7 Khoon Maaf – Official synopsis, six new posters, character details and the mystery of the 7th husband

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Aha, quite a long header. Let’s tackle it one by one. And not sure if it deserves a SPOILER ALERT because its all in the official synopsis.

Synopsis – The romantic misadventures of Susanna Anna-Marie Johannes, a beautiful lass who over the course of thirty-five odd years, gets married seven times due to the untimely and mysterious deaths of half a dozen of her hapless husbands. The strange circumstances of their deaths, makes Susanna a prime accused. Did the husbands deserve to die? Were the murders out of necessity or pure blood-lust? Does Susanna ever find her one true love?

Key Word – Half a dozen.

And check out the six new character posters. And 7th one is again missing!

Character Details :

Susanna Anna-Marie Johannes (Priyanka Chopra) –  She is a beautiful lass who over the course of thirty-five odd years, gets married seven times due to the untimely and mysterious deaths of half a dozen of her hapless husbands. The strange circumstances of their deaths make Susanna a prime suspect. Enigmatic and irresistibly charming in equal measure – Susanna is the kind of woman any man would die for! Literally!

Key word – Half a dozen.

Neil Nitin Mukesh (Edwin Rodriques) – A young and beautiful Susanna falls in love with The Major, who’s oh-so-dashing in his uniform. Yes, he’s a bit too old for her, and he likes giving orders. But love is blind.

John Abraham ( Jimmy Stetson) – Soon thereafter – very soon – Susanna decides to marry Jimmy, whose good looks and musical talent sweep her off her feet. She invests in him, but she has no idea what lies in store.

Irrfan Khan (Wasiullah Khan) – As a romantic soul. Susanna is susceptible to beautiful poetry. Hence it is that she discovers and marries Wasiullah Khan A.k.a Musafir, by day a gentle poet and by night… something else.

Aleksandr Dyachenko (Nicolai Vronsky) – Growing older but no wiser. Susanna next marries a Mr. Vronsky from Moscow and almost re-enacts her very own Anna Karenina love story.

Anu Kapoor (Keemat Lal) – All these dead husbands! The police take an interest, especially Officer Keemat Lal, who is helpful to the extreme. He not only persuades Susanna to marry him, he makes it impossible for her to say no.

Naseruddin Shah( Modhusudhon Tarafdar) –  By now our Susanna is suffering from melancholy, not to mention indigestion. Along comes her savior, Dr. Modhusudhon Tarafdar with a healthy answer to both problems: a strict mushroom diet.

The 7th Husband – It turns out that Dr. Mushroom isn’t Susanna’s last savior. She marries yet again, and finally it’s for good.

Hmm. The 7th Husband is played by Naseeruddin Shah’s son Vivan Shah. So is it just 6KM ? And is there more to the 7th one ? If you have seen the theatrical trailer of the film, you must have also noticed that the last few seconds of the trailer has Vivaan Shah in a contemplative mood with Priyanka Chopra in the other corner. Your thoughts ?

  1. Sri says:

    c’mon man, don’t spoil the fun for the rest of us. It isn’t fair to walk into the movie with so much information known. It isn’t fair to the film maker, nor is it fair to the audience. In this already screwed up place where Farah khan and her evil sibling keep making movies at alarming regularity, it is fortunate to have some like Vishal Bharadwaj and the like who take their film seriously… Great you have the insider info, but spare us. If you have any dirty scandal that the public needs to know, then by all means, do put it out and I love your blog for that. Cheers

    • moifightclub says:

      Sri – It’s OFFICIAL SYNOPSIS. Google, and you will get to know that it’s out everywhere. Blame it on VB or whoever wrote it. We just connected the dots of the posters, trailer and the synopsis. Have also mentioned the same in the opening line of the post. Nothing to boast about insider info here. Thanks.

  2. smangu says:

    oops !! my bad…you are right!! Cheers

  3. mihir says:

    As Amrish Puri says in Rakesh Roshan’s masterpiece ‘Koyla’, Blunderful.

    Epic fail, this. VB and co must have gone complete bonkers to give out so many details abt the film. These are horrible spoilers given out as a synopsis.

    The movie better have more substance than what we already know now, though i doubt it will.

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  5. Bebaibo says:

    Sounds like vivaan’s character kills Susannah.. revenge for a father’s/brother’s death maybe…hopefully not.

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