WTF – Once Upon A Time it was Pritam, this time its Sandeep Shirodkar!

Posted: August 1, 2010 by moifightclub in bollywood, cast & crew, film, News, plagiarism, songs & videos, WTF
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Wondering what we are we talking ? Just play these two videos back to back and you will get to know.

Got it! When everyone is raving about the background score of Once Upon A Time In Mumbai, well, its time to know the culprit too.  And hopefully we are not wrong! Its Sandeep Shirodkar.

He has done the background music for the film. And one of the theme tracks sounds exactly like Black Strobe’s I m a man. Strangely, it was used in other gangster film, Guy Ritchie’s Rock N Rolla. Too many coincidences! Well, its Bollylalalaland!

(PS – Pritam has composed the songs for the film. Has he passed the baton ? )

  1. rony d'costa says:

    this tune was stuck in my head from the time i saw the trailer. thanks for finding it.i knew it was ripped off.

  2. Ashish says:

    Moi chk this much closer trailer track from apne Vishalji…the above one is Rock n Rolla OST…this was Kill Bill.

    play back to back..

  3. snedden says:

    can u give me d link to download just d background music of once upon a time in mumbai

  4. Snorter says:

    Knew it was ripped from RocknRolla from the time I heard it weeks ago! No shame!

  5. arunkchow says:

    My ass! That Battle Without Honor or Humanity is beaten up track! It’s played in many Hollywood flicks! Including Kill Bill and Bay’s Transformers. The whole point is.. Fucking play it.. No problemos! But not giving a credit or licensing those tracks is unacceptable!

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