Akshay is just hot air says Shailendra Singh Of Percept!

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Akshay KumarAnd some more…I think the star who has the most false packaging is Akshay Kumar. He’s my best friend, but I’m saying it on record. And more….The media gives Akshay the license to remain A-list when the ROI (return on investment) doesn’t permit that. And some more…..What does Akshay have? 1000 crores? He always says I don’t care for awards, but he’ll never get one. You can pull a bluff once, not 10 times. Sounds interesting ? Read on!

Shailendra Singh is one of the most articulate and loudest-mouth in bollywood. And its not diffcult to guess where is it coming from. Lets REWIND. According to gossipmongers, Percept Picture Company (PPC) signed Akshay Kumar for Nagesh Kuknoor’s Tasveer with a big fat cheque. But for some reasons, the schedule went haywire and Akshay’s dates were wasted. Akshay demanded more or he would not complete the film. Percept tried to be oversmart. They said they will pay him more and asked him to voice Jumbo (animation film) as well. Both the parties somehow agreed on a figure and Akshay finally completed Tasveer.

At the box office, both the films sank without any trace. Tasveer was unbearable anyway. And since then Percept has been in really bad shape. People have quit or made to quit and they are still trying to figure out their future plan. Blame it all on Khiladi Kumar!

You can read the full TOI interview here or scroll down. BTW, the most funniest part is that he repeats few times that Akshay Kumar is his good friend. We are ROFL! Interesting bits in bold! Enjoy!

Shailendra Singh1What brought you to Delhi ?

My peace initiative in Kargil, of course, and my new venture in stand-up gigs. I’m expecting a return of Rs 10 crore on that, and I’m going to invest Rs 2-3 crore in the next three years. Stand-up comedy is serious business for me. It was four years ago too, when I recommended it to Star Plus, and they took it and made it into Laughter Challenge. I lost an opportunity with them, but it’s okay. I waited for that to mature and came back to the idea. This time, it’s in six languages – English, Punjabi, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi and Bengali. It’s simple, low on investment and a great product. People want uncomplicated entertainment, they don’t want to get confused. I think cinema is cheating them, they don’t want to spend 250 bucks and get a shit looking film.

Why is North India so interesting to producers now?

Bombay’s packed. There are nine press conferences in Bombay every day, with a Salman and a Shahid and an Asha Bhonsle standing there. The media there doesn’t even care now. Delhi doesn’t have celebs – you have politicians and fashion designers. So put ’em (actors) on a flight and take them to the city, and boom. Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Lucknow – that is the future. UP is the largest player for Manmohan Singh, not just for you and me. It’s population-based – the consumer exists, it’s all about technology reaching them. The one thing I understand is the consumer. That’s why, in motion pictures, I’ve stuck to what I know best – content. It just reinforces my belief that in cinema, content is king. Packaging cannot rule. Bollywood had 300 releases this year, and 292 flops. Promos show songs – why? Where’s the story, where’s the dialogue promo?

So the consumer’s evolved to the point where they don’t want just ‘the song’?

Of course. It’s 250 bucks for a ticket, some cola, popcorn. What do you spend 10 dollars for? Timepass? Some average looking product? Value for money is going to get even sharper now. The North is huge – it has six states. And now, due to telephony and the media, the level of understanding has grown. The spending power was always there. People just didn’t know how to spend their money. Now, they’ve understood that it’s not about saving. Abhi ke liye jiyo, f*** tomorrow, man. The food and beverages offtake in the North is huge, and its 65 per cent of the money. The interval has gone up from five minutes to 24 minutes, and they don’t play trailers in intervals now – so that people can go and eat.

The common belief is that since all you get is the first weekend, in ‘multiplex cinema’, you have to make a movie with stars to get the audiences.

I don’t think so. I think the star who has the most false packaging is Akshay Kumar. He’s my best friend, but I’m saying it on record. It was my biggest mistake – Jaaneman, with Akshay and Salman, got a 22 per cent opening. There was no reason for that. It was well-shot, great music, the works. The star doesn’t get the opening. The consumer has matured to the point where he knows what content he has an appetite for. Akshay doesn’t get an opening. Tasveer 8×10 was fine. I got a 12 per cent opening. Akshay doesn’t have a fan following. It’s all media-created. They can get written about, but they can’t get people to watch their films. After Kanchivaram’s success, I believe in content. Akshay without content is nothing, just hot air.

Has Kambakkht Ishq proved it?

Everything is proving it. He just surrounds himself with talent. When he succeeds, he says it’s him, when he doesn’t, he blames it on his support cast. His first movie with the ‘lucky’ Katrina didn’t run for a day. He doesn’t have the aura. Aamir has it, Shah Rukh has it, he doesn’t.

And Salman?

No. He’s lost his equity over the years. But he’s fun, he’s my best friend, I love him, and he’s in – he has a blast, he doesn’t care. I think his fans also believe in that, and they live his lifestyle more than his cinema.

