This is in continuation to our “2011 Rewind” posts. You can read our previous posts here (Bollywood songs we looped), here (Non-bollywood hits of the year), here (exciting moments at the movies) and here (films which dared to bend the rules). Also, we are scooping some of the best year-end lists here.

So what is a film poster suppose to do? With so much hype around the release of first look of any film, it’s your first pitch for the audience. It might not make or break your film but it surely starts setting the mood for the film. But do they always tell what the film is all about? A good film poster is a rare thing. And recycling is the funda of the game. Click here to read an interesting piece – thirteen movie poster trends that are here to stay and what they say about their movies. And if you heart posters like we do, here‘s another interesting site for minimal movie posters.

Ok, back to honest movie posters of the year. So here are ten honest movie posters done by Jahan Bakshi, Varun Grover and Rakhi.

And for all the love that Michael Fassbender’s dingdong is getting, here’s a bon(er)us one. This one is a mashup.

  1. roshnidevi says:

    Hahah, this reminds of those photoplasty contests!
    But really nice.

    Moar Moar Moar!

  2. Ruchi says:


  3. Shreemantika says:

    the makers of these posters are quite creative……..

  4. @Rohwit says:

    Aarakhan, dhobi ghat and singham…buhuuahahahahahah super work this. We demand part 2

  5. Kartik says:

    / awesomesauce!

  6. Fatema says:

    Whoa! Lovely, lovely! :)) Not a love story, Aarakshan and Shame-American Beauty awesomestest! 🙂

  7. assman says:

    Superb @ Aarakshan, Snobby fart and Salman Khan

  8. arunprakash says:

    Super like !!
    ( Oops I did it again, snobby Art, and #@@$$&#……)

  9. Sadhu says:

    I want more..

  10. Bhavesh says:

    *THIS* should be how we must be looking back at 2011..Hilarious!

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