Project 11 – 11 cities. 11 characters. 11 directors. 1 short film

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11.11.11 – If you have been tracking every development regarding this date, then here is something interesting.

Conceived by Vikas Chandra, Project 11 is a high-concept thriller short which has been shot in 11 different cities in the world. And interestingly, 11 directors from various countries in the world collaborated to make this short film. But it’s not an episodic film. It’s one story which is set in 11 cities with 11 principal characters.

Video games going fatal.  Aha, not Ra One again. But Project 11 is in similar space. Here’s the official synopsis –


Project 11 – A cult underground video game, in which no one has ever gone beyond level 11.

11 avid gamers across the world are racing to cross it.

What they don’t realize is that they could be playing the last game of their lives.

The makers of the film want to gauge the audience reactions and then begin the main feature film by next year, if they get funding for the same, which is called Project 12 tentatively. The short  is about 11 mins long and will release on 11.11.11, on

The Co-Directors are Alessio Georgetti (New York, USA), Ali Ahmed Brohi (Balochistan, Pakistan), Luo Yi (Beijing, China), Sydney Walsh (Los Angeles, USA), Ryan Singh (Toronto, Canada), Hiro Ikematsu (Tokyo, Japan), Rafal Rakoczy (London, England), Nkumi Mitingwa (Dar e Salaam, Tanzania), Joseph Cohen (Tel Aviv, Israel) and Dharamveer Singh (Luxembourg).

Do check out the trailer.


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