Was Nagesh (Kukunoor) a factor in the failure of 8×10?

No. He’s making brilliant films for me… Aashayein, Yeh Honsla – and he was super in Dor, in Iqbal. He also has his space. But he also trusted Akshay. It’s happened before with another director – Madhur (Bhandarkar) made a film called Aan – Men At Work with Akshay. That flopped too. The media gives Akshay the license to remain A-list when the ROI (return on investment) doesn’t permit that.

What do you think of Aamir and Shah Rukh’s films?

They make their mistakes too, but their success is greater than their mistakes. They don’t cheat the customer. Akshay is a buddy, he’ll kill me for this, but there it is. There’s something called the right price. You have a cup of tea at a five-star for 400 bucks because of the ambient music and the surroundings, but the cup of tea is worth 40 bucks. Akshay is a good talent, but he has to know his price. You can’t charge 50 crores and not get an opening.

Priyadarshan (the director of Kanchivaram) has said on record that Shailendra Singh forced him to make the movie. He had this film for nine years and no producer backed it. But the corporatisation of Bollywood won’t last long if the prices are not right. On the past few weekends, Bollywood’s collectively lost Rs 350 crores. Aagey Se Right, ShortKut, Luck – even Kaminey, after being successful, is a loss for UTV. Ghajini is the most hyped movie of recent times – on the stock market, UTV showed a loss of Rs 9 crores on it.

On what do you blame this?

Hype. Aamir Khan! Ghajini! By the time Blue releases, it’ll be purple. The price is not right. Even George Clooney, when he charges a lot for a film, takes a stake in it. The whole unit of Kanchivaram did the film for free. They said, if you make money, you give it to us. And everybody’s benefitted. What does Akshay have? 1000 crores? He always says I don’t care for awards, but he’ll never get one. You can pull a bluff once, not 10 times. SRK is so candid about it – he’s said, a movie with me, if it crosses 40 crores, it’s going to go into a loss. He makes all his money from endorsements and dancing at weddings, cinema is for the creativity.

Is that why the big stars are all turning producers these days?

I think they’re being wise. Saif is being wise. George Clooney, Brad Pitt, everybody’s done it. Because you reach a point where you can’t cut you price any longer. You’re a superstar, you charge 20 crores, 30 crores, right? But every movie can’t afford that. Akshay hasn’t got this yet. When you want creativity to be at the helm, you must take a stake in the film, and not charge the cinema. Bollywood is the only business in the universe that has a 90 per cent failure rate and is still running.  

  1. ruchi says:

    am really happy dat he praised srk!!!

  2. abhishek says:

    totally disagree with him ……..akshay is a power house…….movies like heyy babyy n singh is king was super hit b’ coz of him.although dere was nothing special in those movies.it was his performance.dere has 2 be something in a movie also,not star goodwill will always help.akshay was backed by all critics 4 his performance in tasveer and it was nagesh who was criticised….mr shailenra watch out 4 ur words..it was ur production dats y ur saying so …….

  3. abhishek says:

    i thk akshay is making one mistake i.e he must do 2 or 3 films in a year …coz he is a big star now n big stars must be choosy in doing films…….if he does so his fans will also be very eager 4 his films n dere will be xcitement in them also… plz some one send this msg 2 akshay…..


    This guy is J.E.A.L.O.U.S!

    That’s it.
    Akshay is a dark horse, an underdog. An achiever.
    And as stereotypical as it may sound, NO one likes an underdog to rule. Isn’t it?! Hah!

  5. abrar says:

    thats not totally right!….akshay is a brilliant actor according to me. i dnt understand y r u cornering him…akshay has tallent!!…the way he shows it is just different. shahrukh is good at being lovey dovey. aamir is a magnificent actor, but akshay shows his tallent by doing those amazing stunts!…if u dont like him dont come in public and keep criticizing on him. how would you feel if this would have happened to you in the same way!??

  6. Nirja says:

    i totally disagree with Mr Shailendra Singh… Movies are made for entertaining people and that is what Akshay Kumar does… He has the ability to carry a film solely on his shoulders… Akshay is an A-list star and nobody can deny that…

  7. zamir says:

    hey!…im nt that big a fan of akshay but the way u r cornering him doesnt seem to be right. his movies might be a flop but he is a very good actor. he has talent. According to me he is the only actor who does those amazing stunts and even crackes some amazing jokes and makes the audience laugh. So dont be criticizing about him so much. He’s a good actor and has been entertaining us for a long time now.

