First Look : Dibakar Banerjee’s Love Sex Aur Dhokha (trailer)

Posted: December 25, 2009 by moifightclub in bollywood, cast & crew, cinema, first look, News, songs & videos
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Fanboys of Khosla, Khurana, Lucky and Bangali, the wait is finally over. Here it is, the  first trailer of Dibakar Banerjee’s digital drama Love Sex Aur Dhokha. Will camera never be the same again ?

And here are few links, you must read. Click here to know the story details of Love Sex Aur Dhokha and click here for all the philosophy of kamre me camera!

  1. Manu Warrier says:

    Gimmicky … Sell sex in the name of voyeurism, shooting format .. The promo just confirmed it 🙂 .. The film should have been Love Sex and Dibakar … I am waiting for the self congratulatory interviews post the release. .. There is no film like this ever made and blah blah .. by the way there is one on PFC on how he hooked Ekta to this project…. Keep it up Dibaker …by the way Khosla ka Ghosla I would like to give credit to Jaideep’s script, no matter which director had done it, it would have been good, it’s hard to screw up a good script… OLLO did not even come remotely close, and an indulgent gimmicky layering continues with LSD

  2. mohd mubashshir says:

    great work done.. its clearly visible in promo. Hoping again for the huge response by viewers.
    best of luck.

    thanks and regards
    mohd mubashshir

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