Who the fuck is Joginder Tuteja or is he Mr Chutreja ? Jaane Kahan Se Aaya Hai!

Posted: April 14, 2010 by moifightclub in bollywood, cast & crew, conspiracy theory, film review, gossipmongers, News, reviews, Thoughts
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Wondering why we are wasting so much energy, time and space on this certain Mr Joginder Tuteja…naah..we like the surname Chutreja! Who is he ? Really! Ok, take a look at the following two pics…

This is a screen grab from the film Jaane Kahaan Se Aayi hai. And Mr Chutreja gets an opening credit in the film, as “Editorial Advisor”. And that too, all solo. Even Chetan Bhagat didnt get that. BTW, can someone please explain to us the contribution of “Editorial Advisor”. Now check this out.

Here is the print ad that quotes the same Chutrejaji, unless there are two Joginder Tutejas.

So, Chutrejaji has given 4 fucking stars to Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai! Even Nikhat Kazmi has given 3.5 (count that 1.5. Because her maths is all wrong. Count her 2 stars = zero. Then it fits well. Try it next time). So, is this the role of “Editorial Advisor” ? 4 stars ? And how unethical it is to review a film in which you have an opening credit! Will the real Mr Tuteja or Chutreja please stand up! And he writes for PTI! Aur bolo ?

Can someone please explain this to us ? Or is it just namesake ? If so, we are sorry but please tell us the role of “Editorial Advisor”. We would love to try our luck there. Bet it includes a fat cheque too! For the rest, well, if this is the state of affairs, film criticism better be dead. Let A O Scott argue as much as he wants too. Long live Chutrejas!

  1. mogambo says:

    Dear fight club, welcome back. To the chaos.

    Joginder Fuckreja is the ‘music reviewer’ of the shiteous bollywoodhungama.com – the worst fucking blowjobbing site in the world… the site is a dick between the left ball (bollywood/SRK lovers) and the right ball (bollywood)… only when it is raised can the two balls meet.

    nice catch though… i didnt notice this guys name during opening as i was busy popping aspirins to prepare.

  2. Bollyfan says:

    I noticed the name too…and chuckled…ye kahan se opening credits leta ho gaya…just that i mistook his real name to be ending in “iya” instead or “reja”. Inconsequential!

    Never bothered to read any of his reviews though…even Kookie Gulati’s name inspires more confidence than this one’s. Neither do i read the newspaper to see any ads. So didn’t know about this connection. Sahi hai!!

  3. Ravindernath says:

    Hmmm so great to know abt Ur character. U Mr. Fuck He He He

  4. Appu says:

    Joginder Tuteja works for an entertainment news agency Sampurn Wire. They sell the article to different websites. That’s why his name appears on different websites as reviewer. Don’t know much about him

  5. Joginder Tuteja says:

    It is really bad to see people who have no life, comment here about a person who has a versatile first-hand experience on writing reviews on bollywood movies. I did not feel bad about your comments, infact this would motivate me further to improve my work to acquire perfection. It does not matter what jobless and lifeless people like you bark on the net about, because no one actually cares what you do. Your families do not even bother about you, so who am I to even bother wasting a single second of my life thinking about you. Hope you learn to manage your own business.

  6. jahanbakshi says:

    ROFL! Burial of illusions?

  7. Chatur says:

    Hahaha! He actually replied! He must have Googled his name to see if anyone has written anything about him!

    “so who am I to even bother wasting a single second of my life thinking about you”

    You actually replied dude. Which means, you DID think about what was being written about you. And it definitely angered you like hell! If you would have ‘not-cared’, you wouldn’t have wasted your precious time replying. Bah!

  8. Roger Ebert says:

    Shut up Jogi. Don’t you learn anything?????? How many times have I told you to NOT write reviews! God save him!

  9. Bobby Sing says:

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    Would be really waiting for your honest comments there.


  10. […] PPS – This is not the first time that Mr Tuteja has made it to our blog. Click here to read about his other credential. As they say, honhaar birwaan ke hoth cheeknay […]

  11. Gyandeep says:

    Tuteja, if you don’t as much care to waste even a second on this post, why would you even bother to write out that elaborate comment? Man, I gotta hand it over to you. Some contrarian you are!

  12. His Tweets about “Players” to the cast : http://twitpic.com/83xy57

  13. abhinav says:

    ha ha ah taran adarsh and nikat kazmi give 3.5 and 4 stars ….milap javeri ki bhasha mein kahe to star mil gaye picture to pitni he thi and wo neeche neeche blue word mein kya likha hai they are planning for audience ye film nahi bhai koi mission banaya hoga inhone …

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