VOTD : That Girl In Yellow Boots Team at Venice Film Festival

Posted: September 23, 2010 by moifightclub in cast & crew, cinema, Film Festival, News, video, VOTD, Xclusive

We have read the news, seen the pics and now, here is the video. The team of That Girl In Yellow Boots at the Venice Film Festival, 2010. From seating arrangement confusion to what time should they enter the venue to the introduction of  the cast and crew at the screening….its all here. Its inside out view, as the camera moves with the team and captures some candid moments.

Our favourites – Killer looks@1:36, Kalki’s filmy song@1.50, Once again@3:38 (but what ? ), facepalm@6:30 and show me your casting director expression@7:52…enjoy!

And to know more about the film, click here and here .

  1. Yashpal says:

    Its funny to see how u dream of that one moment of life and then when that moment actually comes, u end it up with a facepalm 😉

  2. kartik krishnan says:

    aiyooooooooooooooooooooooo super sexy !!!

  3. rohan ad says:


  4. Rahul says:

    We are clapping too, for AK and team, whoooo….

  5. Fatema says:

    How did I miss this?

    @mfc – Do a post on the most ‘hai-main-sadke-jaava’ moments of the year just for the footage of the blushing bride of a casting director.

  6. moifightclub says:

    @Fatema – eheheheh.

  7. awesome it was 🙂 make sure this year also they make some videos like this one

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