Xclusive : Meet the Band Masters Rangeela & Rasila of Emosanal Attyachaar

Posted: January 7, 2010 by moifightclub in bollywood, cast & crew, cinema, gossipmongers, News, songs & videos, Xclusive
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Yes, here he is! One of the musketeers. And his partner in crime is none other than lyricist Amitabh Bhattacharya. We googled a lot but could not get any pic of his. So, had to settle with only Amit Trivedi’s pic.

After the music and the film released, everyone wondered about Band Master Rangeela and Rasila’s identity, the duo who have been credited for the vocals of Emosanal Atyachaar in Dev D. But there was no straight answer. Click here to read an interesting report published in DNA on the same. It seems it was all fake or as they say, great cheap thrill! Aha, we are not the only ones who live by the mantra that life is all about cheap thrills!

Recently a friend was making his year end music list and was talking to the musicians involved to figure out more about their songs. When it came to Emosanal Attyachaar, he got to know everything except the identity of Master Rangeela & Rasila, the guys who delivered the anthem of the year. That got us more curious and see what what we finally discovered.

BTW, seems like even dozen good songs in an album are not good enough for the Screen Awards nominations. Check out their nomination list here. Can anyone enlighten us about the morons who made the list. They deserve special mention.

PS – Amit & Amitabh, sorry to burst the bubble. This one is cheaper thrill!

  1. hardik mehta says:

    katrina kaif for NY and taht dumblass padukone for Best Actress….hello..whats happeneing….

  2. Sarthak says:

    It wasn’t that difficult to make it out after listening to the X-rated version of the song….

  3. Finally, thank you! Someone who agrees that Amit Trivedi should have been on the top of the nominations list! For shame, all they want to promote is “big names” not talent.

  4. Dinesh says:

    amit music is always best

  5. Ronak Dave says:

    Awesome! Amit Trivedi is the best… I like his music compositions..

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