NFDC’s ScriptLab List is out & One of us is in!

Posted: July 15, 2009 by moifightclub in bollywood, cinema, etc, life, News, Thoughts, writing
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filmwritingWe posted about the NFDC’s Screenwriting Lab at Locarno Film Festival in association with Binger Filmlab here. The result is finally out. NFDC has selected six writers/script for the Script Lab. And here is the good news – one of us is in. Here is the complete list of those who are going to participate in the lab.

1. Aparna Pednekar – Mumbai based journalist ( Verve/Vogue/GQ India) . Script – F20.

2. Pratim Das Gupta – Calcutta based journalist ( The Telegraph). Script – Vanish.

3. Siddharth Singh – Mumbai based writer-director ( TVC’s/docus/music videos ). Script – Synchronicity.

4. Somen Mishra – Mumbai based journalist ( CNN IBN) . Script – The Prompter’s Son.

5. Priya Krishnaswamy – Pune based editor (features/docus. FTII grad). 

6.  Vinod Shankar – Chennai based actor-writer-director. Script – Adigaram 79 . 

Hopefully we will be able to blog about all the screenwriting tips from the script lab at Locarno Film festival (8th -12th August) and then the pitching session ( 24th-26th November) in Goa. If interested, keep reading and wish us luck!

  1. anaam says:

    Ye journalist log! First beating Scriptwriters to death thru their reviews and then taking there places 🙂

  2. Manu Warrier says:

    hey congratulations to all six of you, surprisingly 50 % of them are journos, do keep us posted about the lab. Good luck

  3. Indraneel says:

    Ab kya hoga actual writers ka, all jounos taking the place…he he!!


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