Sometime back we had a put a post on Kabir Chowdhary’s indie film Good Morning. The entire film is online now. Click on the play button and enjoy!

Synopsis: Good morning is a psychological drama that explores the obsessions and insecurities of a married man who is completely dedicated to his wife.
His world is shattered one day when he discovers his wife in Bed with another man.
What happens next is diabolical, cold and shocking.

Starring: Manish Kumar, Sukhmani, Emannuel Singh, Dolly Ahluwalia, Happy Vij, Gick Grewal, Payal, Daanish Singh, Raagini Ghai.

Director:  Kabir Singh Chowdhry
Cinematography: Rahat Mahajan
Editor/Costumes/Art: Sakshi Bhatia
Music: Hari Singh
Screenplay : Kabir Chowdhry and Sakshi Bhatia
Story: Can Themba
Producer : Pate Picture Company(2011)

Awarded The Grand Jury Prize for Best Narrative short at South Asian International Film Festival, New York 2011.
Genre: Psychological Drama
Studio: PATE Picture Company 2011 in association with Mahamudra Film Company
Description :  Good Morning
Running time: 42 Mins
Budget: Rs.30,000 ($600)
Location: Chandigarh
Camera: Canon 5d

  1. Sharath P S says:

    Bloody brilliant. Left me speechless. It was surreal,disturbing and very scary.

  2. Ankur Das says:

    Its very very bad…the actress is pathetic and the dialogues?? ‘rakhna mehman ka dhyan’ ????.. and so repetitive….just because its an indie it doesn’t become good!

  3. snakeash says:

    Ankur das, i wonder what kind of film’s you enjoy- maybe you just didn’t get the layered nuances this film was trying to bring forth. No one is saying that because it’s indie it’s good.

  4. rock says:

    delightfully disturbing, loved it.

  5. Ankur Das says:

    layered nuances?? really? I know you all are friends and I totally understand. A film has to engage its audience 1st. It failed to engage me. Making your lead dance like a peacock doesn’t make your film layered. Instead of shooting all those scenes so stylishly, they could have written a better script.

    • ofcourse there are layered nuances. dd youeven watch thefilm? could you not read the visuas. couldyou not read the animalist symbolilsm. could you not see the metaphors, in the suit, the haircut, the embrrasmnt and teh humiliation for the woman, could you not understand the torment of the man? Its exploring sexual taboos, its exploring the dream world. its exploring a distinct reality that can ake you feel sick to your stomach, all done with lightness, and a non-sense of humour. just because youdont have a pallatte to understand a certain kind of story and a certain kind of treatment dosnt mean its bullshit. By ll means hate the film. But understand it first. The peacock moveets youre talking about derive tthemselvs from chhao. the spectace presented to you was an idea of a society from crtain kind of filmmaker!! If you want to be unnnecacrily harsh and sound intelligent, please have the courage to mak a film yourself and then we will discuss things at length. do come and meet us at our home for a meal, we live in colaba!

      • Akhilesh says:

        Sakshi, your movie is plain bad and you should feel bad.

        • kabir says:

          why should she feel bad, just because some cunt called Akhilesh say’s so. don’t fucking attack us personally – you can say whatever the fuck you want about the film. My kill list just seems to get bigger.

  6. kabir says:

    this is not really a film it’s confrontational and disruptive idiots running around with a 5d, waiting to be killed. sorry that it was not engaging to you. maybe next time we will have a script. 🙂

  7. moifightclub says:

    whatever one feels about any film – good/bad/ugly/shitty/fugly, mine or someone else, the argument “have the courage to mak a film yourself and then we will discuss” is the worst and weakest.
    As a friend says, it’s like you go to a restaurant and you don’t like the food and criticise it, would you like the chef to say go, make a good dish, open a restaurant and then talk about my food? That’s kiddish.
    whoever is making a film, you did it because you wanted to do it. Nobody put a gun. anyway that’s my two bit.

  8. kabir says:

    your correct about saying that “make your own film first” is the worst and weakest argument to put forth-i think sakshi was just trying to defend her film-which she/we made with a lot of truth. But i think she was saying it more as a threat like “bahar miltey hai phir dekh loon gee” rather than having an argument.

  9. so what is wrong with being a weak person/filmmaker/artist?? and what is wrong with being childish. its good for my sanity to be childish in this oh so grown up world, talking about such grown up things!
    secondly its about the film- if a thoughtless comment is being passed on a forum where cinema is supposed to be discussed intellectually and personally, tempers can and will flare. people should be passionate, it was such a passionate comment spewing with hatred from mr. ankur kapoor i replied as ia found befitting ,and am waiting for his appropriate reply! i would love to talk to him and point by point discuss every nuance of the film! but please oh please dont tell me how to talk or how to defend a film that i have given my own blood and sweat to! i know its not a big deal and that ist just a film- its meant to be torn apart. But when you can allow the director of GOOD NIGHT -GOOD MORNING to publish such a long and whiny article about how he spend his own 30 lakhs to release a film- i dont find myself being too defensive either. and the whole point of cinema is to be able to make each other understand perspectives, or if need be thrust something out there if thats what it takes to prove my point-

    “i’d rather have a fight and fly
    than get fat on humble pie!” – a little nursery rhyme by me!

