Dopey & Dimpy – The story of Rahul Mahajan & Dimpy Ganguly in pics

Posted: August 1, 2010 by moifightclub in Breaking News, News, pics, television, WTF
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We have no sympathy for anyone – Rahul Mahajan or Dimpy Ganguly. They deserve each other. Or how else do you explain the fact that someone participated in a swayamvar to marry Rahul Mahajan. Its Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Weird are the ways of the world!

Since the whole world is googling them and are creating Eiffel Towers on our blog stats page, we felt bit guilty that we haven’t put a post on their latest controversy. So, here it is…The Story of Dopey & Dimpy in pictures…put the cursor on the pic for our captions!

And as the joke goes…wondering what Rahul Mahajan is singing now….

Give me some sunshine…..give me some rain,

Give me another wife that I can beat up once again….

  1. arijit says:

    So a Swayamvar season 2 for rahul as well…;)

  2. Harish says:

    Awesome post. Dude you should have a comment blurb on Pramod Mahajans photo where his photo is placed next to the couple getting married.
    The look on Mahajans face is something like “I am watching you, you moron! and you deserve this fucked up chic”.

  3. ankita gupta says:

    dimpy married rahul because of money and she is a drama queen more than rakhee………………..

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