First Look : Yashraj Films’ Ishaqzaade (Trailer)

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The theatrical trailer of Habib Faisal’s new film Ishaqzaade is out. It stars debutant Arjun Kapoor (Boney and Mona Kapoor’s son) and Parineeti Chopra. The credits include Hemant Chaturvedi (DoP), Amit Trivedi (Music), Kausar Munir (lyrics) and Aarti Bajaj (editor).

Aha, who would have thought that one day even Yashraj Films would step into such dusty terrain. And not chiffon-ed too like they did with Bunty Aur Babli. That’s a refreshing change. Plus the distinct sights and sounds of the land. The guy looks confident and the girl scored big in a small role in Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl. Now bring it on!

There’s no official synopsis yet but here’s what the official release says…

Rising from the ashes of hooliganism and small town clan wars, comes the love story of a passion ignited by hatred.

Of two people. Born to hate. Destined to love.

One kingdom. One throne. Two wild animals… unpredictable Parma… ferocious Zoya. A battle… deafened by sounds of hate, revenge, bullets and deceit.

A story… about two fiery bloods played by Arjun Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra, and their fight for power and supremacy.

A story about love brewing in a small town burning with hatred.

A story called ISHAQZAADE.

  1. Ankit says:

    As we say it here “Ektarfa”….

  2. Looks a modern-day Indian retelling of Romeo & Juliet.

  3. assman says:

    Looks neat. I wrote a treatment for a love-story last night and my story looks so vague after watching this. :X

  4. felinei says:

    am sure the inspiration is more natural born killers then bonnie n cylde…but does any director in india have the balls to make anythng like natural born killers….forget even badlands….infact aint it the most logical brainwashin session…lets remake nbk…hmmm i got a brainwave…lets set it to the gun tottin uttarpradesh area…so need for a backstory of parental molestation n anger… we have a guy n girl who have been brought up with tamanchas….wat next…hmmm..lets make it into romeo n juliet….crap……nbk characters or romeo n juliet were crazily in love when they spotted each other.

  5. Sonu Patel says:

    Ishaqzaade is a blockbuster in the making.Arjun Kapoor is very confident in his debut and is going to be a superstar after the film’s success. Parineeti looks very beautiful.

  6. Thalassa says:

    Felinei ji – aapko yeh kiss angle se Romeo Juliet ki kahani nazar aa rahi hai? You have the wrong Shakespeare play in mind – think more Taming of the Shrew.

    I like the trailer – tamanchas and Western UP always get my curiosity going. I have no idea why when I first saw the trailer I thought it might be a bit like the Marion Cotillard and Guillaume Canet film Love me if you Dare (Jeux d’enfants) where the couple egg each other on to perform ever more crazy stunts. But I may be way off the mark here.

  7. tyler says:

    well i guess i read on this same blog(also some of my movie folks shared the same sentiment) which suggested that agneepath is going to be a masterpiece just because it was shot in dongri and “no one ever” from johar camp would have the balls to do that …………well then we all know what a sh*t film that turned out to be ….it made lynch look commercial (wink) …..and now you have expectations from ishqzaade because its shot in the badlands of north india(at least one of the reasons you cite)… even i loved do dooni char but how smart sir. take a bow.

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