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Fanboys of Khosla, Khurana, Lucky and Bangali, the wait is finally over. Here it is, the  first trailer of Dibakar Banerjee’s digital drama Love Sex Aur Dhokha. Will camera never be the same again ?

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Dibakar Banerjee is ready with his new film titled Love Sex Aur Dhokha. LSD, ah…killer! With LSD, Dibakar is going digital, low budget ( just 2 cr), all new actors and even ADULT! And here is the story/plot/synopsis of the film….

Rahul, a final year film student, gears up for his diploma film. With his digital camera, with an amateur cast, he starts etching the perennial themes of the great bollywood love epic – his ideal – into his low budget magnum opus. While testing actors for his film he falls in love with Shruti, a new student who he casts as his heroine.

Somewhere in the same city, Adarsh, an unemployed young man, installs security cameras in a small upcoming 24 hour departmental store. Under pressure to pay off a loan shark – Adarsh gets persuaded by his friend from the camera company to act ina  porn clip recorded through the security cameras in the shop.

In another corner of the city, Prabhat – once a committed sting journalist following cases of national importance – tethers on the brink of collapse. When he meets Naina, a dancer, who is trying to commit suicide, Prabhat sees the last chance to set his life right –a  sting that exposes India’s biggest pop star, Laki Local.

LSD is a roller coaster ride told through three different cameras that instead of passively recording the characters invades the drama, affecting the outcome of the characters’ destinies, snooping, prying, baring the fangs of real perversion hidden deep inside all of us.

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dibakarLSD ? Yes, thats Love Sex Aur Dhokha. Dibakar Banerjee’s new film. In an industry where a filmmaker’s success is measured by the budget he can manage, Dibakar is in reverse gear. After Khosla Ka Ghosla and Oye Lucky Lucky Oye, Dibakar is going digital, low budget and Adult! Just 2 crore film. We caught up with Dibakar to know more. Read on. 

Peep show : The film is about voyeurism. This film is essentially about how we have become a generation of voyeurs and flashers simulatenously. This film is about keyhole. On one side of the keyhole is a guy who is peeping in and on other side, there is a person who is hoping that someone io peeping in, and then its us, who are seeing all this. And it is adding bizzare subtext to our society. On television, newspapers, other media, we are obsessed with the most meaningless trivia of what other people are doing about their life. Thats one part of the film.

voyeurismLoveology : The other part of the film is how we see love. I fall in love with a person. And I fall in love with a person in contempoprary India. Those two situations are completely different. Because today when I fall in love with somebody I have a history of 80 years of cinematic love to tell me what love should be, how a person in love behaves, what is the outcome of love, what happens when you are in love and how love conquers all. But when we try and take that route in real life, we realise that what the film shows and what life shows us are two differnt things. And am very excited about that difference.

Mera-Camera : These are the issues that this film is trying to deal with. And the reason to take completely new people is that voyeurism is specially effective when it is not constructed, when it is not fictional, when the camera is really candid. Even when I fake the camera into movement so that it looks like candid, but if you see someone like Abhay Deol or any other actor, you will know that its not really candid.

Kamre me Camera : This film cant be done if I dont go digital. If we shoot it in film ,this film wont be there. What we are trying to do with this film is actually totally new kind of filmmaking. We are trying to change the rules. We are making the film with real people. The people are given situations in which they are free to interpret and go forward with just a symbolic guideline from me. And people will be shooting the film themsleves often. And they will be shooting each other. And we will see a film which is not seen through my eyes, we will see a film which is seen through the eyes of people who are within that frame. That is essentially what voyeurism is all about. Thats what we are trying to do. The whole cast is made of people that we have not seen before. Trying to address the issue of reality show. I find this term very interesting – reality show. This is the oxymoron of oxymoron. This is the film all about. Its about reality, its about show, its about showing and peeping.

Imran-Abhay : The kind of subjects that I tackle and the kind of liberty that I want to take with my filmmaking, its fine with me to exist in the smaller bylanes of great big industry that bollywood is. I think huge biggie would kind of take it all away all  and subvert me from what I am trying to do. So the next one is definitely not a biggie, its middly or smalley compare to other people’s budget. We are trying to address a very hard hitting social and politicallly issue that we face in our country. We are trying to bring together two actors whom we have not seen in a film yett. Its not done, we are trying. If it happens, people will see actors in that kind of role which we have not seen before.

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dibakarDibakar Banerjee is gearing up for not one but two films. A quickie and a biggie!

The quickie starts next month. Its in digital, about the digital world and will have new faces.  Love, lust, betrayal, sex, all packed in shoe string budget. The film is produced by Ekta Kapoor. Dibakar & Ekta! Whats the common ground!

The biggie is a political thriller and goes on floors by the year end. Dibakar’s current favourite Abhay Deol will be in it for sure. Its a satire about politics at the basic level. We know that Dibakar has also signed Imran Khan to star with Abhay Deol. But we are not sure if its the same film or not. Will keep posted as we get more details.