  8. Nikita says:

    wttt rubbish is tis…!!! People would not have been writing about him if he was not a star!!! And it is obviuos that all these actors will have a different style of acting and entertaining… Its not necessary AK has to do what SRK does or Aamir Khan does… They have their own ways of selecting films and AK has his own way! AK has a specific audience that follows him religiously… We people dont even know the amount of fan following that he has… and that is not media created… He has fans because people love him, his acting, his personality… It would be very unfair to say he has the most false packaging and all that…

  9. Megha says:

    I think we dont even need to say anything… The struggle that akshay kumar has gone through and his success story is enough to say it all… A success story cannot happen without hard work and dedication… AK’s rise can be said to be one of the best and most inspiring stories of all time… Actually we dont even need to write all this… people who love him will not stop loving him because of one silly article… AK rocks !!!

  10. Omar says:

    this is bullshit…hw can u say sumthin like this…
    Akshay Kumar is a big star..n if he’s demanding the money thts coz he also helps him get the audience to the theaters.it’s only coz of him tht he audience go to the theaters no 1 wud go to watch a movie if there wudnt be gr8 actors in the movie…if he wudnt be a gr8 actor y wud producers be choosing him…he’s a versatile actor..he’s good at everthing he does..so jus to get publicity u cant try n ruin the image of a gr8 actor Mr. Shailendra Singh…

  11. Poonam says:

    I totally agree with abrar… all these stars have their own styles… and so does akshay… people should at least think and write about him…

  12. Aman says:

    Akshay has struggled n reached the no. 1 position today…he’s put in the efforts n hardwork to reach this position n u jus cant talk somethin like tht about him..see the movies tht he’s done n hw they’ve become blockbusters thanks to akshay kumar…he’s a true performer n entertainer…he’s good at comedy, romance , as well as stunts…which other actor performs the stunts on his own like akshay be it wateva n hwever dangerous…He is a real hero n u r jus jealous which is y u makin comments like this…if u call him ur fren u wudnt be saying sumthin like this abt him on record…

  13. Sanya says:

    Akshay is the best actor in todays industry…an actor who has grown up n proved himself in the entertainment industry…he’s work reallly very hard to be where he is today…u jus cant say somethin like tht about an actor whose proved himself at every pt. be it performing stunts o playing a romantic character…he’s the best…ppl love him n go to the theaters coz of him…so if he’s charging a bomb he’s also helping the producer earn it..Akshay is the best…

  14. chirag says:

    akshay is a terrific actor. he has been in the industry for a very long time and i think you are the 1st person who doesn’t like him. He is a good actor in his own way.

  15. Tamana says:

    Seriously how can someone say some bullshit like this for a person like akshay kumar… we all know where had he come from and where he is today… he has climbed his success ladders all alone without any godfather or guidance in bollywood… and what is the reason for this if not his talent???
    I am seriously disappointed with someone saying that he is not talented… Nobody has the confidence, will power, guts, and most of all the willingness to do dangerous stunts as much as he does… and not only stunts… he has excelled himself in action, comedy, romance -every genre… if all this is not his hard work than whose hard work is it???

  16. naina says:

    hey shailendre!….i think u hav some personal offense against him nd thats y u r out in public to spoil his name. he is extrealy good at his acting nd work so as much as u want u can curse him or spoil his name he will still b that Akshay Kumar for all of us!

  17. Anita says:

    this is so a Publicity stunt jus coz akshay is a well established star reached the top with his hardwork u jus cant point ur finger at sum1 like him…Akshay is not a man wid false packaging..wht does Shahrukh n Amir have tht Akshay doesnt…Shahrukh has only done romantic movies where as amir jus does 1 movie a yr…its the audience tht have made thm this big n if they want more of akshay in the movies he will do more movies for thm…if producers think he’s charging more n is nt tht gr8 y do they take him in the 1st place….they have the assurity tht the movie wil be a hit coz of him….n so the sign him….u r jus wanting sum publicity which is y u saying sumthin like this for a super star..Akshay will never play the blame game n put it on others if the movie doesnt work..mistakes happen by every1 n if a movie doesnt go well u jus cant say tht all his movies dont work jus coz of tht 1 movie…havent u done ne mistakes in life…

  18. Manan says:

    Akshay is one of the best actors of our country….no matter wat u say bout him now it’s not gonna affect him in anyway as he kwz wht he is n his audience kwz him too n they love him for the way he his..such foul-mouthed comments of urs wont ruin his career o image…he’s a gr8 actor n will always be…

  19. Aijaz says:

    Its the most foolish thing to say that Akshay
    Kumar’s fan following is media created… The media can create fans but it cannot force people on gun point to go and watch movies of a particular star… And the box office collections prove what kind of a star akshay kumar is… If ever you get time please go and have a look at the statistics of who has got the maximum revenue for bollywood in the recent years – it has to be Akshay Kumar… People are not paid to watch his movies… They watch him because they like him… You people cant imagine the fan following he has – and that too with all age-groups… Young people like him coz of his action… and older people like him coz of his comedy…

  20. khushboo says:

    ur right naina go ahead shailendre but hez the best nd u noe dat!…hez a great nd talented actor…hez the onli actor in bollywood i noe who is good at doing his stunts nd as well make us laugh….his films do flop but whoz doesnt…every1 has there ups nd downs…itz a fact of life!!…nd akshay if u read this dnt get depressed infact come in a new film and prove it to him that u belong to bollywood and u r one of the top actors!

