Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu – Pappu paas ho gaya!

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Early reviews in bollywood are unlike anything in the rest of the world – you can never trust them. And at a time of social networking, everything spreads like wild fire. So when i heard good things about Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu, the first person who was skeptical about it was film buff and screenwriter Navjot Gulati and rightly so. Big banner, big stars, screening for friends and family and early review by so called trade analysts – why would anyone trust it? And then he saw the film and ran in other direction. Why and how? Read on. Has SPOILER.

The heading is a popular line from a popular tv campaign. However, the Pappu in question here is director Shakun Batra, who did an Aamir Khan impersonation in the song Pappu can’t dance saala (from 2:46 ).

Now, before I start talking about the film, let me tell you that this post is about the film and also about the director. How a rank outsider was able to make such a big debut?  And to top it all, he was able to make a “perfectly average” film with the same banner that made great films (NOT) like Agneepath, Kurbaan, We are Family ( I call it We all Act Hammily) and I Hate Luv Stories. You may wonder what is so common between all these five films including Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu. Interestingly, all of them have been directed by debutant directors.

What sets Shakun Batra apart is the fact that he made a big budget romcom with an indie feel, and, with a banner which is known for making candyfloss films set in unreal world. Shakun is also the one who started the Assistant Director’s community on Facebook which has helped thousands of people since its inception around five years back. One would think it has to be good karma as he was able to make his debut after assisting in just four films. I know people who have been working with top production houses and have assisted in more than eight films and still can’t even write a story, forget about making a film. The point being if you are talented and smart, you will always be able to make a film. Shakun’s smartness was in striking friendship with Imran Khan, who, let’s face it, may not be a great actor but he certainly has an eye for “good” scripts. Yes, if you are an outsider wanting to make big films, this is one way which can work.

Now coming to the film.

EMAET is a film which almost 80 percent of the population of Indian will be able to connect to because every character in the film is relatable. The Goofball dad Philip, sexed up Boolani,  demanding Kapoors, not-in-a-zone-to-get-in-a-relationship Riana, highly-under-the-influence-of-family Rahul and my favorite, the Granny. We all have seen such people around us and that is what makes you believe that this is “your” story.

It starts off as little over the top but it was refreshing to see the detailing in the film and the body language of Imran Khan, an actor known for NOT knowing what acting is. Imran’s family was bit over the top too but then came Kareena, almost like a breath of fresh air and the film was never the same again. She reminded me of Summer Fin from 500 days of Summer – a girl every boy wants to fall in love with. As the film progresses, you know that this is going to end up in only one way but you still want the guy to get the girl and so the movie works.

The movie does not go over the top even in any of the dramatic sequences, like the dinner table chopstick scene and the one in the school corridor. Kareena is so good that I fell in love with her all over again. Last time it was in 2007 with Jab We Met. The character she plays is the girl every guy wants to end up with for the rest of his life. Sweet, sexy, adventurous and caring.

But the one who steals the show is Imran Khan. Finally, the boy becomes man and learns to act and changes his hairstyle too. Watch him in the scene where he goes on a date with Anusha. He is damn funny! This is the first romcom to not have a kiss in the end, or the Indian equivalent to kiss – “hug” or better “marriage”. The film breaks all the clichés of Hindi romcoms and does it in style by having an ambiguous end. Although it is very clear that she does not love him but what the director leaves us with is that lil’ hope, that she may come back to him sometime in the future.

The photography along with the background music sets the mood perfectly and lets you flow with the story smoothly. Just listen to the way Clinton Cerejo jazzes up aaja aaja main hoon pyaar tera. Music by Amit Trivedi is of timeless variety – a rarity in today’s times when music is forgotten a week after the film releases. To sum it up, this is one of those rare films where I could not find a single thing that would put me off, everything was “Perfectly Average”, just like the 90 percent of the world’s population.

(P.S – I know the film has been inspired from various romcoms like What Happens in Vegas, 500 days of Summer, and desi flicks like Jab We Met and Wake Up Sid. But i did not mind the inspiration because the writers made something of their own from the inspired material.)

