Manisha Koirala marries Samrat Dahal(pics)! And what a coincidence!

Posted: June 19, 2010 by moifightclub in bollywood, life, pics, songs & videos, video
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Finally! After juggling boyfriends right, left and centre & how, (some we have witnessed too and thats for another day), Manisha Koirala (41) tied the knot with Samrat Dahal. And its back to her roots! Samrat (34) is also from Nepal. But who is this Samrat ? Click here to read more about him and his family. Check out the pics in the slide show. Wishing her all the best!

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Blame us for connecting the dots, but are we the only one to spot this strange coincidence –  Manisha Koirala gets married, Arvind Swamy getting divorced after sixteen years of marriage and Mani Ratnam is getting butchered by everyone. Aha, life! The trio who gave us that gorgeous Bombay. Those were the days, the days of raging hormones and then Mani gave us that famous “Bombay run” by Koirala! So, here it is…to good ol’ days…

Also, the way Vidhu Vinod Chopra shot her in 1942 – A Love Story, our heart skipped million beats! Its difficult to imagine what all she could have done with her career and what she did! Now, that deserves a lonnnng post. Till then…kuch na kaho

  1. kennydb says:

    What’s the real reason her career went downhill?

  2. Zentana says:


  3. Gaayab.Aaya says:

    ESJZBD… Probably ESJZBD was her last chance to remain there in Bollywood. Probably she was waiting for Ek Second Jo Zindagi Badal De to strike gold.. or may be even bronze would have done.. since the news didn’t strike, she decide to change the zindagi..

  4. Shilpa says:

    No……..Manisha is still counted amongst 1 of the mst successful actrsses in bollywood. She has done so many successful films and it’s nothing to blame on her. Flate played a bad role. Otherwise every1 of us know how extremely talented she was and still is….We would love to see her back in some striking roles with some good directors…She rocked and still rocks !!!

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