    • nobody put a gun to my head- but if somethign that i have given myself to is out there, and i have experienced the passion of being a part of it. i will defend it like i would defend my child. thats really all i can say- people can call me childish for being attached to a film that ive made- but thats all they can do-

    • Anjaana(yeah i want to be anonymous..its fun ;) says:

      Only 2 scenes make sense. the one where he puts lipstick on the girl..and the one in the end where he is relieved. rest everything else is utter nonsense. agreed the intentions were right but the execution was childish just like your agreement 🙂 Learn to except criticism! All though the porn clip was super cool. You must tell us the source for it 😉 Right intentions often fail to translate in to a good film because of lazy writing and this is a perfect example of that. I must congratulate you for the way you guys shot it though. Whoever was the DP did a brilliant job.

      • sakshbhatia says:

        anyway, it just seems like i am on the losing end of the argument when im told to accept criticism@ and being told that i wrote a bad script- you didnt even read it! I simply cant accept critisism. maybe that makes me a failure of an adult and i am doomed to have a hard life. thats just the way it is. then. thank you for the tussle,hustle bustle. and enjoying the porn itwas there precisely for your entertainment and ours – with love, nonsense tensedmenace

        • Hi
          I saw your movie and i liked the idea and the concept . In-fact i liked alot of things about your movie . At the same time there are a few thins which didn’t go well with me . Well that is my opinion and it is each one’s opinion . You are brave enough to your thoughts as a movie out there and once that is done ,It’s for the audience to decide . So don’t beat yourself up over a few negative comments . IMO the idea/concept was good so was about 70% of the execution , It just should have been a little more crisp . And the porn was just sheer delight , Felt like watching a movie which was made for adults rather than Family/Kids/Teens and all that combined crap , Which is usually the target audience .

        • Also another point besides Anurag Kashyap , Imtiaz Ali & may be Dibaker Banerjee no other filmmaker in this country is open to criticism other than from critics . Could you imagine if the likes of Abbas – Mustan , David Dhavan & Rohit Shetty could stand five minutes of criticism from people like us , the paying public . I am fed up one guy beating a hundred , I’d rather watch indie stuff.

  10. moifightclub says:

    who said this is wrong or that is right? This isn’t maths. it’s all about our pov. you can choose to become benjamin button or whoever you want – who is gonna stop you.
    And having said that, i always find it funny the way filmmakers react to criticism – all kinds of people will have every kind of possible reaction. most people love to term it as conspiracy theories as far as mainstream reviews are concerned.
    again, the filmmakers also have all the rights to dissect the reviews. And the last one to do so was Ramu. And we all know what has he turned out to be.

    • sakshbhatia says:

      what has ramu turned out to be? he is a happy man who sometimes succeeds and sometimes fails, he says what he wants and doesnt give a shit. thats less than what i can say aout most people in the world.

      its not just about your pov, its about everyones, including mine. and if the sound of my words dosnt resonate well with someone doesnt mean that i will not speak. however it sounds- and i would certainly make a handome benjamin button, its way better than i look in real life.

      • moifightclub says:

        when i say “our” i don’t mean me, mine and only mine. it’s everyone’s. pov is suppose to be that. this is going on some other tangent all together. bilkul baal ki khaal. and this must be the most juvenile argument i have ever been part of. last comment from me. Good luck with all your films and future projects.

      • sakshbhatia says:

        atleast my misery in general is amusing to someone!

  11. kartik krishnan says:

    @kabir – really like your response to the criticism…all the best darling 🙂

  12. arijit says:

    Ankur das is GOD ! He wants a great script ! I should now commit suicide !

  13. Ankur Das says:

    No Sakshi I was not being unnecessarily harsh and I don’t want to sound intelligent. Apologies if you felt bad. But my feelings for the film doesn’t change. Your reply to me says a lot more about the film which the film itself failed to portray. I just wish the film could have spoken for itself. You are talking about the animalist symbolism,the metaphors, the suit, the haircut, the embarrassment and the humiliation for the woman, the torment of the man… they are all there, agreed! But watching all this was a tiring process for me. Bad acting, half written dialogues. I am sorry it did not move me in any way and I don’t need to make a film to know how a film makes me feel when I watch it.

