First Look : Mani Ratnam’s Raavan (teaser) and test you CQ – Will Raavan die ?

Posted: April 16, 2010 by moifightclub in Bolly Jokes, bollywood, cinema, CQ - Cinema Quotient, first look, News, songs & videos
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The wait is over. Here it is. Finally! The first look of one of the most anticipated films of the year. The first look of Mani Ratnam’s Raavan is out. Its just a teaser but enough to get our curiosity quotient high. Click on the play button to watch it.

So, what do you think ?  Here is what we felt…

1. Superb music. Will Rahman-Gulzar deliver again ? Seems like…veera ke dus mathe

2. Mani Ratnam’s heroine again making “wet” entry! Earlier it used to be in films. Check any films of his. Now its the same in teaser.

3.  Looks like it has hangover of Vishal Bhardwaj’s Omkara. Freeze it at 00:26, doesnt he exactly look like Ajay Devgan in Omkara ?

4. But still somehow lives upto the expectations. Great energy, gorgeous set up and perfect sound with the visuals. Ok, thats nough analysis for just 30seconds.

And we are back with CQ. The big question – How will it end ? Will Raavan die ? Will Ram kill Raavan ? Or will be something else. Yeah, we know cinema is not all about how it ends but we are willing to believe it after Ratnam made the corporate film Guru. End does matter!

In the film Abhishek Bachchan plays the lead character (Raavan) who kidnaps Aishwarys Rai (Sita) and falls in love with her. Tamil star Vikram plays the role of Ram in the hindi version and lead role of Raavan in the tamil one . Govinda’s role is inspired by Hanuman, Ravi Kissan plays Abhishek’s aide and Nikhil Dwivedi plays a cop. Here are four options, see which one works…

1. Both Ram & Raavan will die fighting for Sita. Everything is fair in love and war!

2. Raavan will let Sita go. Then Ram will use her to get back at Raavan, put a trap and kill him.

3. Raavan will use Sita, who will fall in love with him, and then they will kill Ram.

4. Raavan will kill Ram. And Sita will kill Raavan. And finally Sita will kill herself.

We know whats the right one. Lets see if you can score! Take a pick. And will Team Ratnam-Rahman-Sivan deliver magic again ? Seems so, atleast from what we are hearing.

  1. Honhaar Goonda says:

    LOL. This is hilarious. The way Jr. B says “Dus…” cracks me up. That was a poor impression of Lallan. It looks so Bollywood. Even the music sounds so un-ARR !

  2. @pvijay says:

    Agreeing completely, Honhaar. As said many times, I’ve kept no hopes on this film. And this trailer has done nothing to raise any. Stunning visuals & music used to make us clap when Maniratnam was the only one around doing that. Now even new kids on the block are masters in all these superficialities & our man has veered away from what he was best at- showing unique moments in the lives of ordinary people with ample glamorization. We’ve lost the old Mani Sir, i think.

    Even in this trailer,Reliance logos r so prominent. Corporate indulgences in art looks like #epicfail, at least in India…

  3. Ravi says:

    Not too exciting. Its just a teaser but still not much besides glossy visuals. And somehow I got the sense of AB overacting.

  4. Honhaar Goonda says:

    It is a peppy trailer. Where is that darkness in the trailer? I think, they have got it wrong, it should’ve been a haunting trailer. But, I suppose, the film is not as supposed to be a dark film as it is made out. No?

    Jr.B is going to fail as a crazy maniac character, if there are more scene like the one in the teaser.

  5. moifightclub says:

    @Honhaar Goonda/@Pvijay – i thought i was a big cynic and then i met you guys! Goonda – what is ARR music and what is un-Arr ?
    vijay – a company spends 100 crore in a film but they cant put their logo! wah! and why should he always keep on making what he did once.
    also, guys its just 30sceond teaser, lets wait for more.

    • Honhaar Goonda says:

      What I meant by that was that his teaser is always exciting but after hearing this teaser I didn’t feel excited. Veera ke Dus Maathe could have been something like Dhaka, Azeem, or jai hind, but it is peppy in the mould of jai ho. I except something different in his first teaser, so…..

  6. Sudhir says:

    Where has XXX the cynic gone? RIP HIM!
    But this is way too much analysis of a 30 sec clip.

  7. moifightclub says:

    @Sudhir – edited your comment a bit. u know where 😉 but really is it so bad ?? and isnt it to lil to be killed so quickly! common, m not born cynic! the world made me so. Blame it on Guru too!

  8. @pvijay says:

    @moifightclub huh! u- XXX- calling me cynic? Grr… 😛

    They can put logo or whatever. And I do hope (and pray) the film is worth the 100 crore they’ve spent. Worth for viewing by general public, not in their meetings. And also, I am the last person who wants Mani to repeat himself. We will be a lot more happier without another Guru. Isn’t it? 😉

  9. Bollyfan says:

    Whatever it might be, it can’t even dream of matching this one…

    On topic, would be interesting to see how the sena types react to it…dravidian conspiracy?

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  11. harry says:

    Guys … anybody wanna bet, In this Ramayan, Ravan is going to win Sita.

    The DMK party was formed on the basis of “Ravan was not a bad person” … So Now Mani SAAR would take that legacy forward by showing the same, atleast in the Tamil/Telugu version that Ravan gets Sita and might make Hindi version as usual Ram winning Sita.

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