Watch Imtiaz Ali’s original ‘Highway’, RATE & VOTE – Tele or Feature

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UPDATE (22-02-2014) : Highway has finally released. As Imtiaz mentioned earlier, it’s a retelling of one of his earlier telefilm which was also titled Highway. If you have seen the feature and not seen the telefilm, scroll down and do watch it now. And do participate in our poll.

Please do also rate the feature film on the scale of One to Five

If you HATE spoilers and have not seen the feature yet, DON’T watch the telefilm or read the synopsis. DON’T  SCROLL  DOWN  ANY  FURTHER.

EARLIER POST (18-12-2013)

Has Imtiaz Ali rehashed his own Highway? Watch it and decide for yourself. This ‘Highway’ was part of Rishtey series on small screen. It stars Aditya Srivastava, Kartika Rane and Manish Chaudhari.

And here’s the official synopsis of this highway –


Vinay and Veera are going to be married in a week. They meet stealthily as they are forbidden to meet before the wedding. They go for a drive on the highway, but unfortunately, some thugs kidnap Veera. Vijay, the head of the gang, regularly supplies girls to brothels and Veera is his latest catch. He plans to sell Veera but the plan is put on hold as he learns that her fiance’s father is a police commissioner. Veera tries her best to escape, but is unsuccessful. Somehow, Vijay and Veera begin to get emotionally involved with each other. Veera and Vijay spend time together escaping to another place. Veera confides to him that she was raped as a child. She tells him that she feels very safe when he is around because he would not let any harm befall her. Having a change of heart, Vijay asks her to escape and return to her home. Will Veera go back to Vinay or choose to stay with Vijay?

Imtiaz did mention about this Rishtey episode in few interviews. But after looking at the trailer and this episode, it looks more or less the same. Let’s wait till the film releases to see how much has been changed.

  1. monarch says:

    who is palying Vinay ka role in the movie?

  2. shivani says:

    given that most wouldnt have watched Rishtey…. and also that Imtiaz Ali’s writing is generally exquisite, a big-screen, “rehash” would be doing justice to a story which might have earlier been constricted on television. The thing with good stories is – they are eternal, they can be 3-minute advertisements or 25 minute teleserials or 3 hour cinema-length films… thanks for the pithy spoiler – makes me want to go and watch it all the more. intrigued i am.

  3. @Rohwit says:

    I see your post here and I reply just this:

    Haan, Mitthe paan di gilauri..
    Lattha suit da lahori
    fatte maardi Billori,
    Jugni mail-mail ke kood faand ke
    Chakk chakote jaave

    ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo 🙂

  4. will.devd.joel.jordan says:

    might well be, see nothing much wrong with it really, in fact even Aahista Aahista (Imtiaz’s story) was a rehash of his own telefilm “Witness” in the Star Bestsellers series, although i guess most here would have known that already.

  5. fattiemama says:

    Just an hour back was speaking to a friend abt this telefilm and how similar it is to Highway and friend quipped ‘Woh bhi Imtiaz ne hi banayi hogi’. I said possible. Lo jawaab mil gaya. Ek Pallavi Joshi ki film bhi thi same theme pe. Either Farishtey or something else. She is handicapped and I think it was Raj Babbar playing the kidnapper.

    • Ajay Nair says:

      The name of that film is Andha Yudh and had Nana Patekar too… directed by Dayal Nihalani who made the atrocious Gambler, Ek Tha Raja and some other insane stuff in 90’s…

  6. Bhuvan says:

    Good i didn’t watched tele before the movie… 🙂

    both should be watched have their advantage in place…
    there are things in tele which make few scenes & story flow more clearer than film but film has lot of things which proves that film has it’s place and should have been made and we are fortunate to experience it…
    what tele offers better than film
    – why Veera is kidnapped
    – why Veera ends up telling kidnapper her story
    – short & crisp being it a tele 🙂

    what film offers better over tele
    – sheer visual excellence
    – why veera doesn’t want to go back
    – why veera falls for mahabir
    – Rahmaan, Pathaka Guddi on big screen looks like it’s meant for IT…
    – long emotionally filled silent scenes which are rare find and even when they are existing; are spoonfeed with dialogues
    – and no doubt for Alia & Randeep

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