First Look : Gautham Menon’s Ek Deewana Tha (Trailer)

Posted: November 18, 2011 by moifightclub in bollywood, cast & crew, film, first look, Simbly South, Trailer, video
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Zimbly zouth remakes are not going to die anytime soon. First came the action movies, and now we are remaking the romantic films.

So here it is – the first look of Gautham Menon’s Ek Deewana Tha. The film stars Prateik, Amy Jackson and is remake of Menon’s own film Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa. Best part – music by A R Rahman. Loved the musical bits in the trailer.

But a perfect love story…a perfect romance? Huh!

  1. Exactly what i was waiting for.! 🙂

  2. shantanu says:

    not promising look at all, Vinnaithandi Varuvaya was thousand times better than this remake.and this Pratik is a dumbo actor..

  3. “ek deewana tha” title is pretentious !

  4. Meghna says:

    What was GVM thinking asking a pretty white lady to act Indian by tanning her. Amy looked fake as Jessie.

  5. Vi Jay says:

    Its a cult film in telugu,watched it for more than 20 times,telugu-happy ending,tamil-sad ending,eager to see how it will be in hindi.The same tunes are used in hindi too but lyrics seem to be not fitted in to the tunes.

  6. Vivek R says:

    SPOILER : Considering how the original ends , there’s probably some irony laced in with the use of the word ‘perfect’ in the caption.

  7. suraj says:

    If u thought that Rehman’s Rockstar music was good. Wait until you hear “Aaromale” from this one.

  8. @Rohwit says:

    Honestly, the tamil soundtrack was played to death sometime back and jeven though we dontundrstand tamil, we will still find it melodious. Keeping those haunting tunes in mind, the lyrics hindi version are a bit let down, althoug I wont jump to conclusions just as yet. Its ARR! I do remember the initial bricks which were thrown on ARR when jaane tu ya jaane na teaser opened.

    So i will wait.

  9. assman says:

    Boy, I remember watching this film in theatre. It was first and only time when I came out of a film before credits began to roll out. I found it super slow and monotonous and an attempt at ‘coming-of-age’. On a contrary my friends loved it and saw it multiple times. You don’t have to worry about the music when AR is aboard.

  10. vikasbahar says:

    This is one of the few movies i saw in Tamil in spite of not understanding a bit of just coz the songs were so better in Tamil … In Hindi the lyrics are just too sad 😦

  11. vicramb says:

    Loved the Tamil version. Hated the Telugu version. Hoping not to hate the Hindi version. In spite of the horrendous lyrics 😐

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