  1. Fatema says:

    Disagree with every single thing. Your post and reading of the film are far more superior than the film. But then that’s me. And what happened to the debunking of my review @fightclub? You have cheated me of a good fight! I protest!

  2. Deepak says:

    Nicely written mate.Some reviews need not be complicated (pun on Sen saab intended) to strike well..
    Sums up my feelings about the movie too.The casting was impeccable.Breaks the romcom cliches- True!

  3. Kuldip says:

    Candyfloss nahi thi toh KUCH naya bhi nahi tha. Thoda controlled/subtle this iska matlab yeh nahi ki hum apna bar niche kar de. There are 100s of better writer/director out there in this world who can make films on much better topic and a much better film on the same topic.

    • @navjotalive says:

      maine kab bola ki koi aur isse acchi film nahi banasakta..par film sirf script likhne sey nahi banti..And trust me i’m the most cynical person when it comes to big banners but this time I was sold out and hence the reaction.

  4. @Rohwit says:

    The music is ot timeless. If this track was featured in any if farhan akhtar or zoya’s film we would have called it a typical ‘sputh ombay’ track. But the soundtrack is uc better than what we have heard since sometime…


    Agree with the rest of the post. Perfectly average…at its best. Wh o mention of kareena’s dad? After granny he rocked the most. Imran can do better.


    Itni bhi achchi nahi hai….but itnee buri bhee nahin hai.

    Ok i m confused.

    I dodnt find imran funny in thatshot u mentioned. Nopes. Have seen better

  5. @Rohwit says:

    Typos in my over excited comments

    1. I meant – music is NOT timeless
    2. I meant- typical south bombay track
    3. I meant – but the soundtrack is MUCH better
    4. I meant – Why not mention kareena’s dad?
    5. I meant – i didnt find Imran funny in that bathroom shot as mentioned by you.

    • @navjotalive says:

      Dear @ROHITWIT read the post again I say..Goofball Phillip is the Dad. And for me Gubbare, Ahatein and Main Kaun and are of the timeless variety 🙂

      • @rohwit says:

        Jaaneman….i will ask u next month how many songs r u listening from this movie. 🙂 i love amit trivedi and well his average is greater than the best from other in the industry 🙂

  6. Rony says:

    Liked everything before ” now coming to the film”.

  7. Ankur Das says:

    Sorry to say but this is such a ‘below average’ analysis. Started of well. Loved the ‘Shakun’s smartness was in striking friendship with Imran Khan’ part but then towards the 2nd part every 2nd para has the use of the phrase ‘over the top’ and other such cliched terms. The writer is a good but a late observer of everything. This post here had nothing new to say unlike other fight club posts.

    • @navjotalive says:

      Thanks for the feedback but what about the “film” Dear sir! Did you watch it? Your thoughts on that please.

      • Ankur Das says:

        I did watch the film and I agree with you on most of the things. But everything you have written I have read or heard somewhere else. I was expecting a totally different perspective/take from fight club and that’s why may be I found it a little disappointing. Pretty much like the film your review of it seemed a bit influenced from other reviews.

  8. One of the most well reasoned pieces I have read about the movie, loved reading it. Btw can someone post the link of the AD’s page that Shakun came up with? Thanks!

  9. drdang says:

    I agree with you about Imran, I think he has improved by leaps and bounds in this film. Also that inspiration doesn’t matter when you mix it all so weel. Unfortunately, if the ending is really about keeping hope, then that would be a very silly (and wrong) point to the end the film with. I took it more as the character is helplessly in love and hasn’t gotten over her yet.

  10. Worst review i have seen on this blog…Imraan sucks big time and makes kareena look bad as well..story towards the end is good but still the execution fails…everything looked grand and nothing seemed real (feel nahi hua)..no chemistry between the leads..although kareena is good but can’t compare the performance with JWM…far from it..it wasn’t even a timepass movie..strictly below average…wont recommend to anyone even for single viewing..was this a paid review??