  21. Akanksha says:

    tht is so true Aijaz…we fans love him n want to watch his movies there is nothing like media created fan following….he’s a real star who performs his own stunts…makes ppl laugh…n is also good in playing romantic characters..name it n he is good at it….he’s a star who has reallly grown in the industry own his own widout any god father so u cant be rude n say like somethin like this…u jus want to gain publicity out of all this

  22. Rohan says:

    Mr. Shailendra please grow up.this cheap publicity wil not help u in anyway..Akshay Kumar is my favorite actor n ur statement referring him as false packaging is completely false…jus see the fan following he has…he has grown as a star because of which ppl love him….i wudnt go for a movie which has sum small stars but its coz akshay kumar is thr v kw the movie will have sumthin for the audience n will be a paisa vasool that v go for his movie….

  23. Kajol says:

    I dont understand the reason for you to write such things about akshay kumar, and at the same time claiming that he is your best friend… Are best friends meant to critisize you in public… and that too false criticism… because i and nobody from the people who have commented above would believe that akshay kumar is the “most false packaging” or whatever that was… i have never till date seen an artifial expression on his face… tht means tht he is a good actor… i dont know why do people have a problem if he is claimed to be the highest paid actor and number one on the box office record… whats wrong in that??? he is getting the highest pay because he gets the maximum revenue for producers.. its that simple… i dont see anything wrong in tht…

  24. Daniel says:

    A star whose seen both the shades of life n has reached the top wit his efforts obviously has sumthin in him…nobody wud reach the top widout hardwork n talent…its his talent tht ppl have loved n made him reach where he is today…this is definitely sum personal grudges tht u trying to remove in public..mistakes happen by every1 n so by him also…but atleast he’s learnt from the mistakes ….he’s proved himself n its clear…

  25. Sanjay says:

    Is this wat u call friendship Mr. Shailendra….hw wud u react if ur fren wud do this to u..u call him ur best fren n say such things abt him..no other actor in the industry is as good as him…he’s capable of doin good in each n every genre tht he performs..he’s made us laugh so much in all the comic roles he’s played….all his movies have been a hit at the box office ya there may be some which din do well but every actor has had flops so y only target him…

  26. Roma says:

    shailendra singh this is really disgusting to make such comments of ur best friend…is this wat frenship means to u….tht u make claims about akshay publicly…i think u jus want attention from the media which is y u doing all this publicity stunts…but degrading ur fren jus to cum up….wat kinda frenship is this…Akshay Kumar is an A list actor n saying things about him which r untrue jus showz hw eager u r to get tht attention from the public…look at the no of hits akshay has given n thn say stuff…

  27. mumta says:

    hey akshay is a rocking bollywood actor. the way you are describing him seems you are against him as if he’s done something to you….he is 1 of the best actors of bollywood!

  28. Riya says:

    wats ur problem wid Akshay..if he’s ur fren y u sayin sumthin like that.it really seems u have a problem with him..Why do u need to take this way to talk bad about him.y cant u directly tell him…

  29. Raj says:

    Seriously this article is absolutely obnoxious and rubbish!! If Akshay Kumar was not that talented he would not have been where he is today… And people like you’ll would not have been writing about him… I am sure this is some kind of a cheap publicity stunt… What a shame!

  30. Shilpa says:

    This is really in bad taste and highly unprofessional…
    Seems like Mr. Singh is another name added in the anti-Akshay brigade or else why would he answer every question in Akki’s context.
    Akshay is, was and will be a crowd puller whether you accept it or not.

  31. pardemeinrehnedo says:

    did u forward this url to the akshay kumar fan group in facebook, orkut or worse did u pingback to rediff !!!

    My grave sympathies to you oh tyler Durden ..but am sure you must be rubbing hands in machositic glee that fightclubs are all over the place 😛

  32. pardemeinrehnedo says:

    some of the comments are superb btw….

  33. John says:

    I totally agree with Kajol… i dont see anything wrong if an actor charges good amount for his work from the producer… because we all know what amount of dedication akshay kumar gives to his films… no produser has ever complained about his bad timings or any type of unprofessionalism… this proves that he is not only a fav among the audience, bt also producers…

  34. sabira says:

    it seems shailendre u dnt like akshay!…

  35. Sharlette says:

    akshay kumar has reached tht position wher he can demand tht big amount n even producers r ready to pay him coz they kw the audience wil definitely watch him n make it a hit thn wat makes u say tht he’s jus demands money but doesnt give a box office openin..movies tht din have any stories have also done well at the box office jus coz akshay was ther in the movie…he has sucha gr8 fan following..