    • sakshbhatia says:

      guess it did achieve the desired result. It drained you. sometimes tht is also the point of the art. and ofcourse i felt bad- i cant pretend to be a super human deflecting criticsm. sorry for sounding rude if i did, and you certainly dont need to make a film but my perception has changed even more after making it and then watching what someone else has made- and lastly thank you for sitting through the film and replying.

  14. swar says:

    i am seriously amazed by your visual sensibility. you really are on to something there. many many visuals stay with me almost 24 hours after i have seen it and for me thats saying a lot. the wonderful usage of the dslr to allow for interesting and innovative camera angles and especially the superb usage of the aperture to create drama. my absolute favourite thing is your penchant for the bizzare and surreal imagery. him swimming like a fish, the dance near the eels, the rolling lemons. stroke of genius. what is true genius is not succumbing to the temptation to explain it but let the image speak for itself.
    for this particular story that you have chosen to tell, since i already know the story, i have certain expectations which is why i have the following criticism.
    1. the suit doesnt come alive for me. two suggestions for that can be, to treat the suit as a character, and secondly to find interesting ways of shooting the suit which gives it a strong emotional presence. the fabric needs to come alive, not just the memory of the man who once occupied it.
    2. the story has violence in it, and although you have restrained yourself from using physical violence, it does come out in the way the actor plays it. i feel completely underplaying it would have given more than a lump in my throat. the violence can be in the imagery and in the story.
    having said that, speaking as an actor, i think one of your biggest strengths is that you worked with excellent actors. all of them across the board are brilliantly cast. the lead actor needless to say is astounding. the sudden chaam inspired movements he does as a dance really works for me.

    to sum it up, i think you are on the way to becoming a really fine director. i have memories of your music video, and now of this. and will most certainly be waiting and looking out for more work from you. i have worked with students of a film school for 7 years now and although there have been sparks of talent i havent felt what i have felt towards your work. which i why i had to take the time and write to you.

    lots of love and respect

  15. PBS says:

    I did not enjoy Bodyguard. I certainly did not enjoy this crap. You may say I lack understanding and all, I don’t care…and to continue with restaurant thingy, I’d come to colaba and feed you my seven layer cake, layers would be Whitecake-okra-honey-rice-eggplant-beef-custard, I hope you enjoy. Shove your ‘layered nuances’ up yours!

  16. Tyler Durden says:

    Chungking Express! Ha..what a movie!!

  17. Kuldip says:

    Visuals were intriguing, the film almost looks dystopian which even justify the husband’s actions. After I saw the trailer and the log-line I expected visuals mostly and I was satisfied that way. However, The film could have been shorter, may be 15 mins as even visuals can not keep you hooked for a longer time if you try to convey the same point repeatedly. It would be interesting to see the script. It would be great if you can share that.

    I have a couple of questions for you….
    1) Can you explain the suit? Was it straightaway taken from the theatrical act or you put that heart on the back?
    2) Why the wife never responded or tried to justify? My first line has the answer(kind of) to this question though.

    And last but not least, Why the hell did you kill the bird dude? I am an animal lover :(. They are so innocent and cute.

    Whatever you make your next we would expect more of story now. All your films have been mostly visual treats so far.

    • kabir says:

      1.)The suit was alway’s their in south african writer Can Themba’s version-the heart was an addition we made.Despite the fact that the play is deeply rooted in the politics of South Africa and the presence of the Suit is a metaphor for apartheid. In my film I would say outright that the film is apolitical, rather, it is not intentionally political and thus, in appearance at least, lacking in agenda.

      2.)The wife is never given the space to respond because their has been no dialogue initiated by the husband, or even for that matter their has been no chastisement , so in view of that she does what we call “suffer in silence”

      3.)The bird was not actually killed by us but became part of the process because the shooting was done in a meat market, it was a two layered act of violence-the absence of physical violence by the husband towards the wife was juxtaposed by the violence that was going on in his head reviled through the killing of the chicken.

      Ill leave you with this scene from Apocalypse now:

  18. Kuldip says:

    I know about that famous scene from Apocalypse Now.
    And also about Cannibal Holocaust which is one of the most brutal films I have seen. The director killed a few animals and the scenes of killing the actors were so real (and director asked them not appear publicly for a year) that everyone thought he actually killed them.

    To each his own boss.

