Xclusive : Dibakar Banerjee’s Love Sex Aur Dhokha – story details!

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Dibakar Banerjee is ready with his new film titled Love Sex Aur Dhokha. LSD, ah…killer! With LSD, Dibakar is going digital, low budget ( just 2 cr), all new actors and even ADULT! And here is the story/plot/synopsis of the film….

Rahul, a final year film student, gears up for his diploma film. With his digital camera, with an amateur cast, he starts etching the perennial themes of the great bollywood love epic – his ideal – into his low budget magnum opus. While testing actors for his film he falls in love with Shruti, a new student who he casts as his heroine.

Somewhere in the same city, Adarsh, an unemployed young man, installs security cameras in a small upcoming 24 hour departmental store. Under pressure to pay off a loan shark – Adarsh gets persuaded by his friend from the camera company to act ina  porn clip recorded through the security cameras in the shop.

In another corner of the city, Prabhat – once a committed sting journalist following cases of national importance – tethers on the brink of collapse. When he meets Naina, a dancer, who is trying to commit suicide, Prabhat sees the last chance to set his life right –a  sting that exposes India’s biggest pop star, Laki Local.

LSD is a roller coaster ride told through three different cameras that instead of passively recording the characters invades the drama, affecting the outcome of the characters’ destinies, snooping, prying, baring the fangs of real perversion hidden deep inside all of us.

And if you want to know more about LSD, how and why, click here for our previous post on the film and its treatment.

  1. d'jango says:

    kick ASS! I can’t wait to see it!!

  2. Manu Warrier says:

    it looks more like in the name of showing reality and voyeurism ,lets indulge with my camera and technique. I find Dibaker to be an indulgent film maker anyways “Oye Lucky Oye” was anyways an over hyped film which had little take home value, the choice of subject and what will eventually happen to the film I can predict in LSD.

    Come on Bolly wood, everybody loves to indulge taking audiences for granted be it a Bhansali or a Banerjee, audience is last in their scheme of things. I make films for myself, and then the stars, who the fuck are audience. Sorry Dibaker, the plot nor concept did not excite me at all, it more looks like your desperate attempt to be niche without purpose, like your last attempt.

  3. Fatema says:

    The post is so well-written! It’s got me really intrigued and well, I hope the film measures up. Going by Dibaker’s past record seems like it will!

  4. rusted rick says:

    cant wait..cant wait…can effin wait!!!

  5. Suresh says:

    I love Dibakar’s 2 films.
    Manu Warrier obviously couldn’t get the layered ‘OLLO’. Was ‘OLLO’ over hyped? LOL!! Take home value?? Is he talking about a take away restaurant kinda thingee?
    All eyes on LSD!!!

  6. Manu Warrier says:

    @ Suresh
    we’ll have a discussion on LSD when it is out 🙂

    As for OLLO indulgently layered it definitely was not worth or even close to the price of the ticket, so yes remember a multiplex is a retail mall, when i pay money for something i expect to take home something with whatever the form of communication TV, Magazine, Films, Internet so this kinda restaurant thingee you talk, you expect value for the food you are paying, unfortunately OLLO left a bad taste in my mouth, so goodluck with your LSD tasting spree with Dibaker and do ask him when he layers intelligently layer the story and not himself with camera POVs, which the synopsis anyway reflects.

    • Suresh says:

      @ Manu
      Really find it hard to understand how you didnt find OLLO so layered and clever. I have not seen a Hindi film ‘hero’ with as much ‘character’ as Lucky – he’s out there, he’s all that he’s showing and he’s a lot more which has to be read between the lines. The 3 Paresh Rawal’s – you think that was just DB giving PR some extra work to do? The sights and sounds and smells of saddi Dilli… only an auteur can bring the soul of an place alive on screen. Manu Rishi’s character, his lines – gosh. You must have watched the wrong film man!

  7. Ollo was an intelligent layered movie which delved into a ton of real life situations with brutal precision. Humor certainly was an excellent lubricating factor and captured the small pleasures of life. The climax was real and bittersweet …NOt all movies have to have a “all is well at the end” effect.
    Dibakar did tha in Khosla ka GHosla and tried a different angle in OLLO and left fans like me wanting for more …..
    Loved his interview too…
    Looking forward to LSD

  8. I remember Dibakar ranting about the challenges of a low budget movie in his interview….I think both KKG and OLLO were excellent effective and mindblowing experiments with sensitive storytelling . His use of humor and choice of music is a class apart considering regular Bollywood fare…

    Havent seen Anupam kher since his Saransh days act like he did in KKG. The Dabas guy pulled off the reserved son with all the burden so well and Ranvir Shorey did his part too well. Boman playing the typical punju and Vinay Pathak playing the helpful dalal was classy.

    Similarly the characters in OLLO were natural and apt. Manu Rishi’s dialogues rocked and the music was never more refreshing….Nobody has brought Delhi to the screen like this before. Manjeet Singh was a good discovery.

  9. striker says:

    the concept reminds me of “look”

    amazing film shot entirely thru surveillance cameras.

    looking forward to this one.

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  11. hardik mehta says:

    “sex, lies and videotapes” – does it sound similar..??

  12. someonehastosaythis says:

    sex,lies and videotape exactly but in a different culture, one where the word sex is a big taboo. film will sell like hot cakes.

  13. sunil says:

    @ manu warrior :- manu warrior… bloody the name in itself is so fake… he deserves no right to write anything. bloody first do something in life. show ur work. and comment only on the work and not the filmmaker, cos chooths like you don’t know what all it takes to make a feature film. so justy cock up, and stop giving hate speeches. u r just like Raj Thackarey who just make hate statements… without understanding the depth of what u r saying. Be it khosla ka ghosla, oye lucky… and wait for LSD to release u’ll know… that they are not a run in the mill YRF’s but a Revolution.

  14. Aparna says:

    Dear Manu:… are you a part of the LSD promotions team?? it sounds so… (as we all know, good or bad publicity is publicity well earned)!!

    And if you aren’t, then as Suresh rightly mentioned, You would have seen a wrong film or you still need to grow up and understand intelligent layered cinema. OLLO is one of the best film with very good performances, dialogues and emotions. You can smell and feel the lanes of Delhi through the film… it takes you right there… Each character has so much depth!

    You can take home the feeling of being in Delhi (without actually going there), you can take home the snappy one-liners and you can take home the experience of being a part of Indian Cinema (by watching it!)

    LSD im sure is going to be another very good film from a very very good director, Dibakar.

    P.S: You may want to watch OLLO again!

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