  36. kabir says:

    hey i just read ur whole article but i dnt understand 1 thing u call them ur best friend or good friend nd then u bitch abt them?!!

  37. Deepak says:

    Mr Shailendra tell me one thing… if akshay kumar is nothing more but hot air then why did your production house sign him fo two movies – 8 x 10 and jumbo… you could have got any other actor… even you think the way other people think – that akshay kumar can get audience to the theatre… where did you content go then???
    Please check out what you say about people seriously…

  38. Rahul says:

    y have u suddenly turned anti- akshay…if u think he’s got false packaging then y did u work wid him in the 1st place…i have seen the movie Jaaneman n i dont think it was worth even the 22% openin…the story was jus bullshit….but i did go to watch it havin in mind the impression tht its an akshay starrer movie it wud be cud…so wateva 22% ur claimin the openin to be…its all thanks to Akshay…be grateful to himm tht the movie e1 got tht much…

  39. aastha says:

    he has talent it seems ur talking bullshit!….he is the only actor i see in india who does the best action movies.

  40. Anniee says:

    ok this is something recent – rohit dhawan (son of david dhawan) was directing a movie with john and akshay, but he thought tht it would be too costly fo him so now neil nitin mukesh has replaced John and not akshay – thts because the whole industry knows what akshay kumar can get to a movie… please understand the meaning of this and stop blaming things on Mr Kumar…

  41. Namrata says:

    this is really disgusting a person talkin such things about akshay kumar…atleast he’s proved himself n has reached the top…y u tryin to bring him down so tht u cant take tht position on top…Akshay is a real hero…he’s a sure star n has worked really hard to get ther…u jus cant degrade anyboby…if u pointin fingers at him remember the remaining fingers r coming back at u…so plz think twice before u say once…

  42. Megan says:

    Mr Shailendra there are too many comments on Akshay Kumar so it is obvious that he has got smth in him tht makes people love him… please recognize the talent in him and stop critisicing people for unnecessary reasons…

  43. pooja says:

    he is a damn kool actor of 2dayz time…the way he does his stunts,crackes those funny jokes,romance, is all very wonderful. he is the best entertainer in bollywood industry in 2dayz times

  44. rahul says:

    this guy is the best actor ive seen…ive been watching his films right from khiladi to kambakht ishq…hez a superb actor nd noe doubt he entertains people.

  45. Aanchal says:

    Mr. Shailendra hw unprofessional u r..having worked with a star jus coz ur movie din do well wid him u cant blame him entirely..have the sporting spirit n accept it tht the movies he did wid u din have good content n wateva u made out of it was all thanks to akshay…
    if a fren is like u its better to have enemies….hw can u talk about sum1 like this…he’s a star n he wil always be..ur acts wont affect him in anyway…

  46. Shreya says:

    I am sure Akshay Kumar’s charge is not the only reason why this article has happened… there is something wrong going on between Shailendra and Akshay.. And this blame game is just happening to let akshay kumar down…
    But everyone here knows what akshay kumar is and how is he…

  47. Rohan says:

    Every1s in favor of Akshay n nt u Mr. Shailendra.
    so its obvious tht u r jus doin all this for cheap publicity…stop criticising him…he’s got talent, n has put in all the hard work n dedication to reach wher he is today…..

  48. bhairavi says:

    this is one actor who i always wait for his film to come up in the cinema. i seriously think you hav something against him. he is not that bad although his film sometimes goes a flop but who’s hasnt ever?

  49. Niyati says:

    I think Mr Shailendra is just blaming the failure of his movies on akshay kumar… because he thought akshay kumar gets audiences to the theatre bt cudnt get it for these two movies… this itself says tht he himself sees ak as the biggest crowd puller… then why is he criticising ak for no reason… just because his two movies cudnt do well??? thts really a shame yaar… seriously…

  50. Raksha says:

    don’t remove personal grudges in this manner…in stead of criticizing him go check ur facts right…its coz of akshay kumar’s fan following tht the movies have done so welllll….a really super star he is…n u cant deny tht fact….so plz stop criticizing him….

  51. Sonal says:

    ha ha wow at the comments.. any chance the same person writing the same shit? lolz

  52. arzoo says:

    akshay z a king no one can be compared to him
    he z full of talent n energy he z on d top coz of hz own hard work n talent he z real power house itz so disgusting dat all dis bullshit cumin frm a guy claiming to be hz best frend thank god we dnt hv such gud frendz…….cheeeerioooo akshay u r the BEST

  53. Unleash Hell says:

    AKSHAY will always be a MEGASTAR in our hearts no matter how many ppl try to degrade him.

    AKSHAY is the undisputed MEGASTAR, who’s also so much simple & down-to-earth.

    You rule our hearts forever, AKSHAY.

