WTF : Sonu Nigam is Sant Nigam now!

Posted: February 11, 2010 by moifightclub in Bolly Jokes, bollywood, life, News, Thoughts, WTF

Otherwise how do you explain the following quote by Sonuji, oops Santji.

I’m not me. This is not what I am. I don’t want people to call me mad but I died last year. I don’t exist because what I thought existed, never existed. I realised last year that I’m an eternal creature. We say that life is eternal, the soul is eternal, and God is eternal. Do you really understand the magnitude of this statement that I will never die and I will live for ever and there is no separate God. There is no superior God. I’m not an inferior creature. I’m just a limited vision because I’m trapped in this body.

And if thats not the reason, we want to know what is he smoking! Because there are some more priceless gems by Sant Nigam. Sample this.

There is something happening inside which is silence but you can hear it and it’s only when you sit within or around yourself, that you realise that there is nothing.

All these quotes are from an interview published in Mumbai Mirror recently. Click here to read the full interview. And make sure you are not drinking anything while reading the interview. Chances are you will ROFL and spill it all over.

  1. kennydb says:

    I kind of agree with his views about 3-4 year contracts instead of permanent marriages. Just hope it doesn’t mean I’m going batty too 🙂

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