  19. Vishesh says:

    Bhai Ghajab picture hai ye toh yaar!!! Ha ha Ha Ha….. No offence meant, but this film is hilarious, may be unintentionally, but sure it is. Arey bhai, insecurity hee dikhani thi, ek Baar “American Beauty” aur dekh lete, fir kahani banate…….. waise aapne ye kiya kya….. Ha ha 😀

    PS: yaar wo shuruat mei jo Blue Film thi….. wo badi mast thi bhai, yaar kaha milee zara batana plz plz 😀

    • arre bhai.. all the humour was tottally intentional. thank you aapko dikha to sahi! hum american beauty nahi indian beauty dikhana chahte they, apne tarike se…

      aap internet pe sunny leone ko search karo.. bharpoor blue film milegi.. 😉 😉

  20. Vishesh says:

    Camera bhar mil jae har aadmi apne aapko David Lynch samajhne lagta hai!!!! Yaar mujhe Troll bolke block kar denge yaar He He 😀 😀 but I can’t tell you how bad this movie is, its so bad that it’s good!!!! 😀 😀

  21. Vishesh says:

    Arey Sunny Leone waale kaafi saare dekhe hue hai!!!! 😛 😉 Naya kuch maangta hai life mei!!!! Director ko bolna meri taraf se ki yaar unfaithful beewi ko torment karne ke mentality kyu rakhi huee hai…… bhai modern zamana hai, usko ye saabit hee karna tha ki biwi galat hai to thoda aur maturity ke saath banata to genuinely achi film banti thi…… fir biwi ki apni individuality bhi to koi cheej hoti h bhai!!!! isliye ek aur movie recco, Astitva 😉

  22. bhai- modern zamana to kuch kuch shehron mein hai india ke. whats modenr for you, or forward thinking for you isnt necacarily modern for your average indian joe say coming from somewhere in a country. besides duniya mein kayi kism ke aadmi hote hain, kayo kism ki auratein hoti hai.. iss film mein aurat ko ghar mil raha hai, khana mil raha hai, make up mil raha hai, woh kyun ghar choregi, par agar usse koi aur pasand aaye, so she goes ahead and has the affair! the husband cant really kill his wife because of his own affections and insecurities, so he’s finding his own way to torture her.. shaayad aap apni biwi ke saath aisa na karo… par aise nahi hai kai koi na kare… besides iss film mein har cheeze stands for something else, aap kitna usse decrypt kar paate ho woh aap par hai.. .. par thank you for having a reaction 🙂

    • Vishesh says:

      Dekhiye, Decryption to mere aukaat k thoda bahar hai, kyuki SMS karte hue school se nikalne waale bacho ki generation k liye hidden messages waali movie thodi problematic ho jaati h….. par fir bhee yaar…… jaha beewi ghar chordh ke nahi ja sakti, husband obviously bardaasht nahi karega beewi ka affair, yeh idea hee itna acha aur complex aur serious hai, ispe itni hasyaaspad picture present karna toh aisa hai jaise mere jaisa banda kisii wakai mei achi banee picture ko faltu kahe!!

    • Okay.. First of all.. Superb camera work.. I tend to pick up the technical bits first, so pardon that. I have read the comments and counter-arguments..and i feel to describe this piece of has to understand what does Art really mean. Everyone has different definitions of it and hence the range of comments from Excellent to Piece-of-crap.
      The Movie is good. It sure does fuck your mind..but its reflective of the character’s insecurities and barbaric subtleties. Yes, not everyone would have reacted the way the husband does in this one..but then its not meant to present the normalcy of the society. I do have a problem with the protagonist’s acting skills..or more precisely dialogue delivery.(n now i feel if he turns out to be a NSD passout). It was more like a stage play.
      On a lighter note..I had to listen to “Pyar ki Pungi” to neutralize my state of mind.

  23. mahendra sandhu says:

    Hmm.. what a film.. could have been shorter though.. like about 42 mins

  24. Fatema says:

    Surreal! The dystopia spoke through although a few things, according to me, didn’t work for the film. It kinda started on a weak note but then kept getting darker which worked for me. Largely it was the tautness of the emotional undercurrent that kept me engaged. I’d have wanted better casting, better dialogues but then each to his own. Great guys!

    And everyone who’s feeling this terrible, pressing and most urgent need to deride this film like it was Bodyguard or No Problem I’d kindly suggest you get your perspective and context right. It’s an experimental film made by a bunch of people who wanted to. Simple. Why are you reacting like they have committed some heinous unforgivable crime? Didn’t like it, ok, move on. What’s with smart-ass-ness?