  54. Jannah says:

    stop the crap alright! this guy is full of craps… try puttin urself in his place… ohh no no, u can’t… why? coz u ain’t as talented as Akki… u blurtin out so much just because he charged more? tell u what, he deserves MORE! now go play with ur toys…

  55. Nune says:

    I am very disappointed with this article. I can say that I just got furious. How dare Mr. Shailendra Singh try to discredit Akshay Kumar’s talent, his acting abilities and doubt his package. He is the most gifted and versatile actor in Bollywood, he is a superstar and he is famous worldwide. You don’t appreciate what you own. It’s a pity. I am not Indian, I am from Russia and I can say that he has got an army of fans here and they don’t care how much money earn producers like Shailendra Singh while making films with Akshay. Akshay’s fans worldwide like him for the joy and happiness that he gives them and they pay for that with love and dedication. His fans would never betray him even if his films won’t be hits. I think that it’s offensive and not fair. Mr. Shailendra Singh should have thought once more before making such full statements. Shame on you!!!

  56. mahesh sathyaraj says:

    Akshay is a crowd puller……… ok 2 films flopped coz of recession……… but akshay pulls crowd for any movie of his……. and if he had done so many bad films why the same ppl come to his next movie again???

  57. ketan says:

    hey shailendre wat kind of a friend r u??….first u call him ur good friend nd then u keep bitching abt him!…way to go mahn…i think u do the same with all the friends…nd u might hav no friend bcause of such behavior…akshay must hav had a couple of flop films but hez a amazing actor. hez done great films like Hera Pheri, Phir Hera Pheri and many others dat i can name. the onli thing i realize u r seeing r bad things wat hez done…wake up dude!!!….u r making a big mistake by writing crap abt him…cause there r many ppl like me who might right back at you!!

  58. Namita says:

    I seriously pity Mr Shailendra i think he made a big mistake by speaking so much bad about him… but i am sure he has realised tht its all in vain… because the ratio of people who love Akshay Kumar is far more than the people who love and trust him… I am sure he must have learnt a good lesson… 😛

  59. aahuti says:

    Mr Shailendra instead of bad mouthing about Akshay Kumar and blaming your failure on him i think you should check out what mistakes have you done and try and improve them fo your own betterment… Your two films bombed at the box office not because of Akshay Kumar but because you did not have the correct knowledge of what pulls the audience to the theatre… Akshay Kumar had never promised you that you would be playing only in profits if you take him in your movie… You had alot of options… it was you who chose AK as your lead… So why blame it on him??? Please grow up… seriously…

  60. dheeraj says:

    wow mahn u hav writing some damn good stuff here….u really noe hw to criticize some1 but atleast write the truth. Akshay is not a flop actor charging high amounts….there is a reason y he would charge so much..nd the reason is cause hez a damn good actor!…hez nt stupid jst to charge a high price..he is a good actor many producer need him…he is the onli 1 i can see in 2dayz times whoz running bollywood!…i cant see sharukh on screen or aamir…wer r they?….its this guy whos coming up wid brilliant movies nd entertaining us…if he would jst b chargin a high price nd would b a flop actor no movie maker would take him there r so many others in the world…so first think b4 u start writing shit!

  61. Aditya says:

    lolol.. i think the above comments are enough for Mr Shailendra to realise what has his cheap publicity stunt brought him down to… Mr Shailendra please realise this and stop bad mouthing about akshay kumar… because i think akshay kumar is lot more loved and respected than you…

  62. Siddhanth says:

    I dont understand the logic.. Mr Shailendra Singh is indirectly contradicting his own statement… On one hand he says that today’s audience is very intelligent and wants content in movies… and on one hand he also accepts that Akshay Kumar gets the maximum revenue for producers… this obviously means that the “intelligent” audience comes to watch his movies because he has content to show… then why is he saying tht akshay kumar’s movies have no content???

  63. Vinita says:

    Hehehe… Shailendra Singh has a tough luck… nobody is ready to believe him or second him…

  64. Parul says:

    m sure Akshay must have come to know about this article somehow… just wanted to tell u akshay that no matter what you will alwayz rule our hearts… people here love you more than anyone else… so dont get disappointed… we know you are a gem of a person and a super duper actor… and you will alwayz remain that… 🙂

  65. neha says:

    this is one of the most talented actor in bollywood of 2dayz times!!….nd the way u r talkin abt him is totally wrong…hez like a whole package like a whole rounder…he noes hw to make ppl laugh, do the best stunts at the same times, hez good a romance nd hez the best if u meet him in person. and the thing wat i cant understand is u call him ur good friend but then u write crap abt him…wat sense does that make??