    • @navjotalive says:

      Yes. Karan Johar has signed me to act/write/direct a movie .He paid me insane amount of money to write a post about his film which is already a hit and has made 21 crores in the 1st weekend all thanks to this post published on monday!

  11. piya says:

    Na navs dint like ur review at all.. I have seen ek mein aur ek tu. But after readng your REVIEW i have started dislikng the film.. Their was kind of a “force” to like the film..

  12. Filmydukaan says:

    I hope my thought wont be stammered by the approval guys & my comment wont be just stuck in junk folder. ok so-
    Dear navjot,in one of ur comment u said its not a review its a PERSONAL OPINION. Than why u describng all abt music/photography bla bla. And before startng the review a intro was given abt u-that ur a screenwriter! And still useng the repeated words “over the top” again “over the top” how many time/are u out of words or vocabs ? Dont contradict. And ur not CYNICLE ur a- GULLIBLE 🙂

  13. Rony says:

    @navjotalive – i belong to the 20% who felt the film was good watch but nothing to go ga ga about that’s why your opnion about the film didn’t connect with me. Wish you had deconstructed the film from a writer’s point of view. This reading comes across as a fan boy’s take on the film.

  14. My personal opinion : The movie is just a couple of episodes from a sitcom clubbed together.

    You watch. You laugh. You hardly give a damn about the characters. And you are never even gonna give them another thought.

    The Music however may stick with you for a while.

  15. EMAET is a film which almost 80 percent of the population of Indian will be able to connect….
    नवजोत,मुझे लगता है आप उन्‍साह में 80 प्रतिशत लिख गए…अगर अपने देश की जनसंख्‍या और उसकी वास्‍तविकता की सही जानकार रहती तो शायद ऐसी भूल नहीं होती। इस फिल्‍म को वे ही पसंद कर रे हैं,जो हिंदी फिल्‍मों से उकता गए हैं और विदेशी फिल्‍मों के प्रभाव में है। यह हिंदी फिल्‍मों की परंपरा की फिल्‍म नही है। एंटरटेन कर रही है,पसंद आ रही है,समीक्षक पसंद कर रहे हैं…इन अर्द्धसत्‍यों के बावजूद साधारण फिल्‍म हैं एक मैं और एक तू।

    • @navjotalive says:

      sir mere paas hindi mein type karne wala software nahi hain warna yeh hindi mein likhta..jald hi khareedunga..aapka yu matrabhasha mein jawaab padh key prasannata mehsoos hui 🙂 Aur haan main aapse vinnati karta hoon ki kripya muhe margdarshan de aur bataye ki hindi filmon ki parampara kya hain..mujhe poora bharosa hain ki aur bhi log jaanna chahenge..aur hosakte toh pichle 5 saal mein aapke hisaab sey aisi jitni bhi do-chaar filmein bani hain unka naam ginvade please 🙂 aur haan aapne sach kaha maine utsaah mein 80 pratishat likhdiya..aasha hain aap meri is nadaani kay liye mujhe shama dedenge!

  16. Music by Amit Trivedi is of timeless variety – a rarity in today’s times when music is forgotten a week after the film releases….And me being a true follower of Amit Trivedi’s music felt it was the weakest album from him .Funny how different people different opinions…

    • @navjotalive says:

      Its a matter of personal choice..I like slow and soothing numbers and hence the songs have worked for me. And I don’t know about you i will surely hold on to them for a long time. For me this is a better album than Aisha…And the best Amit Trivedi score has been the songs Iktara and Nayan Tarse..nothing has come close to that #forme

  17. vml says:

    You lost me at 80 percent of Indian population.

  18. GEORGE MELLISH says:

    @ Navjot bhai…… ye post KHAAS tumhare aur CILEMASNOB ke liye he….read and AGAR busy naa ho to reply !!!