    • @navjotalive says:

      I’d have wanted better casting, better dialogues but then each to his own. Great guys! ——-Isse zyaada bhigo kay maarne wala comment nahi padha maine :P..aapko sab kuch toh better chahiye tha..phir accha kya laga *runs*

  25. Filmydukaan says:

    first of all thanx FIGHTCLUB 4defendng SAKSHI 4rm some crap guy. KABIR tha camers work was nice & with that budget of 30k its really quite cool. I cn see lot of effort has gone into it. But shud have been more tight with the script. Its jst a start & u guys already got gr8 platform 2showcase ur work 2so different & difficult minds out here. I am sure u will take it as a great learng xperience,rathere than gettng provoked by some crap comments. Its mere a comment;a pov. MY BEST WITH UR TEAM TC. 🙂

  26. Filmydukaan says:

    first of all thanx FIGHTCLUB 4defendng SAKSHI 4rm some crap guy. KABIR the camera work was nice & with that budget of 30k its really quite cool. I cn see lot of effort has gone into it. But shud have been more tight with the script. Its jst a start & u guys already got gr8 platform 2showcase ur work 2so different & difficult minds out here. I am sure u will take it as a great learng xperience,rathere than gettng provoked by some crap comments. Its mere a comment;a pov. MY BEST WITH UR TEAM TC. 🙂

  27. kabir says:

    thank you Fatema 🙂

  28. Sambehave says:

    Kya chutiya film banayi.

  29. @navjotalive says:

    Its a brilliant film. I feel this should be made mandatory viewing at all international film festivals to show how the level of Indian Cinema is Progressing. How We are no longer aping the west. How we have an indian story to tell inspired from a south african play( #win. Now the Andheri Peeps have one more countries art to get “inspired from” because quite frankly nothing in Indian Literature is at par with this brilliant piece of Art). How we have become bold as now we show nudity full blown. How filmmakers of this country( are trying to bring a sexual revolution (another #win). How we are telling stories through 30k short films that will change the mindset of every newly married man. And a lot of other things. And I love you Sakshi Bhatia.*respect*.

    Off course I was being sarcastic. The film sucked. It definitely hits a chord but a negative one. There are better stories to tell Kabir and you come across as a talented and sensible man. Hope you make something better next time. Also Sakshi Bhatia if you are so sentimental and concerned about people criticizing your film than what was the point of putting this up on @fightclub. People here troll you for making one wrong statement and you made 42 minutes of crap. All the best for replying to many more comments that follow.

    P.S- The last statement in the first para was not sarcastic 😉

    • hey, i didnt put up the film on fightclub- they put it themselves, im merely defending it as i was a part of the project, best wishes, s

    • moifightclub says:

      Dear Mister Navjot, they didn’t put the film here. They didn’t even ask me to do it. I saw it online and i put it here because i thought the trailer was very interesting and i have seen some of Kabir’s previous work. really liked it and i think he is quite talented.
      Coming back to the question – What’s the harm in putting the film here? And if there’s any harm, am guilty as charged.

      • @navjotalive says:

        No there is no harm. But @sakshi it seems is not really happy about the criticism but on their facebook wall they are promoting the film n presenting themselves as being victimized by people who saw their film and reacted.

        • @navjotalive says:

          On this blog that is.

          • kabir says:

            We all believe in this film for whatever it’s worth ,and for us the kind of criticism we received on this forum from all of you seemed to stem from boredom..almost like a bunch of prejudices being made plausible.
            We are sorry that we reacted and created such a storm- but we are only human and thought that maybe we were entitled to have an opinion or have feelings…no one is playing a victim here, we were just surprised that the film was being compared to a bodyguard or being called 42 minutes of crap….

            • @navjotalive says:

              I gave 42 minutes of my life. It may be invaluable to you but It has a value for me. Hence the reaction. I still feel that way. It sure has its moments but in totality it is crap for me. Some have hailed it I don’t hold anything against them but respect their opinion. You should also do the same 🙂

  30. Bad film. Badly acted. Uneven lighting. Terrible dialogues. Intent may have been good but the whole inspiration bit robbed the film of originality. I watched the whole film but could not keep myself from getting bored. I am afraid that it did not drain me or anything. It simply bored me. The makers need to understand what they are upto with a camera. I have not read the comments here. Seems like everyone is arguing. I hope the makers are not.

    Now I need a third viewing of Carnage or Mirch Masala. They are “what I know as” films.

  31. govind says:

    The costume gave the narration life, the characters although not well defined had an arc of subtle madness like we all do in real life. IDirection was awesome, the script well made and the get ups very good.

  32. Fatema says:

    @navjotalive If you can’t distinguish the sensibility of the film from its technicalities, if you can’t ‘see’ the voice trying to tell a story, and above all if you can’t distinguish genuine feedback from sarcasm then it is pointless talking to you.

    The film may be shitty and I may be the kind of person who likes shitty films but the point is the team and the film doesn’t deserve the kind of flak its getting. Last comment from me. But before I go wish to say this – Grow up guys. Just by adding names of films to your have-watched list doesn’t make you cinema connoisseurs. Get a perspective.