  66. Shweta says:

    whoa i agree with dheeraj… i think what akshay chrges for his movies is because he has the sense about what kind of performance he gives and what kind of responses he gets every time… not like people who dont have a good storyline and when their movie flops they blame it on the actors… this is ridiculous…

  67. Nikhar says:

    Not a big fan of akshay but i can surely say that he is definitely one of the best and most entertaining actors our Indian cinema has and i am proud he is an Indian… most of his movies are definitely entertaining and they leave a smile on your face even when you come out of the theatre… why is so much being said about him without any base??? If there is some miscommunication or misunderstanding then please clear it out with Mr Kumar what is the meaning of speaking such ruthless things about him without any reason??? I really hope this message goes on to Mr Singh and he takes a conscious step now onwards…

  68. jigar says:

    guess wat shilendre u hav made quite a big mistake!…it surely seems u hav been misguided or ur a confused guy….n actor who is superb in his work nd alwayz gives a 100% nd has excelled so much in life u r writing something totally wrong abt him……

  69. Bijal says:

    i dont understand why would anyone make such statements about a person and and still claim to be his best friend?? I wonder what would Akshay’s reaction come to this as???

  70. Abhinav says:

    Hey guys i am a big big big big big big big fan of akshay kumar and wanted to write so much about him and support him… but i read the previous comments and i think people have alot more to say than me… thank you very much guys… i am very happy that my idol has so many people who love him so much… Mr Shailendra singh now you understand this article is definitely not going to speak for you its just speaking against you… yayyyyyyyy!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

  71. Pankaj says:

    Shailendra bhai… the reason for the failure rate of Bollywood is increased by the untalented people like U. People want to spend 250 bucks on his films bcoz he is the complete package of Entertainment.

  72. Parita says:

    Over the years Akshay has definitely improved himself and that is visible in his movies then and now… audiences praise him in each and every movie… and everyone knows that… all media channels call him the king of bollywood… he has been given so many names by his audiences – Singh is King, king of bollywood, Khiladiyon ka khiladi, Khiladi Kumar, etc etc etc… isnt all this proof enough what Akshay Kumar is all about??? Its better his opponents dont say anything because it doesnt really manke a difference in his image… he was, is and will always remain a person highly respected for his work and for who he is as a person…

  73. Aarti says:

    Akshay Kumar is a great actor and his charges are absolutely justified… producers earn so much because of akshay kumar… so it is obvious he deserves smthing better thn the rest…

  74. Yogesh says:

    what crap article this is… shailendra singh no one is going to believe all this shit.. please stop trying to bad mouth akshay kumar and better start working on yourself and your production house… and create your own goodwill so that people believe you next time you think of writing something like this… get a life dude…!!!

  75. nitin says:

    Akshay is one of the best actors of bollywood in today’s times. you have made a terrible mistake about writing such really horrible things about him because they aren’t true at all. his acting is just superb! he is the best and will be come what may!

  76. Divyani says:

    Whatever is written in this article is total nonsense… i dont believe this… akshay kumar is a great actor and a superstar… and no one can deny tht… not evn the biggest producers…

  77. hardik says:

    this guy is the best actor in 2dayz times…nd u r writing anything jst took make him look bad it seems!

  78. mukesh says:

    im happy atleast u wrote SRK’s name!

  79. Keyur says:

    Hey i was not a fan of akshay kumar until i met him in delhi once… i could nt believe i was so close to him and i got such positive vibes from this man… i felt like how cud i nt like him before… the warmth he has in himself spreads throughout even to people who dont know him and are tn tht important to him… he gave me his autograph on a paper and i still have this paper with me… m nevr evr gonna foget tht moment… i know it sounds a bit wierd coming from aguy… bt i really felt tht was a golden moment for my life… thank you once again akshay sir… God Bless you… now i am a huge fan of yours…

  80. manoj says:

    u hav written a fantastic story!…but to the person u chose to write abt is wrong. u could hav taken ur frustration out on some cheap actor. itz wrong to blame him…he is a damn good actor has done plenty of roles this year and has entertained us alot!…so u cant blame him for his flops!…every actor in the whole wide world has some flop films in his life…infact looks at him even with his flops he is not quitting hez trying his best to improve his mistakes!

  81. Vaishali says:

    Dude you don’t have better work to do o what??? Bad mouthing about no one else but akshay kumar??? its sounds really funny to me… i mean was this serious??? if it was thn i don thnk anyone is gonna believe all this shit except for u and the person who wrote this article… and if its nt thn its really bad frm your side to say smthing like this for a person of akshay kumar’s calibre and status…

  82. Anjum says:

    i wish i was the publisher nd i wish i was even a fan…i would try my best to not allow this article of urs to b posted bcause itz full of crap nd bullshit!!