    EMAET z complete example of “” CHUTIYA BANAO PAISA KAMAO..as VASAN’s FB says”” CHUTIYA BNANE KA DHANDHA””. It’s made by using AUDIENCE REACTION @ full. “” 2 GHANTE KA DREAM”” saala wats new in it.it’s a forced LOVE STORY trying too hard to be diffrent . RAHI baat MUSIC ki to “”” DEPENDS kon kitna relate krta he,BTW i dun find it more than a piece of crap SOUNDTRACK”” LYRICS to KIS chutiye ki kalam se aaye.. i dunno.

    AB baat aati he..tum dono kya poochoge mujhse…me hi bta deta hoon…

    IN LAST 5 years..i liked only 4-5 movies..SADLY usme KJO ..FARHAN yaa ANURAG(btw..i respect his efforts) naa hi IMTIAZ ko koi jagah mili he… i loved all SIMIT AMIN movies…SHRIRAM RAGHVAN…VISHAL BHARDWAZ….

    if u need a single name:- SLUMDOG was tht. 10 saal phle jaana chahte ho to MAMMO was one.

    SEcond question jo aap dono MAHANUBHAAV mujhse poochenge…..

    Maine kya likha/bnaya he… to be frank.as if now i dun hav that kinda money and i m sure nobody will produce dem…so u’ll have to wait. But yeah Sooner or Later u’ll get to watch/read.

    But for now i can say HAR INSAAN JO KISI BAARE ME APNA P.O.V. deta hai..jaroori nhi ki wo kaam khud krke bhi dikhaye….

    AB tum dono bhai 3 cheezen kar sakte ho..

    Yaa to khundak khaakr reply hi nhi karoge/post delete kar doge.

    Yaa mere mail pe yaa yhi pe gaaliyan send karoge..

    Yaa Bina logic ki baat kiye ,meri baat ka majak udaoge…ye sab bhi naa kiya to KOI CHUTIYA COMMENT chod ke NIKAL loge…

    if u think u r real knowledge guy…start respecting AJAY BRAHMATMAJ and other guys..and Mr. Navjot if it was your personal P.O.V.and u dun guts to discuss why did u put it online??


    Itti BAKCHODI padhane ke liye DHANYAVAAD

    and accept that you guys know nothing about cinema and just inspired/affected by the fact tht sm1 like u( SHAKUN) did it..while u cudn’t..LOL

    • @navjotalive says:

      Sir..can I know your real name? I would like to follow you on twitter so that i can get to know more of your wise thoughts and imbibe them in me. I fully agree with you. You sir have woken me up from my deep sleep of ignorance.LOL

      • GEORGE MELLISH says:

        LOL….falled ryt into 3rd category…see how wise u r….

        go dude follow sm1 who buys u biryani for writing fake reviews…i never said i m genius…and talk smthing that really matter… BAKCHODI krni he to kahin aur ONLINE gandd mat machao!!!

        aur har CHAUTHA BIHARI aise hi reply krta,…btw..where z the BLOGGER..did he called especially to comment…LMFAO

  19. Gayatri says:

    I don’t agree with your review.It was a stereotypical Dharma Productions movie.The end was the best part of the movie.At times I got really bored during the movie.Could have easily reduced the length of the movie.A very average film and not delivered as much was expected from it.

  20. Saurabh says:

    A very interesting take here. Thanks

    A superb piece on the film by Ami (on the blog SatyamShot)

    “However- even though I enjoyed the movie as a piece of well-crafted fluff- I couldn’t help but feel bothered by it on some level. Films like Wake Up Sid!, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara- and now Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu garner critical acclaim and are supposed to represent the ‘new, urban, smart, modern’ side of Bollywood.

    Yet all of these so-called ‘meaningful, original’ films are incredibly limited in scope and they all operate in a completely cosmetic milieu that is extremely derivative of American popular culture (be it F.R.I.E.N.D.S, 500 days of summer, Sideways or whatever else).

    And they all deal with the coming of age of poor little rich boys combining several of the more irritating tropes of Indie cinema such as the Manic Pixie Dream Girl, the man-child who refuses to grow up and the irritatingly entitled hipster whose myopic world view makes his trivial, juvenile trials seems gargantuan”……..

    Link to the entire piece-


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