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POTD : James Cameron in Na’vi avatar!

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And its all for a good cause! Check it out.

It feels great to know that its not for the movie’s promotion. He is protesting against the construction of a massive dam in the middle of Amazon rainforest. Click here to read the full story.

In Bollywood, every cause comes with a new film release. Post-RDB, we know nothing about Aamir Khan’s take on Narmada Bachao Andolan. And bet with Peepli Live, we will be back to give us gyaan on farmers’ suicide. As the master wrote…Aife aife kaife kaife!

Pic courtesy – Amazon Watch.

The first question is why would anyone want to remake Stepmom. Ok, now that they have already done it, there is another issue. The film is yet untitled. It stars Kajol, Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Rampal and is directed by debutant Siddharth Malhotra.

Karan recently tweetd the three (or is it four )options that he has shortlisted…

The first three titles surely do sound like KJo film titles – Love You Maa, We Are Family, Hamesha & Forever. And here is our pick – Kabhi Mom Na Kehna (KMNK). And there is more. Chhabs came up with something more interesting  – Kabhi Ma, Kabhi StepMa (KMKS). And Envyas added the punchline – Its all about losing your parents. Well, one of them atleast. Now, thats what we call Instant Classic! Whats your pick ?

Wondering why we are wasting so much energy, time and space on this certain Mr Joginder Tuteja…naah..we like the surname Chutreja! Who is he ? Really! Ok, take a look at the following two pics…

This is a screen grab from the film Jaane Kahaan Se Aayi hai. And Mr Chutreja gets an opening credit in the film, as “Editorial Advisor”. And that too, all solo. Even Chetan Bhagat didnt get that. BTW, can someone please explain to us the contribution of “Editorial Advisor”. Now check this out.

Here is the print ad that quotes the same Chutrejaji, unless there are two Joginder Tutejas.

So, Chutrejaji has given 4 fucking stars to Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai! Even Nikhat Kazmi has given 3.5 (count that 1.5. Because her maths is all wrong. Count her 2 stars = zero. Then it fits well. Try it next time). So, is this the role of “Editorial Advisor” ? 4 stars ? And how unethical it is to review a film in which you have an opening credit! Will the real Mr Tuteja or Chutreja please stand up! And he writes for PTI! Aur bolo ?

Can someone please explain this to us ? Or is it just namesake ? If so, we are sorry but please tell us the role of “Editorial Advisor”. We would love to try our luck there. Bet it includes a fat cheque too! For the rest, well, if this is the state of affairs, film criticism better be dead. Let A O Scott argue as much as he wants too. Long live Chutrejas!