Miss Lovely and Gangs Of Wasseypur – Tracking all the Cannes buzz

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Ashim Ahluwali’s Miss Lovely and Anurag Kashyap’s two-parter Gangs of Wasseypur premiered at Cannes Un Certain Regard and Directors Fortnight section respectively.

This post is to track all the buzz from the Cannes – reviews, interviews, videos and more. For the Cannes buzz of Vasan Bala’s Peddlers, click here.

Starting with some generic news links.

– Edouard Waintrop, Artistic Director of the Directors’ Fortnight, talks about the new wave of Indian cinema. Click here.

– VIDEO : Tom Brooks’ Cannes edition of Talking Movies starts with Indian films. Click here.


– Review published in the Screen International is here.

– The Hollywood Reporter’s review is here, which describes it as Bollywood meets Boogie Nights in stylized retro-sleazy thriller.

– Variety’s review is here. You need account to read it. But if you are too curious, go close to the screen, squint your eyes and you will be able to read through the black screen.

– A small review in Sight and Sound is here which says the film is mesmerising for the first hour or so, during which, the echoes of Boogie Nights aside, I found myself thinking of Wong Kar-Wai, Scorsese, Matteo Garrone’s Gomorrah and even Irma Vep. Unfortunately the film then palls somewhat – director Ashim Ahluwalia can’t hold onto a story, or develop characters. But while it’s good it’s very good indeed, and had it been that touch better (and shorter) it could have been a game-changer for Indian cinema.

– A french review is here which is not too complimentary. Use Google Translate (GT).

– Ahluwalia makes ‘Lovely’ impact, says Saibal Chatterjee in The Sunday Indian. Click here.

– New York Times piece on the film is here.

– Ashim’s interview in Another mag is here.

– Ad Vitam has picked up the French rights of the film. News link is here.

– VIDEO : Anupama Chopra’s interview of Ashim Ahluwalia is here.


– Review in Screen International is here which says, this Tarantino-tinged Bihari take on The Godfather has what it takes to cross over from the Indian domestic and Diaspora markets to reach out to action-loving, gore-tolerant theatrical and auxiliary genre audiences worldwide.

– The Hollywood Reporter review is here which calls it a dizzying explosion of an Indian gangster film, whose epic structure and colorful, immoral killers capture the imagination for over five hours..

– Review on desi site DearCinema is here.

– In Italian. click here. Use Google Translate (GT).

– Long piece in french edition of Huffington Post is here. Use GT.

– Coverage on BBC website.

– Saibal Chatterjee’s report in The Sunday Indian is here.

– VIDEO : Anupama Chopra’s interview with Kashyap and Bala is here.

– Click on the play button to watch the official video of the screening

If we have missed any links, do post it in the comments section. We will keep on updating the post with new links.

  1. In the Wasseypur screening video, that bald presenter is wearing the gamcha in such a hilariously French fashion…

  2. pratul_editor says:

    screenign video is blocked for me – as per the court orders.. 🙂
    is ther anyone not friendly with d court

  3. Tanks so much for that tip on how to read the Variety review…priceless!

  4. Excellent tip! Variety’s review is here. You need account to read it. But if you are too curious, go close to the screen, squint your eyes and you will be able to read through the black screen.

  5. ishaan says:

    Wow really looking forward to Wasseypur

  6. PARTH says:

    VARIETY loves MISS LOVELY.. this version of Variety review is readable – http://www.variety.com/review/VE1117947654/

  7. Jehan Marker says:

    Not suprised by screen and dna reviews of miss lovely – this Aint no boogie nights!I saw miss lovely in cannes and it blew my socks off! If you are expecting a straight up thriller or straight storyline this may not be for you. But if you like your films edgy, weird, dark and unexpected – Miss Lovely rocks!

  8. John Galt says:

    How about doing an all round look at the copyright bill Moifightclub ?

  9. Neera says:

    Any news if Miss Lovely will be released in India? Many people who saw it in cannes say its really crazy, moody and v.different from any other indian film.. really look fwd to it.

  10. Ken Jones says:

    Hey Moi Fight, I am from Waseypur, Dhanbad. I attended the same college as Anurag Kashyap and used to be a big fan of him and his art. But i lost all respect after i heard his comments about wasseypur which he made while unveiling the first look of the film. I am a coal trader myself and I am really appalled by ignorance of Mr Anurag Kashyap. It seems that he has done very little research about the place and its people. I have seen and met Fahim Khan (Sardar Khan in GOW), Ramadheen Singh and Suresh Singh from close quarters and believe me, they dont look and behave like the characters shown in the movie. And yes, not all of us are illegal businessmen, murderers and abusive “frogs in a well.” GOW is more about Gorakhpur than Wasseypur. Please convey this to your arrogant boss if you really got balls.

    • Sumit Singh says:

      i tottaly agree with ur view.i m a bihari too.but we must understand that anurag hasnt got the aestheicsto make a real movie that mirrors society…like mrinal sen..ray or adoor ,etc did.he can only come up with crude caricatures

  11. Sumit Singh says:

    gangs of wassey….is a cut copy paste of city of god,adapted to the indian landscape and people with indian real life characters and stories.i dont understand why anurag is passing this off as original film?he shud be be like dibakar in this regard and accept his sources.
    btw…i hated that movie…city of god

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