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In Bollylalaland, there is no word called shame! As they say, jiyega..marega…publicity ke liye par kuch bhi karega! Remember Aamir Activist Khan during Rang De Basanti. Well, its that time of the year again.

A new film of Aamir Khan Productions is up for release and wonder whom he is remembering – Asheem Chakravarty. Why ? Because it makes news. Because Indian Ocean has composed one song for Peepli Live and another old song of theirs is included in the album of the film. But where was Aamir when Asheem Chakravarty passed away ? Why we didnt hear anything from him ? And where was he when the documentary on Indian Ocean – Leaving Home released ? That was the best tribute to Asheem. Aamir doesn’t need to put one more tribute show! If only he had supported the film, that would have been enough. But strange are the ways of the world, so bear it.

The other one is about Akshay Moron Kumar. Guess where he went to ? Breach Candy Hospital to meet cartoonist R K Laxman. Why ? Because he has a new film coming up called Khatta Meetha, directed by another moron called Priyadarshan. So, the marketing guys must have hit upon a great idea – lets get Akki the common man to meet the cartoonist who created the great indian common man. Because according to the Bombay Times report, Laxman’s common man was the inspiration for Akshay’s character. Bloody liars! Its a remake of malyalam film Vellanakalude Nadu.

Just take a look at the pic, see both the faces and you don’t need any words to describe  the scene. You can read the full article here (select Monday- 12th July, 2010 and then Bombay Times tab – its on left corner) or check out the first page of Bombay Times (epaper).

And thats why we have been requesting Robert Pattinson (though we hate the vampire craze)  again and again to just bite us once. We desperately wanna suck some bolly blood!

Why ? For the promotion of his new film 3 Idiots. But still why ?

Because in the film also, Aamir Khan’s character suddenly vanishes one day and his two freinds, played by R Madhavan and Sharman Joshi, goes out to look for him! Welcome to the world of concept based film promotions! They are calling it Alternate Reality Gaming (ARG). Aha! Though the idea is not original, as it has been tried out successfully many times in the west but its first time in India! So play on.

Aamir will be travelling across the country and hints will be given out to locate him. And every time you spot him, you get one point. The person/group who gets all seven points will be declared winner. And the winner gets to spend the new year with Aamir Khan. Naah, we dont have any dreams of spending the new year with him but the game sounds exciting for sure!

The first clue will be given out today by Sachin Tendulkar. Our sources say he is in Delhi today!

Here’s the video about the game, everything in Aamir’s words…..

Check out the song promo of behti hawa sa tha to join the dots about this promotion…

Our bet – He is going to be in Leh/Ladakh or wherever he goes in the film! They cant go beyond the concept of the film. Lets see.

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