VOTD : Do movie reviews matter ? Minty Tejpal, Meena Iyer and Rajeev Masand discuss & dissect it with Taran Adarsh

Posted: May 29, 2010 by moifightclub in bollywood, cinema, film, film review, movie reviews, songs & videos, video, VOTD
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What ? When ? Where ? How much ? And why ?

Its an age-old debate. And things are changing now. In west, the new rule is “Forget the critics, Fear Twitter”! Plus, there are many popular bloggers now whom viewers trust more than many critics because they know that there cant be any hidden agenda there. And may be thats why many publications are in the process of doing away with critics.

Ok, enough of our review gyaan. Since we are putting it as VOTD, do check it out. Taran Adarsh, popularly known as Trash Adarsh for his movie and film reviews, discusses the issue with Minty Tejpal (Mumbai Mirror), Meena Iyer (Mumbai Mirror/TOI) and Rajeev Masand (CNN IBN).

Some candid confessions, some strong opinions, west versus east, do producers/directors try to influence them and why do they write/say, the way they do. And they even discuss Nikhat Kazmi!

(PS – Mumbai Mirror belongs to TOI group)

  1. Amit Sanghavi says:

    They left the two most important reviewers out of this discussion, Mayank Shekhar and Anupama Chopra!

  2. moifightclub says:

    @Amit – if m not wrong, Mayank refused to come on the show and Anupama was in Cannes when they recorded it. Anupama am sure about, cent percent but Mayanak not sure.

  3. High time the audience starts reading aggregated movie reviews and submit their own rating after they’ve seen the movie for the benefit of the audience coz in this way they can come to a collective decision on whether a movie is worth watching or not based on fair means by combining critics reviews and audience reaction. That’s exactly what Watch It Or Not does. Do check it out!

  4. Abhishek Jain says:

    i vote for Sir Rajeev Masand… i follow him from heart. He has that intrusive power to deal with the film. Whatever he says about the film, i really can observe it while watching that movie. I wish to be as observant as him. He is great.

  5. Rambha Devi says:

    This would the most incestuous media praising each other crap I have seen. Meena Iyer and the other two Jonnies should go and get a life. Trying to position oneself as some self proclaimed expert, is taking their egoic nature (and of most journalists) to the extreme. People should really stop taking this crap from these media despots.

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