Two new jingles in loop & clueless too!

Posted: July 1, 2009 by moifightclub in Ad world, bollywood, songs & videos, television, Thoughts
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Sometime back it was….fuharein…..baucharein…nazarein….kuch boondein chura lo na……featuring Sushma Reddy….we had the Limca jingle in non-stop loop. After that it was a long dry season. Finally we have discovered two new jingles and are hooked on to it. Check them out. We are going mad googling who wrote & composed the jingles. So far no clue. If you have any clue, do let us know.

First one is of Bajaj Allianz. Yaara o yaara…..yeh kis pyaari hifazat me befikri ki halat hai…the shot of the woman on the bike, tied to the man….aha…visuals that match up with the lyrics. The voice is Sukhwinder Singh for sure. Lyrics ? Music ? Gulzar & Vishal Bhardwaj ? Thats what a comment on the video link says. Not sure. Can anyone confirm.

The other is Samsung mobile featuring Aamir Khan….Sirf ek hal hai…jeena ka yeh pal hai…..thodi zindagi chakh lo…. Our status is the same with this one. No clue who has written & composed it. We are born curious. Till we get to know, will be having sleepless nights.

BTW, we have the full audio of the Limca jingle…..fuharein…baucharein….If you want it do lets us know. We will happily share. And if you got no clue what we are rambling about, check out the video. Its written by Swanand Kirkire. Music ? We are lost again. Any jingle guys reading us  ??

  1. Omar says:

    The music for Bajaj Allianz ‘Jiyo Befikar’ TVC has been composed by Vishal Bharadwaj. And yes, Gulzar Saab has penned the lyrics.. infact, this is the first instance in which he has written lyrics for a commercial.
    The voice, of course, is unmistakably Sukhwinder Singh! Its a great ad because the visuals also are apt and refreshing.. message comes across well.

  2. Pavan says:

    Yes It is penned by Gulzar saab..
    and Omar, its not the first commercial by Gulzar saab.. He has done so many including Lux and Ranbaxy:)

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