A in IIFA is NOT for Amitabh anymore!

Posted: January 18, 2011 by moifightclub in bollywood, News
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It was film industry’s inside joke. IIFA – The International India Film Academy, yeah, it’s made to sound too pompous, but actually the A in IIFA is all about Amitabh (Bachchan and family). Nobody knows what actually the Academy does or how it’s even an Academy ? Just to make it sound authentic like the Oscars, an event management company decided to do yet another Bollywood awards and formed the Academy.

It roped in Amitabh Bachchan as its Brand Ambassador. Yes, an awards ceremony with an actor as the brand ambassador. Is that first of sorts ? Will someone please care to enlighten us ?

Not very long ago Vikram Bhatt wrote a cover story on HT Cafe asking about IIFA’s aim “to promote Indian cinema globally”. What has it done in the last ten years ?  And how it was promoted “Indian cinema” ? It goes to those countries where NRIs would pay obscene amount of money to see their favourite stars do chiggy-wiggy and it’s all strictly Bollywood.  There is nothing “Indian cinema” about it.

Like every other awards in this country, stars go, dance, get awards, get money and come back. Last year it was in Sri Lanka. Amitabh Bachchan went there to announce it but skipped the main event. And not only him, the entire Bachchan family skipped the IIFA for the first time. It was all about Raavan factor. Many groups were against Bachchan’s participation in the Sri Lanka IIFA and there was a fear that Raavan might face more backlash. Click here to read all about “Raavan” factor.

And today, in reply to a fan’s query, Bachchan posted the following tweet about this year’s IIFA at Canada..

And the worst part, he re-tweeted another tweet posted by some Praveen Kumar –

@SrBachchan WAT? u not at IIFA?? wats iifa without u???where can i contact those IDIOTS(iifa organisers) please

Well, that’s an old trick. Instead of expressing your concerns directly, express it through someone else. You are endorsing it but indirectly. In reply, IIFA has also issued a clarification from their side..


Due to unexplainable reasons, after announcing the event Brand Ambassador, Mr. Bachchan couldn’t participate in the IIFA Weekend Sri Lanka last year. Following this, IIFA aborted the concept of a Brand Ambassador. Keeping in mind the huge respect that Wizcraft and IIFA have for Mr. Bachchan and the deep relationship that we’ve always shared, we are not having anyone replace Mr. Bachchan. The Bachchan family has been an intrinsic part of IIFA every year, and in this regard we have already shared with them a proposal about their participation this year too. Mr Bachchan’s reason for non-participation is best known to him. IIFA and Mr. Bachchan are inseparable. We will continue to pursue his participation for this year too.


You don’t need to be too smart to read between the lines. Abhishek’s career is going nowhere. Aishwarya doesn’t have much films in hand and if they entertain only the Bachchans, they cut out the rest of the industry. The scenario might have been different if Raavan, KHJJS, Guzaarish and Action Replayy had turned out to be hit. But when you can get Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan to dance and make some more money, why would you settle for just the A or the B.

  1. Ish says:

    this makes me so happy. though i’d have loved to throw some tomatoes if they had come here and IIFA had decided to create new categories to accomodate all the bachhans.. like every year. lol

  2. shailesh says:

    kitni lagayega big b ki bhai…badaa purana rishta lagta hai tera uske saath..us ki har baat pe chipka rakhta hai..abe kaun nahi hai yahaa pe hypocrite

    ..shahrukh saala bangladesh pakistaan ke bhai logon ki chaat ta rahta hai…dada ko team se nikal ke bolta..mera cricketing brain nahi hai..pakistan hamaara achha dost hai..

    aamir..woh to apni har film ke pehle ek narmada bachaao andolan dhoondhta hai..phi sookh gayi narmada aur bandh ho gaya andolan..

    bhai ab to bharadwaj aur bhagat bhi mil gaye…

    yaar is blog ko dekh ke lagta hai tujhe achhi filmein pasand hai..aur logon ki bajana..maarna..gossip karna pasand hai..yaar chhapna hai to sab ke khilaaf chaap yaar..sirf big b pe chhapega to lagega ki cheap publicity ke liye kar raha hai..ya baakiyon ne tujhe paise diye hain..haan tere dost nahin bachenge dhandhe me..par tune kaun sa apna naam likha hai is blog pe..bas tere dost hi jaante honge..

    majaa aata hai tera blog padhke..par yaar teri imandaari ek taraf ki hi hai..chup ke to sach bol de..sab ki maar ..yaa koi aise gossip blog ka link de jispe koi maan ka laal big b,srk,akshay,aamir,bhardwaj,kashyap sab ki maarta ho..

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