  83. Ishika says:

    The very fact that producers (BIG PRODUCERS i am talking about) rely on akshay kumar for the success of their film, trust him to the core only proves that he is an actor par excellence and no one can be compared to him… I am sure deep inside even you know that Akshay kumar has the capability and the confidence to carry one whole movie on his shoulders… Then why dont u just accept tht the mistake was smwhere yours and nt his and just stop all this…

  84. Dimple says:

    Hey Akshay u look great and act very well… Dont listen to what these people have to say about u… dont really care about all this bullshit… its just a question of time and this will fade away… but our love for you will always remain… Keep goin… 🙂 🙂 🙂

  85. hassan says:

    haha…nice 1 anjum…very true!…it seems to me shailendre u r taking a revenge from akshay for some reason!

  86. Pranay says:

    akshay kumar is a rockstar and whoever has written this article is a totally wasted person… please get a life and stop writing such stuff about a person who is loved by people worldwide… one such article wont really make a difference to the efforts he has put all these years to gain the love and respect he has got today…

  87. Manisha says:

    I totally agree with ishika… seriously Mr Shailendra please go and check out the statistics and u’ll cm to knw who is a good actor and who is nt… who gets the audiences to the theatre and who does nt… who has a major fan following and who does nt… Akshay Kumar is the actor who has made the record of giving four back to back superhits in one year… and a movie is declared a hit only when audiences like it… This in short means tht akshay kumar is a great actor…

  88. Azeem says:

    Hey great going guys… keep commenting on this article so that shailendra singh comes to know how big a mistake he has made by speaking bad about akki… he will think twice before he speaks like this for somebody else in the future…

  89. deepika says:

    akshay is very talented actor. he’s been acting since so many years nd im his true fan. i have been reading all his articles nd till noe nowhere ive ever read any1 crtisizing abt him him so much and that also after hes become a hit in the industry!

  90. Sachit says:

    I think what has hurt Mr Shailendra the most is that Akshay kumar charges alot from the producers and all producers cant afford it (i think he is talking about himself).. But he probably doesnt knw tht akshay charges this amount because he gets tht much of revenue for those very producers… and this is a proved fact… and also the fact tht he paid akshay kumar so much and he cudnt get the revenue for him… this is really immature frm his side… he should have had a look at what he is making instead of writing crap about akshay kumar… please act a little matured and think more anout your own production house than any other production house or actor…

  91. Rocky says:

    – One word for this Article –

    ::: BAKWAAS :::

  92. Well, I think that akshay is very talented actor. His style of acting is very unique. Like in sing is king he has done great job in it. He is very successful in his career and that’s way movie producer are paying him whatever price he is asking to work in their movies. Some times some movies do not get hit in India because they may not appeal to public for different reasons. Many times some movies do not get hit in India not because akshay kumar in it or some other actor. That does not mean actors or actresses did not do their job well. It has to do with public appeal. Sometimes even shown truth in movies is rejected by people.

  93. jigisha says:

    akshay is a great actor n he has reached this position becoz of his talent…Mr. Shailendra plz think before u say somethin…akshay kumar has a huge fan following…n u can see the no of fans he’s got…n coz of him the movies r getting more revenues..he’s a real hero…its plain jealousy i think tht is makin u say all this..is this wat frenship is according to u…u bitch bout ur fren like tht…?? GROW UP….

  94. rohemia badshah says:

    hey.,.,dude.,.,kambakht ishq’s collection has proved everything.,,that akki is still favourite.,.,even after the bad comments from media that KI is bad.,.,it still manages to about 100 crore.,.,it is just bcoz of his fan following.,.,buddy shailender i think you should know that in bollywood it is all about money,.,that how much your film earn.,.,didnt you see the result of MR.SRK movie.,.,billu.,,.who has the biggest fan following according to you.,,ha ha.,,.i think ke apke paas bhi paise nahi honge picture banane k leye.,.,i advise you to approach akki.,.,atleast you can earn crores.,,ha ha

  95. maverick says:

    i just can’t stop laughing at d comments md by mr.singh.wake up dude.akki is a great actor.u can’t blame akki just coz ur fu###ng movie didn’t work at the bo.akki is a great talent and d real king of bw

  96. Ritesh Mishra says:

    to some extent i agree to Mr singh and for obvious reasons he is right as he is in the industry , so he knows the business, recent track record of mr. akshay kumar says it all.

  97. vishal singh says:

    How dare u to say such thing about an actor who is unique 2 all@ uncomparable 2 anyone in d industry,he’s d best action@commedy star of all time@can do as better romance as any1 else can,check his stastics he have given a more no of hits than sharukh,amir or salman at d same duration of time.so same on u a envy person@luv u akki sir forever

  98. rj92 says:

    akshay is a legend in the history of indian cinema.

  99. Tony says:

    Shailendra Singh is the biggest asshole in the advertising and now the film world. Those 2 brothers–Harry & Sally are just 2 loud mouthed, cock scratching rascals who made it big–ask any of the employees who’ve worked for them.

  100. Sahil Parikh says:

    Reading this in 2016 after Airlift, HF3 and Rustom. Oh, just how the tables have turned. He came. He saw. He conquered. LOL @ Shailendra Singh.

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