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The sequel to East Is East is here. The film is being screened at the ongoing Toronto International Film Festival. Starring Om Puri, Aqib Khan, Linda Bassett, Ila Arun and Jimi Mistry, its directed by debutant Andy De Emmony. Click on the play button to check out the trailer.

And here is the official synopsis…

Manchester, Northern England, 1976. The now much-diminished, but still claustrophobic and dysfunctional, Khan family continues to struggle for survival. Sajid, the youngest Khan, is under heavy assault both from his father’s tyrannical insistence on Pakistani tradition, and from the fierce bullies in the schoolyard. His father decides to pack him off to Mrs. Khan No 1 and family in the Punjab, the wife and daughters he had abandoned 30 years earlier. The sequel to East is East, West is West is the coming of age story of both 15-year-old Sajid and of his father, 60-year-old George Khan.

And click here and here to read two early reviews, published in Screen Daily and The Hollywood Reporter.

its-a-wonderful-after-lifeThats the name of Gurinder Chadha’s new film.

With Shabana Azmi in the lead, it also stars Sally Hawkins, Zoe Wanamaker, Jimi Mistry and Mark Addy. Shooting now in the U.K., the picture reunites some of Chadha’s “Bend It Like Beckham” cast including Shaheen Khan, Ash Varrez and Adlyn Ross.

Its a Wonderful Afterlife is a comedy, about an Indian mother who takes her obsession with marriage into the world of serial murder. Its billed as My Big Fat Greek Wedding meets Shaun of the Dead,

Producer-director Chadha’s latest was penned with her writing partner and husband, Paul Mayeda Berges.