goes out on a cross country tour chasing the President and now for the promotion of 3 Idiots, Aamir Khan is almost doing the same, the difference is, he is asking people to chase him. And both have one person in common, Shibani Bathija.

If the gossipmongers are to be believed, Aamir’s Bharat Darshan yatra have been planned and written by Bhatija. What, when, how, clues and everything else. She is also busy scripting a film for Bhanja-jaan and has been paid a fat cheque by Bhanja-jaan’s sasumaa! No prizes for guessing ki kiske pocket me rocket hai! So, has she switched camps ? or she is having the best of bollywood ? Our sources say that she prefers Aamir Khan much more than Shah Rukh Khan! So, dont be surprised if you see Aamir Khan in a film scripted by Bathija soon.

Check out this Varanasi video from 0o:14 to 00:40. If we are not wrong, the woman walking behind Aamir Khan is none other than Shibani Bathija.

After Varanasi, Aamir Khan landed up in Chanderi. This time in activist avtaar, to speak for the weavers and their problems. Whats more, Kareena Kapoor also joins him. Aamir Activist Khan tries out weaving and adds a thread to the saree, to be auctioned later on. This is part of the Alternate Reality Game to promote 3 Idiots.

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Aamir Khan went missing and landed up in Varanasi. This is part of the reality game to promote his new film 3 Idiots. Click here to know all about the game. And click on the play button to check out the visuals, Aamir Khan in a new avtaar roaming on the streets of Varanasi, looking for his ammi ka aangan.

And here is the second clue for the next destination –