The sequel to East Is East is here. The film is being screened at the ongoing Toronto International Film Festival. Starring Om Puri, Aqib Khan, Linda Bassett, Ila Arun and Jimi Mistry, its directed by debutant Andy De Emmony. Click on the play button to check out the trailer.

And here is the official synopsis…

Manchester, Northern England, 1976. The now much-diminished, but still claustrophobic and dysfunctional, Khan family continues to struggle for survival. Sajid, the youngest Khan, is under heavy assault both from his father’s tyrannical insistence on Pakistani tradition, and from the fierce bullies in the schoolyard. His father decides to pack him off to Mrs. Khan No 1 and family in the Punjab, the wife and daughters he had abandoned 30 years earlier. The sequel to East is East, West is West is the coming of age story of both 15-year-old Sajid and of his father, 60-year-old George Khan.

And click here and here to read two early reviews, published in Screen Daily and The Hollywood Reporter.

  1. fortis says:

    what kind of Pakistan do you people always show in your british films. I am from Pakistan, and our airport is beautiful and very big and not that unprofessional. And our People are not like those Indians which are shown in this film, and you can clearly tell that this film was shot in India. We don’t wear those kind of clothes. I don’t know why you can’t show the world the real Pakistan. Are you afraid that they would like it too much and won’t hate it anymore??? All your english films about other countries are a BIG LIE!!!!!

    • Gareth Jones says:

      The film is set in 1975!!! thats why it does not reflect Pakistan of today.

    • amnesty says:

      Chill out Fortis – this movie is set back in 1976. Even Bombay’s main airport was a shambles back in the day. As for THOSE so called Indians in the movie some of them ARE of Pakistani decent. The world doesn’t hate Pakistan or its people they just dislike the extremists that seem hell bent on destabling it. Peace!

  2. Amin Malik says:

    im liking it and the actors are also good i think aquib khans a gd actor n it must be hard for him to film in india plus hes really lucky hes working with a famous actress om puri plus da film looks gd from the trailer but i havent seen it yet cant wait to see it

  3. Khan says:

    This message is for Fortis… Pakistan as an independent country has fallen apart… The government is corrupt, the country is poor… Fair enough, Indian actors are displayed as Pakistani’s, the airport isn’t real… But no one will ever fall in love with Pakistan… Even Muslims from other countries that visit the country are filled with fear, because of all the terror that’s going on in Pakistan during this period of time… Dont blame the British directors… Bear in mind the fact that the film is set in the mid-70’s…
    It’s also extremely difficult, for a country with a dishonest government to survive…and Pakistan is a lot worser than India… and I am not even an Indian…

  4. The Drum says:

    The Drum in Aston, Birmingham is hosting the Midlands premiere of “West is West” on Saturday 5th February at 7.30pm.

    For more information please visit our website.

    Thank you1

  5. The Drum says:

    The Drum in Aston, Birmingham is hosting a Midlands preview screening of “West is West” on Saturday 5th February at 7.30pm.

    For more information please visit our website.

    Thank you!

  6. Aaliya says:

    you complete twat fortis this film was set in the 70’s which therefore means Pakistan had not been developed and i am a British Pakistani who has not got one complaint about this movie BTW pakistan is not the greatest country in the world. They let innocent people die.
    check out this link PAKISTAN AND ITS GOVERNMENT ARE CORRUPT. fu*in hate them all. I am not proud of my country and i would be lying if i said i was proud of the country. i am ashamed of what has become of pakistan and so should you. especially after the PAKISTAN cricket team scandals.
    I Rest My Case.
    Pakistan Is Corrupt. :))

  7. Neha Dhawan says:


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