WTF : Aamir remembers Asheem & Akshay goes to R K Laxman!

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In Bollylalaland, there is no word called shame! As they say, jiyega..marega…publicity ke liye par kuch bhi karega! Remember Aamir Activist Khan during Rang De Basanti. Well, its that time of the year again.

A new film of Aamir Khan Productions is up for release and wonder whom he is remembering – Asheem Chakravarty. Why ? Because it makes news. Because Indian Ocean has composed one song for Peepli Live and another old song of theirs is included in the album of the film. But where was Aamir when Asheem Chakravarty passed away ? Why we didnt hear anything from him ? And where was he when the documentary on Indian Ocean – Leaving Home released ? That was the best tribute to Asheem. Aamir doesn’t need to put one more tribute show! If only he had supported the film, that would have been enough. But strange are the ways of the world, so bear it.

The other one is about Akshay Moron Kumar. Guess where he went to ? Breach Candy Hospital to meet cartoonist R K Laxman. Why ? Because he has a new film coming up called Khatta Meetha, directed by another moron called Priyadarshan. So, the marketing guys must have hit upon a great idea – lets get Akki the common man to meet the cartoonist who created the great indian common man. Because according to the Bombay Times report, Laxman’s common man was the inspiration for Akshay’s character. Bloody liars! Its a remake of malyalam film Vellanakalude Nadu.

Just take a look at the pic, see both the faces and you don’t need any words to describe  the scene. You can read the full article here (select Monday- 12th July, 2010 and then Bombay Times tab – its on left corner) or check out the first page of Bombay Times (epaper).

And thats why we have been requesting Robert Pattinson (though we hate the vampire craze)  again and again to just bite us once. We desperately wanna suck some bolly blood!

  1. @pvijay says:

    Shameless Idiots!

    Btw, a small trivia- Vellanakalude Naadu has one RK Narayan connection. There is a subplot involving the hero struggling to set a road roller in motion, which happens to be straight out of an episode of “Malgudi days”. Of course it was uncredited, or in other words, the director was Priyadarsan.

  2. Rusted rick says:

    both of them can go and suck each others cock…will create far better publicity.
    madar^%## sala

  3. varsha says:

    So true…it is disgusting! All as they say in marathi ‘kama purta mama’! Bollywood mein everything is publicity…!! Doesnt work especially when you are talking about thespians like R.K Laxman and acclaimed musicians like Asheem!

  4. Debayan(Vikram) says:

    hi,excellent article…really hurt to see amir doing these kind of cheap stuffs…in fact wat was d need for him to join twitter??? we said so much about how big celebs are joining twitter to shamelessly publicize their films here etc…thought amir will be different…ah!!! even he is here b4 d release of peepli live….agreed with u,where was amir whn asheem died??? shame to all these ppl…they keep on proving how cheap and ghatiya these business of showbiz actually is…ha,thousands of true humanists are working tirelessly allover the nation to bring a better life to the needy ones…they cant be seen in these sites but they deserve more kudos instead of the praising these shameless stars/scoundrels of b-town….ajib desh hai ye mere dost…anyways,keep on posting these articles…at least some voices are there to protest….god bless and best wishes…dev

  5. Prateek says:

    You are the biggest moron asshole

  6. […] wrote about it here. It was a shameless piece of shit publicity idea to involve an ailing old man who has nothing to do […]

  7. Ayush says:

    Aamir’s joining Twitter has been criticised by his fans too, since he already has a blog and is on FB too. But Aamir has not mentioned a single word on Peepli Live on his Twitter page. If he had joined to promote his film, he would have been putting links to his film’s trailors, articles about the film etc.

    And it is just a gesture on his part to pay respect to someone with whom he’s worked. If he had said nothing about Asheem, even then he would have been criticised.

    Aamir makes much less news compared to other stars, who make a hue and cry even if they suffer from gas!

    This blog post has been unfair to him.

  8. bksingh2009 says:

    Des Mera Rangreji Ae Babu, Des Mera Rangreji.
    Aha.. is it Asheem saying that to all those over there.

    BTW, I never quite liked your rants. But I agree with whatever you had to say in this post. But I still believe there still is no point in ranting. Just hoping that Aamir’s so called tribute to Asheem, helps Indian Ocean in selling more CDs. And it would be great if Leaving Home gets a re-release, though I know its not possible.
    And regarding Akshay Kumar, the less said the better. I would rather ignore him.

  9. LS says:

    This blog post is completely unfair to Aamir. It is simply indicative of a snobbish attitude, running down Aamir for paying a tribute to him on the occasion of his film’s music release–which has the music of Indian Ocean. And , no Aamir has not promoted Peepli Live even once on twitter.

    Aamir’s tribute to Asheem was correct. Asheem worked in tandem with Aamir on the music of the film–and Aamir has correctly paid him tribute during his film’s music cd release. If aamir had not done so–he would have been damned for being insensitive.

    In any case well meaning film makers like Aamir lose out both ways. Neither the commeercial bollywalas nor the snobset want to support him.

    The only Indians who do support him are those who are truly in touch with their roots–and who aren’t ashamed of Bollywood–who in fact prefer the term Hindi cinema.

    As for the treatment meted out to Akshay–there’s another saala snob Rajeev Masand speaking. Maybe the publication of the photo was a bad idea–but Masand’s words were reprehensible. So glad that AB Sr spoke up for poor akshay.

    The comments that follow this reprehensible blogpost at moifightclub—they reveal that this place and many other places on the internet are awash with snobs that think themselves superior to the world of Hindi cinema.

    Go to hell all of you.

  10. Fatema says:

    LS – Just a clarification. You think just the publication of AK’s photo was a bad idea or his visit altogether?

  11. LS says:

    I was really upset after reading this blogpost last night. Still am–but I am sorry for my rude words, the last line in my comment above.

    I still maintain that this blogpost reveals a snobbish attitude. It’s almost like–how dare these filmwalas come and lay any claim to our hallowed circle of Indian Rock, our exclusive club…..

    Regarding Akshay’s visit to meet and thank/seek blessings from the ailing RK Laxman–the visit is fine by me. Just that the publication of the photograph–it wasn’t such a great idea. The photograph shocked me and many others because the famous cartoonist looks so different from his days of prime, so near his end…….tubes and all. And a cheery looking Akshay by his side–somehow the mood didn’t gell!

    Anyway–I hope Laxmanji is feeling ok to the extent possible ; had no idea he was this sick. But we all grow older, pass on.

    Here is a revealing news piece at TOI site. It makes one thing clear–Akshay’s visit was TOI’s idea. And the Laxman family are happy with the visit.


  12. Fatema says:

    LS – I understand. You missed the point totally. No wonders you were so upset.

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  14. sorry says:

    hey i landed on this site from the featured comment. This is really disgusting on aamir’s part. i tot he was a man of ethics. and bachchan defending akshay makes no sense looking at this photo. did u try tweeting this to aamir and amitabh? u shud

  15. MoiRapeClub says:

    Can someone please murder this condon slip child MoiFightClub?

    I heard you’re a retarded Anurag Rapeshyap fanboy too, In that case hope Udaan flops big time and i hope someone beats your head to a bloody pulp.

  16. moifightclub says:

    @MoiRapeClub – kiddo…giving you some space to jump lil bit more and you know the options i have…u will be raping moi for life only!

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