  33. accha khaasa bawaal mach gaya bhai…i wasn’t going to write, but ab keh bhi do…so here…i met sakshi and kabir about two weeks back. We sat at a terrace restaurant sipping soft drinks and bouncing to ‘chikni chameli’ blasting from a wharf wedding across. We were like monkeys on the roof.

    The point is, you have to be thoda paagal to enjoy their company, not that they volunteer to be appropriated as lunatics, but yeh iss tareh ka jo pagalpan hai, junoon keh lo – they’re mad about what they do, and if you are not mad about films, (i.e – if your madness is restricted to cinema as linear) you’ll always resist them.

    sure their means to arrive at what they produce is skewered, but if it has polarised the audience, then they have atleast achieved that – say you went to see Ek Main Aur Ek Tu – surely it didnt insult your intelligence, (yeh kya bakwaas hai) and you didn’t come out wanting to treat your ken-and-barbie dolls to a romantic escapade…ok wrong example.

    i showed the film to a chap at work who swears by Sajid Khan or some such (no offense, i love disco chali anarkali, and can bet sakshi and kabir will swing to it too). He watched the entire film even after i had advised him to stop after the ‘moneyshot’ scene if he felt bored. He said the film did not bore him at all.

    so while we intellectualize, this chap (who asked me yesterday if the twin towers was in washington) was intrigued by this mind-fuck of a film. makes me wonder, why we sit on the fence and decide for others when others want change.

    and change is what sakshi and kabir aspire towards.

  34. ronyd says:

    my net speed gave up on me halfway into the film but if i still want to watch what happened next i guess something about the film must have struck a chord. ( back to streaming it again)

  35. Ms.Khandaan says:

    Ok first of all let me start of by saying that its always easier to criticize,but saying that a film maker and team should love their film but be open to the criticism.You cant please all and at the end of the day if you are making it for an audience then appreciate their point of view.
    Goodmorning is an earnest effort to break the usual run of the mill indi films,its not trying to be different its not aping the west,its not taking a traditional route-bottom line its not pretending.What works beautifully for it is the rawness.Its unadulterated raw reactions.Even if the acting is not superb the intention behind it is.It takes guts to make a film like that and stick thru it.Please appreciate the effort gone behind taking a step like this.Look at the larger picture and stop getting defensive and critical.
    Sakshi the same holds for you i appreciate your love an attachment for the film,but what doesnt kill you only makes you stronger!;) so take it with a pinch of salt and shut them up with your next film!
    Overall great effort guys,great film.congratulations on the awards and accolades! Keep up the good work! take it in your stride and come back with a punch!:)

  36. ronyd says:

    saw it finally. strong on visuals,edit and sound design, engaging in parts but still didn’t work for me.

  37. bksingh2009 says:

    I guess, those who come up with that kind of argument(have the courage to make a film yourself) are the ones who desperately want to ape Howard Roark. But Howard Roark was not allergic to criticism. What however, he detested was an advice on how to do his job.

    I dont think that someone loses the right to criticize a film just because he has never made a film. What however is unwarranted is the right to advice on how to make a film. If someone wants to offer that advice, he should present that advice in form of his movie. But everyone who has invested his time or money or both in watching the movie, has every right to criticize/appreciate. Like it or not, you have to learn to take it.

    I didn’t even feel like watching this movie. Saw a few minutes and put it out. I absolutely love the dog-fight in comments though :-).

  38. anita says:

    Bravo. It is fascinating and you ,more than many film makers understand cinematic language, the ability to transform the narrative into images. Good morning is heartbreaking,cruel and disquieting ,all at the same time. I love the fact that the jacket has a heart! many strong images, Dolly sitting on the chair, the husband in the water, the wife and her chuddas. Solid performances. Sukhmani was a surprise. All EXCELLENT and nerve wracking.In fact a great study of crime and punishment.

  39. Govind says:

    Lets put it his way, the most fascinating thng was that the movie has not copied anyones style.The main problem with filmakers is that they copy other dirctors stlyle. But as great filmmakes have sad “You do not make a movie you tell a story”. For the 40 minutes i was guessing, mesmerized and of course awed that first time filmakers had their own style.

    This might come as shock but usually its all downhill aftr a director finds his style of filmaking. Its an awesomemovie that needs no validation fom anyone. Great wrk, epp it up and keep me posted.

  40. Sanjay Malhotra says:

    Shorts are always about experimenting and quest to search the different aspects of this medium, On which you already succeeded. Works of art are exactly like food. Some or most might not like it but it does not mean that It has lost it’s authenticity. Being a theatre enthusiast, I have a passion for the symbolic scripts like this. It was delight to watch your version. It certainly stays with you. Some people didn’t like the cast but I thing casting is a very strong aspect of this film. Actors are like colors on a canvas and some other colors might have disrupted the symbolism in this film. On the whole it’s a great effort. Keep it up.

