The posters of Abbas-Mustan films

Posted: November 3, 2011 by moifightclub in bollywood, film, first look, pics, Poster
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Bollywood’s Men in White have made a career by copying every possible thriller from the west. Their new film is called Players and for a change, its not plagiarised. It’s the official remake of The Italian Job.

The first poster of Players released today and i felt a sense of deja-vu. Because when there is so much effort going on to get that stand-out look for every new film, Abbas-Mustan seems to be stuck in their old world, as far as the posters are concerned. Scroll down to see what i mean.

So basically all the actors will stand together, try to look cool and the poster is ready. You can replace any poster with the other one and it will not make any difference. This is for multi-starrers. Now let’s look at the film posters which has not more than three stars.

So what will be the poster of Race 2? Anyone wants to bet? Will they just replace few faces? Think so. Let’s see.

Concept is dead, design is dead, long live Abbas-Mustan!

  1. scriptlarva says:

    At least there are exploding bricks this time…

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