Paan Singh Tomar – Q & A with Tigmanshu Dhulia & Sanjay Chouhan (Pics/Video)

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Last time when we met Imtiaz Ali to discuss Rockstar, there were many conspiracies and accusations. But since some of you appreciated our effort, we thought let’s try it again. This time it was done in a bit formal way. Film was Paan Singh Tomar, guests were Tigmanshu Dhulia (Director) and Sanjay Chouhan (Writer). Location – PVR, Juhu.

To get more time for Q & A, PVR helped us by cutting down the time for commercials, making the interval much shorter and delaying the next show by few minutes. But even then we could hardly manage some 20minutes of interaction. Because even the next show was housefull and people were getting desperate to get in. So we quickly wrapped it up and went outside. Aha, back to the stairs. And a filmmaker really needs a cigarette in his hand to open up. Watch the two videos and you will get what i am saying.

I saw the film on friday morning with just 15 people in the theater. And then i saw it again on wednesday night. This time it was a housefull show. A good film finding its audience is a great feeling.

And many thanks to Anurag Kashyap, Shiladitya Bora and PVR Cinemas for making it possible.

Pics – Priyanka Jain

Videos – Sumit Purohit and Manu Warrier. Edit – Sumit Purohit.

And here are pointers to some priceless gems –

00:47 – I needed an actor who could give me more than just his dates.

03:33 – Hum log ab mombatti na uthayein, bandook utha le.

04:25 – Koi research fund karne ke liye tayyar hi nahi tha.

04:40 – Actually yeh picture Vikas Behl ke wajah se huyee hai………..aaj us aadmi ko (credit) nikal diya hai unhone.

05:45 – Mad woman in the mayhem – Boss, yeh main karoonga. (Jo Shekhar Kapoor ke film se kat gaya tha.)

07:03 – Irrfan ne apne paise aadhe kar diye. Maine apne paise aadhe kar diye.

08:22 – Meri kisi picture me itne zyada darshak nahi aaye hain.

11:20 – Hum sabse galtiyaan ho jaati hai.

13:20 – Aapke sanskaar bolte hain yaar.

18:16 – Is society me hero kahan hai yaar?

20:13 – Aaj bhi duno cheeks me ched hai uske, woh zinda hai.

And if you enjoyed the first part of the video, you must watch the second part of the video.

  1. Stone says:

    Thank you.

  2. assman says:

    Thanks MFC, AK, and other gents.

  3. Great idea to have an event like this, and thanks for sharing the videos!

  4. PBS says:

    One of the perks of living in Mumbai.

  5. AJ says:

    Thank you so much MFC! Was expecting this

  6. Ankur says:


  7. SAdhu says:

    Nice Job.

  8. Pradeep says:

    wow… forget about the movie.. he seems like a great guy himself.. thanks for sharing..

  9. madmadmadmoviebuff says:

    Thanks a ton.You don’t know how much you are helping those guys for whom being part of such a discussion can only be a dream.Well you guys are living the life which might be dream for someone.You guys are really lucky:)

  10. I have a query. When was the Kero Mama shwon in the movie?
    It was not shown in the shows here at Bangy.

    • arti says:

      Kero mama remix was used only for promotion…it was not part of the movie…tigmanshu said he did not like the idea of using kero mama for promoting the film though he agreed it might have worked with the youth

  11. Kumar Gautam says:

    Its so honest for tigmanshu to confess that “Mad women” scene was inspired from “Bandit Queen” but I guess he forget to mention that particular scene, it was there in Bandit Queen…in place of mad women there was a “kid” (girl) lost in chaos…In the scene when all almost all die…the kid on the ground keeps on wailing as bandits leave…

    anyone please correct me if I am wrong?

  12. Smita says:

    It was such a great feeling to watch it in Bangalore in a theater full of people- I am assuming not entirely from central or north India- who actually got each and every nuance of the narrative bang on and appreciated it so much. Sanjay ji’s screenplay not only got the language but the humor of bundelkhand down pat, even in pathos, the irreverent humor that is so typical of the land was captured flawlessly. Congratulations sir!

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