  41. BHAGAT SINGH! says:

    Great effort kabir,

    Wasn’t gonna write, but all you bozoos.. back off , he’s my bro and its his first movie.

    A few pointers kabir, keep an open mind and reflect on them.

    –your knowledge of cinema is immense, so no arguments with you but,

    If you are making a movie for an audience, either define ur audience, or keep in mind the audience’s sensibilities. we can tell the diff between a good and a bad movie.

    –if a 100 ppl here are telling u tht the movie sucked, there has got to be something in it.
    keep in mind tht it maybe dark, but atleast give them something to relate it to. ( ex. of a brillaint, but dark, mind fuck of a movie,’irreversible’.. no relation between the 2, but still)

    –next time, keep it simple 🙂 , you tried to show too much , too many hidden metaphors etc. and all these peeps (including myself) lost the plot.

    All in all, respect your passion, and all the best for the next one.

  42. sindhi says:

    kabir there is a very deep,interesting & enlightened prose about can themba’s the suit by surjit patar, in his latest book of prose writings (in gurmukhi)..he writes his experiences during translating & dramatizing the story..then he thinks deeply about the faithfulness,obsession,nature & life in context of our society & folklore &the views of bertand russsel,marx,sartre & simone on it.this is the collection of deep thoughts & beautiful philosophical poems about the following subject..
    Kabir you have the deep understanding with your own mediums even you both are discovering new possibilities..once again i strongly realised that every medium is powerful if you know how to make it powerful..salute to your passion….chad diya kalan’

  43. assman says:

    I happen to teach a class at Columbia called “TV Media and Culture”! So I think that my insights into Good Morning, have a great deal of validity.

    I saw the film and then watched it again with a friend. Then we had a little discussion. Good Morning bizarrely compelling. Brilliant yet semi-brilliant. An accomplishment half done. Some shots were awesome while some badly shot -dunno if it was creative choice. It felt like protagonist and story got stuck at a certain point and don’t realize their full potential. Like score could have added a lot. Audio got effed up a lot.

    However I know how much struggle does it take to even do a 1minute assignment. Good job Kabir and team. Manish Kumar was brilliant. Would like to work with him. He’s the star of this film. I also liked editing, especially the reverse sequence. I didn’t understand what was its purpose/or what it meant. What does it mean? shed some light.

    Lot’s of flak kyun? People expect bit much from indie films. Don’t they?

    This one’s for the film-makers!!

    • sakshbhatia says:

      thank you assman, for the insightful comment- the backwards running, simply signified her running back to her home – to the motherlyy figure thank you for sitting through it twice.:) 🙂

  44. RDX says:

    Sakshi and Kabir thanks for putting it up online. and well tried. Really. And Im sure before writing/shooting your next you’l keep the criticism in mind cuz that’s the whole point of this forum. Strive for better results. And at the end of the day ur making it for the viewers , not for your friends, most of whom are gonna say they love it just because they don’t wanna hurt ur feelings. And acc. to me. it wasnt 42 mins of crap. Wasnt something extraordinary either. But I do respect the efforts put in by the team and hopefully u are going to nail it next

  45. kabir says:

    hello RDX sorry for over reacting, as i have said earlier we were just a bunch of fools running around with a 5d with 30,000 rupees in our pocket over some 5 day’s we never knew what we would be making-this is what it turned out to become …give us some more time and some more money am sure something else will work out for us. But we still stand by this film considering the circumstances…and it’s not about nailing it next time…films for us will remain an expensive form of therapy …we will keep making films to maintain a certain amount of sanity in our lives.

  46. AJ says:

    “we were just a bunch of fools running around with a 5d with 30,000 rupees in our pocket over some 5 day’s we never knew what we would be making” – Seriously, what an immature comment to make.

    Anyway, your film was pretty decent. Not bad at all. Thought provoking? Yes. I wish it was more polished in terms of performances, cinematography, and direction.

    P.S. After going through your and Sakshi’s comments, I definitely don’t want to hear you guys speak in an interview. There’s always a subtle way to argue and sort out differences, if there are any. But I’d love to watch the movies you make in the future. Goodluck!

  47. kabir says:

    AJ it’s the truth-what should one say to sound mature??? Hey!at least you’ll see my next film 🙂

  48. RDX says:

    Kabir the unfortunate thing is people dont care how many days or how much money you’v spent. they just judge you on what you show them on screen. And I share the same passion for cinema. Actually we all do. And its natural for you to be so attached to your first film. But its about moving on man. All you can do is make something better next time whenever u have the funds.. And you said you didn’t know what u would be making or what its turned out to be. No offence but as a director u need to have a clearer vision. I hope i don’t have to make a short film to prove my point.

