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Actress Neetu Chandra was recently doing a sexy photo-shoot for the magazine The Man’s cover. But it seems the pics and poses were too hot to handle. 

People gathered there to catch a glipmse of the actress felt that Neetu was promoting lesbianism which is against our culture. They started shouting slogans claiming to be from Raj Thackeray’s MNS Party. Finally the shoot had to be stopped. Anyway, the magazine has decided to go ahead with the cover.

Before the magazine hit the stands, here’s a sneak peek at Neetu’s hot avtaar. The other model in the pic is Krishikha Gupta. And three cheers for Neetu, as bollywood actresses always shy away from bikini as if its some ET costume!

neetu chandra 1

neetu chandra 2

neetu chandra3


abhishek loficleabhishek loficle 2

shweta b                                                                           


abhi n shweta


Abhishek Bachchan and his sister Shweta Bachchan are on the cover of the new issue of fashion magazine L ‘Officiel. Here’s sneak peak. Daddy Amitabh Bachchan has posted the pics on his blog.

Now about the cover – its shot in london. But Abhishek and Shweta on the cover of L’Officiel ? on what basis ? Being fashion conscious or trend setter ? They are none. Well, Abhishek is atleast an actor, or trying to act. But Shweta ? All it matters is the surname. Thats it. Isnt it ? We will remain the same, inglorious bastards, cynics, skeptical about everyone’s success. Huh!

farhan akhtar coverHe is the new dude on the block. And post Rock On and Luck by Chance, the dude has become dudder. Made it to few magazine covers. More film offers poured in.  Seems Farhan Akhtar has now made it to big league. Atleast thats what it looks like from his cover charges (the money you need to spend to put him on cover).

Mid-day has published the details. Have a look.

Farhan’s email for his staff payments, lists the following…
Driver Rs 1,000
Make-Up Rs 8,000
Hair Rs 7,000
Spot Boy Rs 2,000
Total cost Rs 18,000

Gobble, gobble…
Mineral water At room temperature Rs 20/- per bottle
Twix Chocolates Rs 50/- per bar
Mars Chocolates Rs 25/- per bar
Tissue paper Rs 50/- per box
Mentos Ice Blue Rs 10/- per bar
Total cost Rs 155/-

Chocholates, mentos, tissue papers, mineral water…WTF! Farhan wants to bill everything to the magazine! Even the driver, for driving from home to a studio and back. Dude, You Rock (On)!

Here is the full story.