WTHolyF – Gandu Trailer & Bet you havent seen a desi trailer like this one!

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If the header seems to over-hype the trailer, quickly click on the play button!

UPDATE – The video has been removed by Youtube. And if you haven’t seen it yet, click here or here to watch it.

Its a bengali film directed by Q. Ok, thats Quashik Mukherjee. Call it porn or  whatever you want to but it looks killer! Porn, sex, masturbation, mommy, expletives, bengali rap and all in black & white – deadly combo! Gimme more ! Tell me more! Who got more dope ?

Thanks to Aseem Chhabra for the tip.

  1. nitesh singh says:


  2. amit says:

    B/W trailer seems to be quite strong. Some really good composition as well.

  3. kennydb says:

    Holy FRIGGIN’ HELL!!!!! Bold is an understatement. And looks superbly shot as well. As if Danny Boyle dropped by in Kol for a while

  4. arijit says:

    what is this? a bengali trainspotting with a dash of the clockwork? the trailer has come out well in b/w…

  5. Ksmommy says:

    speechless!!ROFLOL!this is BOLD!but luving it in Bangla…!

  6. Charit Sadfhu says:

    Too Long..

  7. GANDU will have its World Premiere at the South Asian International Film Festival in New York City (Oct 27th to Nov 2nd, 2010). For more info visit the SAIFF website at http://www.saiff.org. And trust me if you think the trailer is graphic, then you don’t want to see the film. Or do you?

  8. Jitaditya says:

    when is it releasing?…or more importantly can it get a mainstream release?…if not then how can I buy the dvd or d/l?

  9. amborish says:


  10. This probably blatant as it can get.. crazy!
    All the best to the team for the film..

  11. priyanko says:

    looks like bigger-than-lifesize portrait of pot smoking, young angst potboiler freshly delivered from kol. Truly hoping, the story suck up to the flashes!

  12. rohan ad says:

    tripppyyyyyyy!!! grt concept nd photography too is awesome…

  13. Rony says:

    Yes Galen Rosenthal, you are right



    Country/Year: India/2010

    Shows included: ASSHOLE (GANDU), GRANT ST. SHAVING CO.

    Venue: SVA THEATRE

    Duration: 90 mins

    Show Time: 7:30 PM-9:30 PM

    General Admission: $15.00


  14. Akbar says:

    Nice video.I’m sure all of the above stuff means the movie wont get a decent controversy free release in India.Made only for Film Festivals.

  15. Rahul says:

    Wow, such a awesome creation!!

  16. asif says:

    its world class i am waiting to see this

  17. DURGA says:

    any synopsis for the movie available on internet ?? need to know !! absolutely love this !!

  18. Amogha says:

    Its pornographic. It would no way make a good movie conveying feelings. It just conveys erotism and porn. It will no way be a good movie

  19. indro says:

    Superb…A twist and revolution in bengali movie industry and people!!! Waiting for the movie to watch.

  20. abhishek says:

    fucking awesome, this is epic

  21. Ryan says:

    Any place from where I can download this movie? please email me… thanks!!!

  22. rajeev says:

    fucking worce piece of art

  23. sumit says:

    from where i can download this movie ………? plz mail me i m wating 4 the reply

  24. saheb says:

    this is fucking awesome

  25. saheb says:

    from where i can download this movie ………? plz mail me i m wating 4 the reply….

  26. jabali says:

    how can i download songs of this movie? Please…

  27. Fucking intense.
    Looks like Dev D on steroids.

    Why doesnt this guy release it on dvd ? or even upload onto torrents. lol

  28. […] are at it and not AT THEM. Change will be a Q who goes out and does what he wants to and, yes, his GANDU might never be allowed by the system to come out and yes, i don’t completely feel comfortable […]

  29. Masud says:

    i will upload the movie soon

  30. Josh E.A says:

    Just saw the movie today..mind blowing..downloaded it from piratebay.com…took me on a different trip altogether..an absolute must watch..

  31. […] wasn’t very long ago when we had put a post on the first trailer of Q’s last film, Gandu. Nobody knew Q then. But the trailer was deadly […]

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