    • minx says:

      ! he’s made the film, i’m sure he had a vision even if it derives itself from impulse. why such a high moralistic stand?? let it go guys! im sure the’re very sorry and will learn to kiss ass soon enough.

      • RDX says:

        I’m one of those who likes watching different cinema and this surely is different. I’m not saying i hated it. Again I know what it takes to go out and shoot a film and I respect them for their efforts. What i really meant was just keep the criticism in mind before shooting/writing the next film so that next time no one can denounce the film like so many people here are doing. Don’t give them a chance to do that. I’v learnt a lot reading Mr. Cilema Snob’s blogs and even the discussions/debate. Hope it does the same for you Kabir and Sakshi. I’m definitely looking forward to your next short/feature. tc

  49. I have watched the film about 4 times and discovered different subliminal layers within the movie.
    I think the film is excellent for a lot of reasons, It really got me to think whether i would do that.
    As an audience, I realize this film is only going to strike a cord for the wrong people.
    I understand why most people would get carried away with the nakedness in one scene, and not let it go. It is a terribly sad mentality but lets face it, It is representing an immense amount of thought and months of work compiled in 42 minutes.
    It certainly does not look like a ‘first film’ to me, and frankly, i feel sorry for the viewers who could not open their minds up to the film because it is their loss entirely.

  50. Fatema says:

    It’s amazing how quick and self-righteous everyone is in calling out Kabir’s and Sakshi’s ‘lack of spirit’ in taking criticism but no one thinks it worthwhile to call out the boorishness of the comments that provoked it. This, even after they have been gracious enough to apologise when they really didn’t need to. And by far, that was far more mature than most responses here. Really, does no one feel the need to assess our own responses and nature of criticism we’ve been dishing out? Wow, so holier-than-thou.

    • minx says:

      First of all, kudos to you guys for the effort. there arent enough people out their taking risks with cinema- Kabir, your films are striking . you are doing something right. This may not be the mos perfect film in the world but its an exciting promise to cinema in this country- which is in serious need of a makeover.

      And fatema i agree with you- Its refreshing to see a sense of candidness from some people out there, Q’s Gandu is another recent example, people call it crap, but i happened to love the fact that a step was taken, As much as everyone likes a diplomat- it just seems like hardly anyone out there wants to be politically incorrect anymore – they are publicly flogged as immoral This is also a country that is known to Banning salman rushdie, Mf hussain, so forth- not to draw any comparisions, by all means this is a start for this particular team of filmmakers,But keeping that in mind, this debate hardly seems like a surprise- instead of promoting an honest effort into unknown terretory, on a blog that is viewed by cinema lovers, people will not lose an instant to tear you apart, form preducies and gang up on you, that is so much easier. Sakshi- your hot headedness is understandable- you’re only two of the three or four women to have commentd on this post- all this verbal abuse doesnt matter , i am sure you will live and learn.

      all in all its a good film, some people love it some people dont, the film and its makers have created a space for themselves- and thats a great start. Good luck.

  51. Kannan Venkat (@iKannan) says:

    Brilliant psycho drama. Daring attempt. Kudos to the team 🙂 Cinematography and script are d major plus. Love to c such script in an enhanced feature film format.

    P.S. Hope the censors don f**k around.

  52. filmydukaan says:

    @navjot u dnt have 2be so dogmatic always. u should not have a insular mind.Specially while watchng a movie. So i deplored whatever you said. Especially you sayng u wasted ur 42mints. God save me are we the swiss bank employee/minister? Anyways u have contorted the explained comment of sakshi&kabir. i was appalled 2see many of u, useng this platform as a spitoon of frustation. So plz taut ur thought before u comment. And dnt maliginise the movie & dnt be a cranks. A nice effort by the team of GoodMorning.

    • @navjotalive says:

      ha ha ha jobless are you? you comeback days after i commented after you saw tweets of people pulling my leg for the sarcastic comment..get a life me..then i’ll show u how “dogmatic” i’m..

      P.S- Thanks for improving my vocabulary.

  53. filmydukaan says:

    @navjot You have totally mangled me in what i have said or commented. I hope the demeanour in you will surely understand me. If you call me jobless fine,if you call me G*** as you had said fine. But why your always darted away with me? Anyways i have always been devouted with you. But, i guess our timng were bad or i had have been a bad berate. SORRY. Anyways lets first make a movie then criticize it. Dont ever taboo the new talent sir. Thank u thats it from me yours- filmydukaan

  54. filmydukaan says:

    @navjot hey brothet *yawns* ????
    Please dont, warna machar chala jayega in your mouth… Then you wont be a vegetarian anymore(Iam just joknggg) be little sport dude. Anyways thats it from me byeee….. Soon going to delete my account dont worry… tc

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